The TableField module provides a simple, generic form/widget to input tabular data. The form allows the user to select the number of rows/columns in the table, then enter the data via text fields. Since this is a field it is revision capable,multi-value capable and has integration with Views.

Drupal 8 Release

Viewfield 8.x-3.x

The Viewfield module defines an entity reference field type to display a view. Viewfield enables an administrator or content author to integrate a views display into any fieldable entity, such as content, users or paragraphs. In addition, through the use of the Always use default value setting, the same view(s) may automatically be placed into all entities in a bundle. Viewfield has considerable theming support, making it easy to customize presentation.

BS Base

@TODO - this will be a documentation for bs_base base theme.

Translator: Acclaro

The Acclaro translator module (tmgmt_acclaro) is a plugin for the Translation Management Tool (TMGMT) and provides support to send and receive translation jobs to the service.

Testing of Translation Management Acclaro translator can be easily done using Drupal 8 version.

Drupal Security White Paper

Attached is a report (licensed CC-BY-ND) about Drupal's security. This report can help an organization answer the question "Is the Drupal project secure enough for my organization?"

You can read the PDF Drupal Security Report.


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