Extend ERPAL for Service Providers capabilities, behavior, and appearance

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API keys

Context.IO API keys

To get your own API key you have to sign up for Context.IO at

Installation Guide

Installation instructions

  1. Download and enable libraries module.
  2. Download Context.IO PHP API from https://github.com/contextio/PHP-ContextIO and extract it to sites/all/libraries or sites/sitename.com/libraries. the name of the folder must be PHP-ContextIO (the version number from the end should be removed).
  3. Navigate to the sites/all/libraries/PHP-ContextIO folder from terminal.
  4. Run `composer install` command.
  5. Enable contextio and contextio_admin modules on your site.


Documentation for the Context.IO module, a powerful mailhandler alternative for Drupal.

Google Analytics Counter: get "Client ID" and "Client Secret"

Here's a 3 minute video tutorial about how to get Goolge "Client ID" and "Client Secret" required by the Google Analytics Counter module.

If you cannot watch a video, use this step-by-step text-image guide:


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