Basic Directory Structure of a Drupal 7 Project

Drupal 7 project folder structure

By following the standard for the directory structure of a Drupal 7 project, you can keep your project able to update, stay secure, extensible and understandable for others and yourself - especially when you get again into the project after a certain time. Additionally the standard is something which saves you from creating a hardly maintainable legacy code-base, that is no fun to work with.

Install ssh2 on Debian Jessie 8

This is optional. But if you want to use Panopoly Apps, one of the easiest option is to install the "ssh2" extension package on your own server.

Map to multiple fields using 'Blank source'

Suppose you have a CSV column 'SOURCE' which you want to use for several fields in Drupal. This is how this can be done.


SOURCE -> Temporary target 1
Blank source 1 -> field 1
Blank source 2 -> field 2

The order of the mappings is important.
You can add as much Blank source * as you want. Just make sure it starts with 'Blank source ' and all is well.


Entity Pilot - content staging for Drupal 8


  • Download and extract the module
  • Add the php-encryption library using composer or Composer manager.
    • For composer - from your Drupal installation directory run composer require "defuse/php-encryption:~1.2.
    • For Composer manager, refer to its documentation

Getting started


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