How to add taxonomy (tagging) to content in Open Atrium

You do this the same way you normally do in Drupal. Create Taxonomies and then add taxonomy reference fields to the content types. Atrium supports space-specific taxonomies if you don't need one that is global to the site and with the space-specific taxonomies there is an easy interface for adding them to different content types rather than creating your own fields and adding them via the Drupal field UI.

Social feed field

The social feed field module makes it possible for editors to create a list of social media posts in a entity that are combined and ordered by created date from several different social media channels.

The module creates a new field type that site builders can add to entities.

Sub-theme for MAYO 8.x-1.x

These are the steps I used to make a Sub-Theme for the MAYO theme for Drupal 8. I'm using MAYO 8.x-1.0 here.

Advanced Theming

This section goes beyond basic theming concepts, and discusses more ways you can extend your theme.

Basic Directory Structure of a Drupal 7 Project

Drupal 7 project folder structure

By following the standard for the directory structure of a Drupal 7 project, you can keep your project able to update, stay secure, extensible and understandable for others and yourself - especially when you get again into the project after a certain time. Additionally the standard is something which saves you from creating a hardly maintainable legacy code-base, that is no fun to work with.


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