Modules implementing Drupal 7 fields.

PHP Filter Usage Report

This simple module provides a report showing where (in which entities) the PHP code format (from the core PHP filter module) is used.

By default this searches the revision table for each text field, as well as the block_custom table's format field.

Simply install, then view the report at Admin » Reports » PHP filter usage.

There are permissions for this module so you can extend viewing rights to specific roles.


Image Opacity Overlay

This module allows you to add to any image field a semi-transparent overlay (or background) with a configurable color.

This can be activated / configured per field instance.

Usage instructions:
- Install the module
- Go to the field settings and check "Enable Opacity Overlay / Background"
- After uploading the image when creating content, you will now see 3 new properties:
- Filter type (Overlay or Background)
- Filter color (an hex value such as #DFDFDF)
- Filter opacity (a number between 0 and 1)

Shooting Score

Shooting Score defines a special field type for storing shooting scores that consist of points and bullseyes (e.g. 98.4).

Shooting scores are stored in the database as separate 'points' and 'bullseyes' values which means they can be used individually for sorting views (e.g. sort scores by points, then bullseyes). Also, shooting score fields can be displayed as either the combined score (98.4), just the points (98) or just the bullseyes (4).


Google Drive Uploader

This module provides a field to upload files directly to Google Drive and a formatter to display Download/View in drive link. It uses the Gauth for authentication and implements the "browser upload method" so the file never hits the Drupal file system. It saves storage and no limitations of file size. I plan to provide other features of google drive in later versions of the module.


Webform select or other options

It extends a "select or other field" on a webform by adding ability to reuse "other" text.

After submiting webform adds "Other" option into the database, so when you launch your webform again new option will be in the default list of options.


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