Configure services

To configure the Share Selection services go to "admin/config/services/share-selection/services".

Check the services you want to show in the right side of the services table.


Change the order they will be shown with the drag and drop icons in the left side.


Custom Options

Every service can have its own custom options to work.

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4. Recreating features

(This is only relevant to those who manage the site's configuration using the Features module)

3. Changing views field formatters

If you had previously set up your views to render images through the Image module's presets which were attached to the fields provided by 1.x branch of the Media module, you also need to update the views’ field formatter. You need to install and enable the Image Preset module to be able to apply image presets.

If you do not update this configuration, the formatter defaults to 'Generic file'

2. Changing field settings

After image fields are converted to file fields, you have to update the fields’ configuration.

Field configuration


For each content type that contains the file field that you use to attach images, Go to the 'Manage field' tab of content types (admin/structure/types/manage/[field's machine name]/fields). By default, these fields’ widget is set to ‘file’.

A screenshot that shows where this widget config is found


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