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How to change the text of the comment reply link


I am developing a theme for a drupal site and I would like to make a small change in how comments are displayed.

I would like to change the text of the comments reply link: "reply" to "reply to comment's_user_name".

This means that if John had commented on my article and I want to respond to his comment, the link will display "Reply to John".

I think it will necessarily be done with pre-processing methods, but everything I've done so far has failed.

How can I do that, please?

Thank you to answer me.


Change Bootstrap social links icons from HTTP to HTTPS

Hello everybody,

I'm currently working on a website that needs to be changed from HTTP to HTTPS.

But I've realized that my social media links icons (facebook and instagram), still refers to HTTP links.

But I don't know where to go, to change these links.

My theme is a a Bootstrap Sub-theme. 

Thanks in adavance for your help.

Regions on appearing properly

So I was looking at the region definition of my theme and I found that the regions are not appearing properly. For instance, the sidebar is not displaying on the left side of the page; but instead it is displaying just below my content region. Below is a snippet of my page.html.twig file.

Overriding default search form block

Hello, I wanted to know if there is a way to override the default search form block and remove the search box, leaving the search button only. Should I use the hook_form_alter  in the .theme file or should I change the block---search-form-block.html.twig file? And I also wanted to know how to add Font Awesome's search icon on the button.

Thank you for your replies in advance, and any solutions would be most welcome. I am still new to Drupal and I would be really grateful for any help that you provide me with.

Help implementing draggable tables on an existing node create form

As a newcomer to D8 I'm trying to implement the draggable table functionality to the create and edit form of a given content type I have already created.

I found several tutorials that deal with the form creation from scratch by setting a route for the form and setting theme functions for that form. In my case this can't be done since I'm trying to alter an existing form that already has the table field on it and I can't re-declare a form since I just need the form to be altered to display the table as draggable.

How to add Google Fonts locally with Bootstrap SASS ?

I have a Drupal 8 site and Bootstrap 3 theme (SASS)

I use the following Bootswatch theme on my site :

There are these 2 lines in the file :

    $web-font-path: ",700,400italic" !default;
    @import url($web-font-path);

I used this site to download the corresponding Google Fonts archive :


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