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A 'misterious' font in a view popup select list field

I'm getting a really big headache.
I set one font for the main theme and another for the admin theme.

When I open an 'editable view' with 'colorbox node' the select field shows the text with the correct font in the selected option, but a different font in the dropdown list.

A font that I don't know where it comes from, since I checked all the modules involved and in the deve tools I can't see any css tags overwriting the theme font.

Who helps me to understand what is happening?
Many thanks

Hero image slider returns to first picture after downloading a picture from the slider

My website uses a hero slider and if you are on, say, the 4th bullet and select download, after the image downloads, the slider doesn't stay on the 4th image, but rather goes back to the start of the slideshow. Is there a way to stay on the image you left off on before downloading?


How do I get the value of a field to do an if statement


Spent a couple of hours trying to figure out something I assumed would be really easy but I'm not getting it

I have over ridden my views-view-fields.html.twig file and that works fine

I render my fields using {{ fields.uid.content }} and that also works fine

What doesn't is if I try and run an if statement over it. 

fields.uid.0 returns nothing

fields.uid.value also returns nothing

fields.uid causes an error

so how do I do something like 

{% if fields.uid.content == 'John' %} ...

twig template no file name suggestions

I want to change something in twig, but one of my template doesn't have suggestion name.

 THEME HOOK: 'views_mini_pager' 
 BEGIN OUTPUT from 'themes/bootstrap/templates/views/views-mini-pager.html.twig' 

I found this code on forum:

Pager of comments

Hi guys.

How to get a pager of comments in template node.html.twig?

How to display 2 content by clicking on a tab ?

I have a page with 2 tabs.

I want the pills-public tab to display :


I want the pills-private tab to display :



Note that the 2 PRIVATE content is not in the same region.

How to do this ? The code below does not work.


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