What happened to re-roll

While testing migrations from 7.x to early 8.x's I'm sure there was a re-roll option when I went back to the upgrade page that appears to be missing on current 8.x version, did I dream this option or am I looking in the wrong place?

hide authored by in article content type

how to hide (authored by ) in article content type with hook_node_view()

How do create a compound field that makes use of a content reference and textarea?

I have a company content type being used on a website-in-progress. Companies consist of a company name, sorting mechanism, logo image and URL.

In the past I used companies to list "corporate members" on a page, also assigning a "member level" field. But then, companies started being listed as event sponsors with specifics for what they were sponsoring, also with different membership levels in a "corporate giving club". Messy!

CKEditor - Contributed modules and plug-ins

With the CKEditor module included in Drupal 8 core, this page is meant to serve as a quick-reference list of contributed modules that provide additional plugins.

Paragraphs Multilanguage constraints


The Paragraphs module works within a multilanguage setup but there are crucial things which you need to be aware of.

Translatable paragraph fields on the parent entity are not supported. This might sound confusing or misleading, but it depends where the translatable option is enabled. It is totally legid, that the fields on the paragraphs item entity itself are translatable, but not the paragraph field on the parent entity (e.g. Node, Taxonomyterm, ...).

Content language in module Metatag

In the module Metatag there is an option to specify a "A deprecated meta tag for defining this page's two-letter language code(s)." Is it the the ISO language code it asks for? For example my country is sweden. Sometimes I use "sv". Sometimes it is "sv -SE."




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