Filebrowser Drupal 8 version

This module provides an interface for administrators to expose directories on the file system to users through a file listing as in a FTP application.

Filebrowser is NOT a file selector to select a file (image etc) to inject into a node or other interface. There are several modules for that including File Browser.
Filebrowser is a module that replicates a FTP functionality on your site so that users can upload, download and or view files, provided they have the proper permission.

SimpleSAML Runtime Config: Dynamically adjust metadata

(For overall information on SimpleSAML Runtime Config, see the project page.)

The module generates a JSON file containing the values in private storage. You can then manually
integrate this with your SimpleSAML configuration. The file is located at

Include it into your configuration and run json_decode on it.

Tutorial: fire rule (only once) when a term (from a multi value vocabulary) is selected

Add a vocabulary with the terms termA, termB, termC and termD.
When termC is selected, you want to do something action (here: send a mail). The user can select one or more term(s).

To see what happens and to debug,

  • show debug information, see admin/config/workflow/rules/settings
  • add the Action 'Show a message on the site' in your Rule and try to select the fields your working with. So you can see if you're working with the right fields.

Add Events

PHPUnit initiative

Everything is being coordinated in #2807237: PHPUnit initiative, see the issue summary for details.


This section contains examples and information per request type.:

PDF Engine Support

If you can't see what you're looking for, I'm open to alternative engines for PDF, EPub and MOBI, just create an issue.


The Wkhtmltopdf library is supported in Drupal 7 and Drupal 8.


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