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How to display a result counter in the page menu link ?

I have a navigation menu on my site, each menu link corresponds to a page of views.

I want to display in front of each menu link, a badge with the number of results of the corresponding page views. Like this :

My menu <span class="badge badge-light">4</span>

How to display a result counter in the page menu link ?

How can I change hreflang="en" to hreflang="ro" globally ?

I want to change hreflang="en" to hreflang="ro" globally?

How can I do this in using mycustomtheme.theme.THEME file?

Bootstrap & Drupal 8 Menu Formatting

Good afternoon!

I am having some slight issues with a new installation of Drupal 8, with bootstrap CDN as my theme config.

Currently I am trying to setup my portfolio to display different menu items on different pages

This is my main nav on my homepage: Home - Contact - Game A - Game B - Forums

If a user clicks on Game A then the top nav will be: Home - Downloads - Maps - Server - Forum

How do I change login failure error message?

I tried to change the text and position of the error message.
My Drupal version is 8.8.4

In the Drupal standard,
An error message is displayed above the username.
How can I change the position of this message? 

Now I want to display below the submit button. and If possible, it is best to control them in the twig template.

I also want to change this text, and although I can change it, But it looks like there is a problem.
I referred to the links these.

Custom theme not using CSS file. Follow instructions and still doesn't work.

I am upgrading a theme from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8.  I reference .css files in mytheme.library.yml that do not seem to be getting pulled into the site.

I've looked online and even copied sample coding and replace the names appropriately. Yet I do not see them being applied or reference to either .css file, in the source code or Developer Tools.

If these files look correct, then any direction to what could be the cause will be appreciated. If it is permissions, please let me know what permissions it SHOULD be! 

Thank you.

Sub-Theme Overrides using SASS/Gulp - Which files do I overwrite - Noob

Looking for some advice for a Noob please.

I created a sub-theme of Varbase and am using it with mixed success.  It looks great but I am having trouble with some basics re-theming the site.  I try to edit some files and either the gulp does not pick them up or it does, but the class attributes I added don't end up in the final html.

If someone could help with two basic questions. 


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