Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.


Timedropper screenshot

This module provides integration for the jQuery Timedropper plugin, providing a better timepicker.


Field Stripe

Provides a field for Stripe Checkout, also provides a formatter for a price field if commerce_price is used.


Field Report

The Field Report module creates a report page that lists all of the fields on the site, along with their label, description, field type, and what they are shared with, organized by entity type and bundle.

This should make it really easy to see how the fields are organized onto your site, and identify any that are missing descriptions or relevant labels, and find fields that could be shared but aren't, etc.


List Tree

The list field type already comes with a widget for check boxes and radio buttons, but they are rendered in a single, non-hierarchical list. What if you have a more complex structure to your list options? What if you'd like to actually have the options arranged in a hierarchy? Well, that's where this module comes in to play.


Block field

Provides a field that allows a content entity to create and configure custom block instances.



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