Rerun Function on page load.


I think I have a simple one. I'm new to Drupal 8 and have been playing around with creating custom modules and blocks. I created the below block that reads in the id variable from the url. I would like to have it update when the page loads. So for example the URL to the page is /node/Team and I pass the variable id like /node/Team?id=* where, * is 0,1,2,...

What ends up happening is that it work like a dream the first time the page loads, but will not update when I change the url. Anyway thank you ahead of time!

Site inaccessible


Related Nodes

Hi everyone. I´m using drupal 8.2
Any idea to solve my issue?

I'm created a Question Bank system. It's ready, you can save questions for different exams and topic the user can filter using several tags (type of questions, signatures, subjects, themes, etc)

Now I'm looking to implement a way to make the user exams (or papers) on the system. It didn't look difficult at the beginning, add a new content type (exam) with a field that let you links others nodes (questions), easy isn't it?

File manager with file versioning

Hi all,
is there a module, plugin or framework that I can use with Drupal to manage huge amount of files and all the revisions of these files?
I used some years ago the module "filedepot", but I don't know if it still is the best choice.

Thank you very much


Unable to debug with twig

I'm trying to enable Twig Debugging following instructions in book: 'Drupal 8 Theming with Twig'.

The instructions require appending file -


debug : true
auto_reload: true
cache: false

which I've done.

I've restarted apache and cleared the drupal cache but no twig output in the page source.

Any guidance appreciated.

Unable to set up Drupal Commerce

Hello, I intend to set up a small shop. It is very easy to set up a Ubercart shop but I am not able to set up a Drupal Commerce shop. I tried it several times but installing modules and libraries via Composer and Drupal Console is too difficult. I followed the instructions but it doesn't work. I manually installed the necessary modules but I am unable to install the libraries since I am unable to use Composer and Drupal Console to install anything. I vainly tried to use these tools.


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