Installation of CKEditor and CKEditor vs. WYSIWYG

Below is some clarification for users to help understand what goes where as there are similar folder names for different items AND some clarification of using the CKEditor module vs. the WYSIWYG module with CKEditor set as the editor, as there has been confusion for years and just wanted to do my part in trying to let people keep some of the hair on their head:

Contextly Kit downloads

Different versions of the Contextly module require different major version of the Kit. Please download appropriate Kit version for your module using compatibility table below:

Working with Mediafront: Popcorn Player

By default, Mediafront adds an option to render a file entity within the OSM Player. Mediafront: Popcorn Player extends this functionality.

Changing The Storage Location of Active and Staging Directories

Before installation

Please note that this seems currently broken in Drupal 8 Beta 6. Check "After installation" for a way that works with that Drupal version.

Open up your settings.php file and look for the line $config_directories = array();. The comment above that line tells you what to do.

Comparison of Salesforce-Webform integration modules

There are several modules in Drupal that act as a way to integrate Salesforce and Webform. Ideally, we'd only have one, but this page attempts to point them out and highlight some differences. At some point, perhaps for Drupal 8, we'll be able to merge all of these.


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