Can't upload images to Drupal

I have created a content type to allow images to be uploaded, however when I try to upload an image I receive the following message:

'The file phpBA82.tmp could not be saved. An unknown error has occurred.

File upload error. Could not move uploaded file.'

I need to get this to work or at least upload images.

Please help!

Resources for getting up to speed on Drupal 8

Before I write the "rant mode" portion of this post, the most important part is that I would appreciate it if a fellow Drupal developer could point me in the direction of one or two or three good learning resources for become a proficient Drupal 8 developer.

Overwriting Page--type is not working

Hello guys, recently i'm working with Drupal 8 to develop my page.
But then i struggle on how to overwrite the page--(type).

I've been doing it with Drupal 7 and it works just easy just by creating a file that named page--(type).tpl.php
BUt then in drupal 8 i follow this ( and it still not working.

Filtered view of entity reference field

Hi All,
I am trying to create a content type with a field of type "entity reference".
While creating the content, I want a filtered list for selection for that field based on some condition and not the entire list.
Is that possible without writing code?
I looked at Views Reference Filter but that module is not available in Drupal 8.

Please help.

Thank You

Drupal 8, ckeditor, background color

With Drupal 8.2.3. and ckeditor I am trying to figure out the best (or at least a good) way to change the textarea shown in ckeditor to a different background color. It seems like there should be some "simple" way to do this built in, but I'm not seeing it.

I was able to follow the instructions in:

Unable copy online Drupal 8 site to a local host.

I have a website that I built on line because I could not move a local website to the host. My local setup is XAMPP. The local site in question is in htdocs\cawsv (I am using a windows 10 computer). I gave up on Dev Desktop 2 because I could not get a move to that environment to work at all.


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