Cross-referencing Blocks and Pages

In general, how do I cross-reference Drupal elements? In particular, blocks to pages (nodes).


I have a theme that makes extensive use of block / page visibility.

- Each block lists the pages (nodes) on which that that block is displayed.

- Other than pasting the node number into my url bar and editing the page, I can't find any way to look up each page.


BAN IP visitors to certain URL

Does anyone know of a module to BAN Ip address if they visit a certain URL.

We are moving from WP to Drupal but would like to ban any IP address which visits a certain URL (example WP login page)

I have see all the BAN IP Modules but could not find anything like I am after.

Running Drupal 8.4.5


Merging multiple Drupal sites into one site.

So, I have inherited a client who for a number for a number of historical reasons has 3 Drupal sites :

Site 1) A poorly built Drupal 8 site with around 400 pieces of content, complete with a hacked core

Site 2) A well built Drupal 8 site with around 20 pieces of content

Site 3) A well built Drupal 7 site with around 1500 pieces of content

Other then the historical reasons I mentioned there's no reason the sites need run out of separate Drupal installs.  They actually would benefit from having everything on one instance.  So I'm planning on merging the sites.

Anybody took the Drupal certificate exam before?


I would like to take the Acquia certificate exam in Drupal con 2018:

Anybody took that kind of test before?

I am interested in taking the site builder one.

Including 3rd party libraries

Note that 3rd party libraries available elsewhere should not be hosted on as part of your repo – see 3rd party libraries on for clarification of policy.

Instead, you may include by means of Composer, by using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) or by using the Libraries API module.

Custom module block configuration, how to save and render images

I'm trying to create a custom module with configuration for a block that will allow a block to have custom fields. I'm having problems allowing the upload of an image and then rendering this in the block on the site.

Currently this is what my block file looks like;


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