MM Media

The MM Media module is a submodule of Monster Menus which provides several useful features:

Sauce Labs

Sauce LabsThanks to for sponsoring testing and quality assurance tools for ERPAL


This page is for grouping all pages related to ERPAL sponsors

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Reaction module


Reaction module provides ability to react on content. Inspired by facebook reactions.

Technically the module will provide the field reaction field type, where this field can be added to any entity type(like Content type, Comment type etc).

How to install the module?

Create a Zen 8.x-7.x sub-theme - Manually (Tested with D8.17, 'zen-8.x-7.0-alpha14' / 'zen-8.x-7.x-dev [2016-Jul-14]')


The base Zen theme is designed to be easily extended by its sub-themes. You should Not modify any of the files in the Zen base-theme folder 'zen' at [D8-root]/themes/zen, but, instead, create a sub-theme located outside of the 'zen' base-theme folder. Put you subtheme at [D8-root]/themes/my_zen_subtheme_location.


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