Using attributes in templates

Documentation of attributes object that appears in all html.twig templates.




To get Wysiwyg Fields up and running as quick as possible follow these steps.

Note: This assumes a relatively standard Drupal installation and configures only the Article Image field for use as a Wysiwyg field.

How to filter events between two dates

After searching the web community for an event filter between two dates I decided to write this tutorial to help others like me who had a some challenges finding how to do it.

It is tempting to believe that using the "is between" on a date fields will work. However, this option is used only in the case of events "Starting" on a rage of date.

This module ( is used to filter evenst on ONE date and NOT a range of date (as the image suggest).

Atom Marquee

Using the Atom Marquee Module

The Atom Marquee module places a prominent image and text on the homepage of an OpenAid site.

Create a marquee node at /node/add/marquee.

The marquee will automatically display on the homepage. You may need to clear the site's cache in order to see it.


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