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How to choose the flag type display mode ?

I created a type of "article" node. A user can flagged the nodes.

On the "full" nodes, I want to display the link for flagged and the total number of flag. With the latest version of the module it is easy because it supports the counter in TWIG.

On the "teaser" of the node, I want to display only the total number of flags. But in the node display mode, there is nothing to select the flag display mode.

How to choose the display mode of the flag type from the display mode of the node ?

It's a shame that this feature is not available.


Broken preview (8)


I'm developping my own theme that extends the classy drupal theme.

The displaying of the standard page is working well (for both page and post type).

But when I'm trying to do the preview, the page is displaying everything but the content of my node (no title, no content, no custom field...)

So i dumped my node for the preview, but the node is apparently NULL on preview (but works on standard view mode).

If it helps, this is my suggestion hook

Force regenerate Javascript aggregated files (D8+Redis)


I am facing an issue with Javascript preprocess/aggregation when source code is updated.

I am testing my theme on local development with preprocess off, but when deploying new source code to platforms where preprocess is activated, aggregated files are not updated unless I perform a `drush cr`. I tried `drush cc css-js`, `drush css render` and `drush cc views`, no luck.

Infrastructure/DB processes management site

Hi people,

I'm new to drupal and hope i post the question in right place,

I'd like to build a site which I guess more or less is an Infrastructure/DB processes management site,

The idea in general is allow user to execute services/process on unix box ,

which mostly ksh scripts and few python scripts and also able to monitor them via files or table ,

As this a private project which I'm going to present in job interview - id like to have a neat design ,

Nice report and chart are always good for "show off" factor.

Adding twig include in Node's Body


I have a twig file that I want to include within node with {% include '@mt/blocks/static-row.html.twig' %} but it would not render and show the code only. 

Is there any way to get this working? 



Can't remove default CSS and JS

I'm making a return to Drupal after nearly a decade away, and a lot has changed from a theming perspective. I'm running into an issue where a CSS file, views.module.css, from the base theme is propagating into my theme despite setting "system/base:" to false in the info.yml file.

Any ideas on why this is occuring?

CSS Files Being Loaded on Any Page:


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