Permissions in COD

COD uses both the permissions from drupal (admin/people/permissions) as well as conference specific permissions, derived from the Organic Groups module.

COD General Roles


Full site access, basically user 1, but for users. Give this permission to anyone who is helping manage the drupal sites and/or all conferences for the site.

content editor

Full access to content for all conferences, lacks the following permissions compared to administrator:

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Drupal Flight Control: Auto-updates

See Drupal Flight Control

This sections explains how auto-updates work at this moment.

Global information

DFC has the ability to periodically (ever hour or so) check for security updates for a list of projects (modules), and drupal core.
This list is configurable (called whitelist), which means you can / should put modules on it that you trust (will most likely not break your projects if updated).

Drupal Flight Control - Documentation

See Drupal Flight Control

This is the central point to get some information around the Flight Control project.
If you have questions or recommendations, please let me know.

Quick start

Development info / guidelines


Errors are the oldest form of error handling in PHP dating all the way back to PHP 3. Trigger_error is still useful in certain very limited circumstances owing to the fact that, unlike exceptions, errors cannot be caught or if they don't stop the system then code continues on the line following trigger_error. Drupal primarily makes use of Exceptions and assertions, using errors only when necessary to cause an immediate halt of the system.


Exceptions are the preferred method of fault handling in Drupal. They should be used in all cases but two.


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