Webform results page gives error

Today i tried to open my results tab on my webform and it gives me the white page with

The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.

when i checked on my admin > reports it gives me php error :

How to create a list of "backlinks" in Drupal 8?


For each page in the site, we want to record all other pages that point to it (from the body text). In wikis, these are commonly called "backlinks".

For Drupal 5 there was a seperate module for this, for D6 and D7 (Views 2/3) this functionality was baked into Views Module, when "backlinks" view is activated, a "What links here"-tab appears in the desired content type. But in D8 we didn't found the backlinks view anywhere, is it removed? is there any way to create a list of backlinks in D8?

Webform Summing (Sum)/Calculating numbers

Are there any modules are processing to sum totals in a webform?  I need the form to perform simple calculations:

Adult Count ($90.00)     Adult Total ______

Adult Count_2__   x $90.00   Adult Total_$180____

Adult Count ($90.00)       Adult Total

2                                     $180.00

Child Count ($70.00)      Child Total

2                                    $140.00

Total Fees                     $320.00

Redirect only from the login page

What would be the best way to create a redirect that works only from the login page (user.login)? I use a global redirect in a module as described in

https://drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/195170/redirect-after-user-login in #4

That works for all Logins, I would like to confine it to the login page and keep the others that have no explicit redirect.

Does it make sense to do that with a condition in the module or in a template or template preprocess?

Simple module development question

I have been doing the module development documentation for drupal 8. As I am very rusty with my PHP and I am just learning module development I am running into issues when the documentation is not clear. 


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