Drupal 8: Create a view of locations on a CommonMap / Advanced settings

Drupal 8

This page assumes you have an entity with a geolocation field attached and want to create a view of those entities, with them being displayed as markers on a map.

How to create a nearest node view / Sorting by proximity

Drupal 8

This assumes you want to create a view of entities, sorted by their proximity to a center entity.


CacheFlush provides a fine granularity of control over cache tables, functions and permissions.

It ships with a predefined set of actions, but can be configured to build any number of custom presets suitable for both both development and production environments. Access to each preset can be limited by role-based permissions.

Version 3 of the project consists of the following modules:

Mailchimp eCommerce

Connect your online store to MailChimp to learn more about your customers and increase your return on investment. MailChimp e-commerce features capture detailed purchase data from your customers that you can use to create personalized campaigns and Automation workflows.

This documentation page will soon walk you through the process of configuring Drupal Commerce with MailChimp eCommerce.

How to identify NetX Platform version

In this doc you can find information how you can identify NetX Platform version which is required for new upgrade where authentication type has been changed.

Mobile Number

Mobile Number is a field type dedicated to mobile numbers. There are several reasons for using a dedicated mobile number field, as opposed to using the more general Phone module, which are as follows:


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