Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Transliterate filenames for uploads

Transliteration for all uploading files (includes fields and ckeditor inline upload)

How to use: just enable module as usual. All new file names will be transliterate to Latin characters.

Templorary solution till 8.4(8.5?) core - .


JSON Form demo

This module allows you to generate HTML forms from JSON Schemas using JSON Forms library.

These forms values will be translated to string and saved into a long text plain field type.

You only need to configure the widget with the desired form structure and the default value (if needed).

Usage examples here

SlickQuiz field

Choose SlickQuiz field type

This module allows you to create a field to generate quizzes based on SlickQuiz library SlickQuiz library (library demo here) and JSON form module.

Entity Ref Bootstrap Accordion / Tab Formatter

Simple Bootstrap Accordion / Tab Field formatter for field types "entity_reference , entity_reference_revisions".
So it will be available Paragraphs module as well.

It's a fork to

No library used except Bootstrap.

Use of 3 fields including a type field that has as possible value:
- accordion | Accordion with first open
- accordion_closed | Accordion closed
- tab | Tabs


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