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Views won't display field content with formatted text and formatter set to default

I'm in the process of migrating a site from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8. I've created two views that render text fields. If the text field is plain text, and the formatter option is set to plain text it works fine. If the text field is formatted and the formatter in views is set to Default or Trimmed—those are the only two options—the content won't render.

Any ideas?


template.php vs mytheme.theme


I'm in the process of migrating a site from drupal 7 to drupal 8 and I'm having a problem with where or how to implement functions I had in my template.php file.

For example in drupal 7 I have this function in my template.php file:

function some_function($var1, $var2){
print $var1 . $var2;

I call the function from a template file like this:

<?php some_function('Hello', 'World'); ?>

How and where would I implement something similar in Drupal 8.

Small CSS corrections

I have made a sub-theme of Bootstrap 3 and want to alter some small CSS default settings. I need help for that. I make use of the Asset Injector module.

- I have several jpg-files. How can I make a header carousel of them?
- If I want to make the height or width bigger from the header, how can I do this?

I am convinced this is just a small piece of code.
But how can I find it out?

Drupal 8 Block IDs - Easy way to change the ID?

From what I can see in the markup generated by Drupal 8 when looking at blocks I need to style, I'm seeing wonky IDs, especially if I omit titles from the blocks (I think Drupal is falling back on the description to use for the generated ID?).

I shouldn't need to delete an entire block just to change an ID of said block, should I? Is there an easy way to edit block IDs?

Tokens Not Working in "No Results Behavior" in View With Contextual Filters

I have a Drupal 7 view with contextual filters and I am unable to include any tokens in "Global: Text Area (no results available)".  Replacement patterns are listed, but none of them are working.  I have tried the various text formats (Full, Filtered, Plain, Unfiltered) with no luck.  I have used tokens in the past with no issues.  Any suggestions? 

A 'misterious' font in a view popup select list field

I'm getting a really big headache.
I set one font for the main theme and another for the admin theme.

When I open an 'editable view' with 'colorbox node' the select field shows the text with the correct font in the selected option, but a different font in the dropdown list.

A font that I don't know where it comes from, since I checked all the modules involved and in the deve tools I can't see any css tags overwriting the theme font.

Who helps me to understand what is happening?
Many thanks


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