Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Video Embed JW Player

Video Embed JW Player sample

This module provides JW Player + JW Platform handler for Video Embed Field.
Users can add JW Platform videos to their site by entering the video's embed url.

Acceptable url formats for entry into a video embed field:

Entityreference One to One Relationship

Entity reference field Configuration

This module is for validating one to one relationship with entity reference fields. For example: If you create a entity reference field in a content type say Article which is referencing content from Basic page and you have added a new Article referencing Basic page's content say "Test A".

Icon Select

Example of the backend

Icon Select Module

This module allows you to upload and display SVG icons in the drupal backend. You can display these icons in your frontend theme using twig or render them as a fields.

Change file upload limit

This module help admins or user with similar admin privileges to change file upload limit on a website without changing php.ini file.

Video Playlist

A module for creating video playlists from uploaded video files.

To use: create a content type, add a file field to it, then assign the 'video_gallery' field formatter to it.

Point Entity

Points module define a Point entity type. Site builders can use add fields to reference this type of entity in order to implement financial or transnational type of applications.


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