Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Translate fields

This module presents a new field type called translate fields which can be used in custom forms. This field type will be typically used with a select list or checkboxes/radios. We usually define a key|value pair and present that to form field in an array. However this module presents a admin UI to manage these key|value pairs more efficiently by adding effective date and status control to them. This is generally when certain key|value pairs need to be retired or when new ones are to be shown effective from a certain date onwards.


An experimental module for Drupal 8 exploring the possibility of extending some field types (currently image fields) such that various contributed features, which would be written as plugins managed by this module, can be enabled or disabled as desired on a single field instance. For example, one might want to write an extension to core image fields that scales images via html5 magic to the proper size, and one might also want to write an extension to core image fields that lets you tweak the cached image style images after uploading. Field

Defines a new field type to automatically insert an iframe widget for your game.


Revision UI

For content translation Drupal 8 replaces node translation by entity / field translation. That's a big difference regarding entity (formerly node) revisions. While Drupal 7 provided separate revisions per translation, Drupal 8 now "shares" a single revision across all translations. If you simply revert a revision, all translations will be reverted to this revisions. It's impossible to revert a single translations anymore.


Font Awesome Field Formatter

This module allows you to convert a text field containing a URL for Facebook or Twitter to a social media icon.

It requires Font Awesome (
-Download ( to your server
-Edit to reference the Font Awesome stylesheet (e.g. stylesheets[all][] = font-awesome-4.4.0/css/font-awesome.min.css)


This project was forked off of the field_weight module.

It allows users to manage the weight of field groups on specific nodes.


Download & enable module
Configure the module -> choose the content types where group weight modifications are desired on a per node basis
Visit a node for the enabled content type
Modify the group weights by clicking on the "Field group display weights" tab

Known limitation:
Currently the weights are only modifiable for the default view mode.


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