Realname: Remove 15 characters username trim

In case your user has long realname (15+ characters), such username will be trimmed to 15 characters and "..." added by default. If you wish to have displayed full name instead the trim version then place this code (D7) into your template.php:

 * Overrides template_process_username().
function THEMENAME_preprocess_username(&$variables) {
  $account = $variables['name_raw'];
  $variables['name'] = check_plain($account);

Contacted by the LWG. Now what?

Tasks that belong under the LWG Specific Duties are handled publicly, as an issue in the LWG issue tracker. One of these tasks is to enforce Git repo licensing policies on contributed code/assets.

Docker based development environment

I have rewritten the Docker based development environment to use the images provided by Docker4Drupal ( So some of the comments below become outdated. The comments about using symlinks or vfs are uninteresting, as the use of symlinks/vfs in that way are not the docker way.


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