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Precisely edit my subtheme

Hello :)

I'm doing some tests using Barrio theme. I created a subtheme using the provided script.

Barrio provides a lot of customisation possibilities using Appearance page. However, I would like to go beyond them and modify CSS files. However, I don't know how to clearly target an element of the page, to find the proper CSS file, and then modify it, to alter only the targeted element, without consequences somewhere else.

Is there any tutorial for that how to gain more control on our theme ?

I heard of Twig debuger module, which modify HTML generated code.

Twig render fields if depending on selected value


I have a paragraph type that has several fields:

Image_field, link_field, and List Field that consist of:


In twig I want to have an if statement that if you select "s", wrap image_field and link_field with a div class of .small. If you select "m", wrap image_field and link_field with a div class of .medium...etc.

I tried doing this, but I'm still getting ALL my content rendered with .small div class:

Template SlideShow Hide Not Working Danland Theme

I'm using drupal 9 version theme doesn't hide slideshow can you help me

CSS override not working

NOTE: I got it sorted after finding a similar topic posted 11 months ago. I was using libraries-override when I just needed to point to the library in my theme.

I'm trying to override a stylesheet in my Business Responsive theme with my own stylesheet in my Business Sub (sub-theme made from the Business Responsive theme).

The file I'm trying to override is:


With the file:


My has this relevant part:

Get entities (paragraphs and their parent) refering TO my current node in twig a node.tpl

I have several referinces to my node from entity reference fields inside paragraphs on other nodes (other CT also) and I'm looking for a way to get ALL entities refering TO my current node in twig. Everything I can find online, seems to deal with getting referenced entities FROM the current node.

Slide show with multiple content

Hi drupal newbie here, can i get suggestion on how I can integrate this to our website :


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