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[Solved] Placing View's Block in a Region


I learnt that by going to /admin/config/development/configuration/single/export you can export YML file along with suggested file name. If you place this YML file in another install's [CUSTOM_THEME]/config/install folder with the suggested name, your block is placed in the desired region. 

For some reason though all the blocks created by Views do not appear in /admin/config/development/configuration/single/export.

I tried to manually modify the files it generate to get the YML I needed, but it didn't work. Has anyone ever done it and is it even possible?

How do I access URLs from File Fields via Views into Twig

I have a "Our Staff" Content Type, that includes a field for uploading an individual's CV as a PDF:

The machine Name is:


I have created a View for this Content Type, which I have then added to the page via Blocks
I have a twig file that I'm using to style the Staff area:


I can render all other fields,
but I'm having trouble with the URL for the File Field

How to display since when the node was created ?

How to display since when the node was created with TWIG. Here is the templace of my node :

Adding Javascript Stats Counter to Drupal


  Can someone please advise how I can add something like this to a block on my site? Or even point me toward to a module that does the same thing. Thank you.

What I did was create a counter,js file and paste the javascript code in there and upload to the /site/all/theme_name/js directory and specify it in the file. Also copied the css file in to the css directory of the theme and also specified in the file as well.  

New to Drupal but not to Symfony or Twig

I've got a completely built site under Symfony 4.3 with a working theme split into multiple twig templates (ex., header/body/footer/etc).  How difficult would it be to refactor those twig templates into Druapl?

How do i do to remove fieldset wrapping form elements?

i need a hand about this particular (tricky) subject about Drupal 8. How to alter form in such way to remove those annoying fieldsets wrapping everything: radios buttons, checkboxes, addressField .. ? if possible globally, not necessarily addressing a particular fieldset in particular form.

Drupal 8, by its default internal process of rendering Forms, use (unnecessary) many nested containers to wrap and structure from elements which absolutely makes the html output little bit complicated when it comes to work with css frameworks (Bootstrap 4 in my case)


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