benefits of drupal

hi my friends
i am working .net mvc but i do not know why work with drupal.
what is benefits of using drupal???

Altering content output


I'm trying to alter the content output. Currently using the following method:

* Implements hook_preprocess().
function builder_preprocess_region(&$variables, $hook) {

$variables['content'] = Html::decodeEntities($markup);


But I still het encoded html in my page. How can I work around this?



I fixed this by changing to the hook_block_view_alter() function.

pre installation

Please, as someone who doesnt know about drupal, and want to learn to use it to build a website. How do I learn it very well? A sort of tutorial and videos. Thanks.

Drupal core governance

The canonical version of this document is at If you have suggestions/amendments, please file an issue to the Drupal core queue with the "Project governance" tag.

Content Management Module


I do understand that the pages of are based on Drupal. However, I was wondering the module they are using for content brokerage and texts is a drupal module or something selfcoded. We were looking into start something like this in Venezuela, but I have no idea as to what module or software they are using.

I know there is as well. But there I don´t have any ideas of what they use either... any help would be apreciated.



Is Drupal dying?

Just a thing I am beginning to notice....


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