Create custom fields for indexing using Data alterations y Processors

Using the Search API module will allow you to have a fast and complete search feature solution in your site, but sometimens there are some scenarios where we want to modify the behaviour of the indexed items.


We are using Search API module with the Search API Solr backend.

Send copy to sender missing in contact form when logged out


I'm new to Drupal. I use the default theme Bartik. I have created a contact form and set send copy to sender to visible. When I'm logged in I see the checkbox. But when I'm logged out the checkbox is gone.

It's the same with the default "Website feedback". It's visible when logged in and hidden when logged out.

Anyone with an idea?


Create a release announcement on the About Drupal blog

Release announcements should be added to the About Drupal blog for important and milestone releases (for example, minor releases, release candidates, and security releases). See #2680023: Drupal core release front page presentation for ongoing discussion of the core release communication strategy.

Block view display override page view display

I have a content type "News" and I want to show it in 2 places with 2 distinct design.
Firstly, I want to show the latest News on the frontpage. To do so, I created a View Block named LATESTNEWS that only shows 1 element of this type. It works.

Secondly, I want a page that shows all the News. To do so, I created a View Page named NEWSPAGE. It works.

My problem is that the node suggestions of my view block LATESTNEWS override the node suggestions of my view page. Instead of showing

How to restore Search View Block from drupal 8.1

Hi All,
I accidentally deleted Search View Block from my drupal 8.1 front page. How do I restore it? Thank for your help.


how to display current timestamp in a template


how can I output a current / actual timestamp on site which is not cached?

I'm working with Drupal 8, if I put in a timestamp in twig it only refreshes after cache rebuild.



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