Quick Install Guide (Ubuntu)

Drupal 8 has two main parts:

In very simple terms:
Database holds all changes you make to the content in the UI.
The code defines how the content will be rendered and styled among other things.

Install Apache (WebServer):
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install apache2
sudo nano /etc/apache2/apache2.conf
Change 'server_domain_or_IP' to 'localhost:80' on this line:
ServerName server_domain_or_IP

Recovering the administrator password from UI

There are many methods to recover admin password described here https://www.drupal.org/node/44164 but this method gives you a admin panel to recover admin username and password.

This gives easy access and UI to generate admin password. This will let you know what is the current admin username in system.

Recovering the administrator password from UI

Version 4.x - Exported view ready to import

Attached a compressed file with 4 files:

1. as-version-3.txt
This is just a fix for the version 3 script given here: View: Watchdog entries

2. simple.txt
This is my view with only one page display but with many exposed filters. Recommended if you do not use the module "Better exposed filters".
The page display of the view overrides the path "admin/reports/dblog".

How to programmatically add a product variation to the cart in Drupal commerce 2.x (Drupal 8)

Playing a bit with Drupal commerce in Drupal 8, we notice that several functions that we used to use in the past with D7 are gone in D8, or they've had several changes, dued to the new API.

Drupal commerce has lots of changes. The new concept give us more flexibility and features (for example, we don't need a content type to display our products, because they have now their own display page, the product variations are now in commerce core, or the Store concept.).


The TableField module provides a simple, generic form/widget to input tabular data. The form allows the user to select the number of rows/columns in the table, then enter the data via text fields. Since this is a field it is revision capable,multi-value capable and has integration with Views.

Drupal 8 Release

Viewfield 8.x-3.x

The Viewfield module defines an entity reference field type to display a view. Viewfield enables an administrator or content author to integrate a views display into any fieldable entity, such as content, users or paragraphs. In addition, through the use of the Always use default value setting, the same view(s) may automatically be placed into all entities in a bundle. Viewfield has considerable theming support, making it easy to customize presentation.


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