Add a composer.json file to define your module as a PHP package

The wider PHP community uses Composer to manage packages, this is also done in Drupal, for example the Drupal project has a dependency on the "drupal/core" package. The "drupal/core" package has a type defined as "drupal-core" so composer knows what to do with it. The composer/installers library defines a number of Drupal types, these are:


Add an addition to our Drupal Real Estate website

I'm looking for somebody who can work with an existing website made in Drupal to be able to make it so our agents can create a listing page with a description and photo and just underneath that display MLS listings by entering an MLS# in a search field and have it search the MLS and populate the page with the selected numbers. The developer we have currently developing it says it is a very difficult task and having worked with many developers in the past I know this not to be so.

D8 - View Joins

I am trying to set up an exposed filter in a view in my module that lets a user filter content based on a drop-down menu containing the U.S. State that the content creator's username is registered in. I am not sure how I can go about creating a join in the query.
In the database, I can get the data I need by running the following query:

node_field_data Inner Join
users On node_field_data.uid = users.uid Inner Join
user__field_state On users.uid = user__field_state.entity_id

Retrieving webform data for editing

Hi good Drupal folks,
I have created a couple of worksheets that users need to fill out as webforms. Along with the data i need to track, I am also storing the current user and the current custom module uid that tracks the current document that users are developing. In order words, the custom module captures data that is stored and will later be used to generate a Word document that includes all that data, minus the data on the webforms I'm creating that help them figure out what data they need to capture.

Using attributes in templates

Documentation of attributes object that appears in all html.twig templates.

Do I need a service for parsing a custom XML file?

"Most of the logic of your site and of your module belongs in services."

- Larry Garfield @ DrupalCon Los Angeles 2015: Drupal 8: The Crash Course -

What means "most". I successfully created a service class. And it is injected into my controller all fine and working nicely. But I am not sure that I have a problem that needs a service.


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