Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

Chosen Order

A Drupal 7 module for use with the chosen module. This module allows the user to maintain the order of multiple select fields that have chosen enabled.

It uses jQuery UI sort, which is included with Drupal 7 and was developed for the Exploratorium's Video Site.

Original work on this project was started here.

Field Prefix

Customize the field prefix or remove the default prefix field_

Install this module and visit admin/config/field_prefix/setting

Field Group Settings

A field group formatter to hide settings unobtrusively on the form. Any fields within this group will hide in a panel that is toggled by a button. This button (a gear icon) will float to the right side of the form.

Screenshot showing settings icon with revealed field group

Geocoder AJAX Prepopulate

Integrate together Address, Geocoder, Geofield and Geofield Map so that the editor can:
* give an address in an Address field
* click on an AJAX button that geocodes this address to prefill a geofield (through Geocoder),
* check the calculated coordinates (through Geofield Map)
* change them manually if the geocoding was wrong or not precise enough (through Geofield Map)

Multi Type Image Slider

The Multitype Slider entity type is a simple custom entity type that allow management to add slider with many slider type option in the content. This module are used to created a different type of slider.

Available Slider Option

Full Width Slider',
Image Slider
Simple Fade Slideshow
Image Gallery
Image Gallery With Vertical Thumbnail
Scrolling Logo Thumbnail Slider
Thumbnail Navigator With Arrows
Vertical Slider
Nearby Image Partial Visible Slider
Carousel Slider
Banner Slider
Banner Rotator

Trending Images

Trending Images is a module which can be easily connected to popular social network client API and pull latest 'trending' multimedia in regular intervals. Thus, refreshing multimedia on your site automatically.

Module provides new field type called 'trending_images'.
Each field can hold unique images which are refreshed on cron run.
Also, the case where image needs to stay permanent is covered.


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