use cron without curl, wget, or lynx

I cannot use wget, curl, or lynx to invoke cron because of a firewall that blocks the loopback (crontab on same server as apache). On Drupal 7 I could use this in my crontab:

$ /usr/bin/php /var/www/html/cron.php

But Drupal 8 does does not have this file and uses a long hash. How can I do it? Thanks!!

Need help with Drupal 8 Comments.

I am trying to implement comments on the site

I have Drupal 8 installed and updated as of 5/26/2017.

Comments seem to be easy enough in Drupal 8, but can't get it working right.

I have a comment type of "Default comments" which I did not change.

I added a comment field to my "Basic Page" content type.

I have permissions so that authenticated users can edit, post, skip, and view comments. Anonymous users may only view comments.

How to copy Article CSS for new Content Type?


I created a new content type but it seems to have no style. I would like it to be exactly like the original Article content type.

How can i replicate that? Thank you,

How to "upgrade" a site with Composer Manager

My drupal installation worked well with composer manager.

After composer manager was abandoned I replaced composer.json to the newest one but most sites then didn't work (i have installed drupal manually by downloading and extracting the files by myself). (and there is also the packagist site which was abonded)

If i require all modules via composer they will be installed into a subfolder contrib, but the site still uses the modules in modules folder (if i remove them the sites doesn't work and it seems that they don't look for modules in the contrib subfolder ...)

Should I use Drupal 8 Entities, Taxonmy or something else?


I'm planning the development for an Accounting and Finance module using Drupal 8, the module willl support adding multiple "Organisations" and "Suppliers".

Organisations can have their own accounting reports, create new documents (e.g. invoices from our suppliers), can be children of another organisation (e.g. a department), have access controls that effect everything under the organisation (Views, nodes, child organisations, etc), can add people to manage the organisation's accounts, and can have specific settings or configurations like which currency is used.

The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later

After updating the cache, I get a white screen and an error "The website is encountered an unexpected error." Please try again later ". I also can not update drupal - the same error appears. My version is 8.2.1. What could it be? Please help me


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