Is it bad to use varialbes for all content in a Twig?

Is it bad to use individual variables for all content in a Twig?

Self Register Form

I'd like to add a link to the front page to a form that enables users to self register. How can I do this? A module?

Address- Module


I am trying to install Commerce Module for my Local website.

Here is a catch, Address Module required for Commerce module and I did install that too.

Looks like some additional libraries required to Run Address module.

I am not using composure as for this activity.

i have two questons

replace main image with video


Website sender name

I've been working on my site on drupal 8.2.6
but I find out that my website's mailing system isn't working in the forget password, contact form recipient, etc
Is it a problem that my mail MX record isn't my website's
My MX record is pointing to
if it's a problem how do I fix it

video embedding - full htlm - novice question

I would like to embed a video to my site and have followed the seemingly easy steps. Coming to the crucial point of selecting 'full htlm' I don't have that option. I only have 'safe htlm' and 'plain text'. I think I am running Drupal 8. Does anybody have an inclination to what's going on? I'd love to get some pointers. Thanks.


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