Header image

The header Image module allows you to display an image on selected pages via a block with flexible display conditions covering all pages of a site.

It doesn't support displaying images as a CSS background image, but here's how to easily achieve this.

Integrating the Responsive FileManager with Drupal 7 and CKEditor

Responsive FileManager (RFM) is a free, open-source file manager that works with CKEditor. It's modern, beautiful, responsive, highly usable and harmonises well with CKEditor's minimalist "moono" skin. As well as nice features like drag and drop multi-file upload, file and folder management, RFM also allows sophisticated image editing via the Adobe Aviary photo editor.

Responsive FileManager promo

Setting header image as a CSS background image

At the time of writing the header image module doesn't support adding header images as a CSS background-image. Instead it simply displays the image field in a header image node. Using CSS background-images is more flexible in many use cases. Yes there are various background image modules but the advantage of using the header image module in this way is its ease of content management and full range of header image display conditions.

SMS Framework for Drupal 6

The Drupal 6 version of SMS Framework is now deprecated. It will no longer receive maintenance.

Toolbar Themes

Toolbar Themes is a contributed module for Drupal 8. It includes a number of stylised themes that apply only to the Drupal 8 Toolbar.

The main purpose of this module was to replicate the old D7 Admin Menu style, since D8 cores toolbar takes up a lot of screen realestate and for power users the icons and most of the tabs are not required.


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