SMS Framework for Drupal 6

The Drupal 6 version of SMS Framework is now deprecated. It will no longer receive maintenance.

Toolbar Themes

Toolbar Themes is a contributed module for Drupal 8. It includes a number of stylised themes that apply only to the Drupal 8 Toolbar.

The main purpose of this module was to replicate the old D7 Admin Menu style, since D8 cores toolbar takes up a lot of screen realestate and for power users the icons and most of the tabs are not required.

Geofield - D8

Geofield is a Drupal 8 module that provides a field type for storing geographic data. This data can be attached to any entity, e.g., nodes, users and taxonomy terms. Geofield provides different widgets for data input and formatters for data output. It integrates with other mapping modules (including ... and Geocoder),

Megamenu Framework

Megamenu Framework module


  • Dependencies
  • Recommended modules
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Troubleshooting

EXPERIMENTAL: Outside-In module

The Outside-In module is included in Drupal 8 core since Drupal 8.2. It provides the ability to change the most common configuration from the Drupal front-end.

How to add content to your group without content (node) access permissions

Use case example:

Your web site is about listing restaurants in your area. You created a content type (node) to add restaurant information and you've been adding content about the restaurants. These content articles are visible to anybody visiting your site (no access control).


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