Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Experian Validation

Experian is a Third party service providing a way to validate the user's address.
this module is providing the validation for Phone number & Email address through
Experian service.

Download the module and extract it to the modules directory. Install it as any Drupal contributed module.

Go to admin/config/experian/settings and Endpoint & Token for email & phone.
Check README.txt file for more information.

Migrate Process Extra

Provides a collection of Migrate process plugins that are not part of the core or Migrate Plus process plugins.

Weeronline Formatter


This module provides extra formatter to core's integer field. It creates an picture like above. To use it, create an integer field and paste the relevant id from the weeronline url ( in this case 4129283.

Choosing the weeronline_formatter as the formatter will render it as the picture below.


Optgroup Select

Optgroup Select adds a new widget to allow the term reference fields to be grouped under the parent terms in the select option.

Reading Time Field

Displays the read time of the content.

Reading time field can be added to the each content type from the manage fields, so that it will display the time it will take to read content on your node. you can show or hide from the Manage Display page.

You can also configure:

Cached Computed Field

A field that allows to cache computationally expensive computed data in field storage.

Use this field for computed data that is expensive to generate, for example data that is computed using NP-hard algorithms or data that comes from third party sources.


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