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Regions not showing up when creating a new theme

I am trying to port a Drupal 7 theme to Drupal 8. However, as I'm trying to convert the theme over to Drupal 8, I notice that some of the regions do not show up when I "demonstrate block regions". Here is what my .info.yml file looks like:

menu (with made menu token) is not working on views page

I have a menu(working with menu token), this is working every page, but this is not working on views page (does not appear on the views page). How can I show on views page? external links are working but not in-site links are visible.


Avoiding some twig files from being called for View

I am trying to customize a responsive grid view in D8 using Bootstrap Grid. Code is working, but I am trying to find out if some extra divs can be removed.  

Currently I am getting

How to fix/troubleshoot 'User error: "name" is an invalid render array key.'

I am trying to port my Drupal 7 theme to Drupal 8. However, I am encountering the following error: 

User error: "name" is an invalid render array key. in Drupal\Core\Render\Element::children() (line 97 of /opt/drupal8.10/core/lib/Drupal/Core/Render/Element.php)

Note: I also encounter this error with the key 'title'

I have done the following during the process of converting my theme:

Newbie Help: Refreshing My Drupal Design Knowledge

I've been away from Drupal for several years as I worked with WordPress on a small news site. When I returned to test Drupal, I realized my knowdge of designing a custom frontpage needed help. I've read differing opinions about whether to go with Views or code. What is the best way to construct custom views and bring them together?


How to close collapse when I click outside ?

I have a theme with Bootstrap 3 and I created a code to close the menu when I click outside.

In this menu, I have an ui-autocomplete field. The problem is that when I select a result in the ui-autocomplete list, the menu closes. I want it to stay open.


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