Styled Google Map

Styled Google Map is a module that integrates as a geofield formatter. You have options that include setting a custom map style, custom marker and custom marker icon.


Install and enable the Geofield module and its required module Styled Google Map in the usual way. Learn more about installing Drupal modules.

NetX DAM Integration

The NetX integration module contains 2 ways to display metadata associated with each asset.

1. Using the views integration to create a view that pulls in the Asset Meta Data
2. Use template preprocess and template.php to display those attributes.

Let's look at method #2:

NetX Metadata is generally stored in Drupal's file_entity object.

For example, in a devel tab for a file or when you use

Configuration Management Workflow using the Drupal UI

Workflow using the Drupal UI

Here is a simple example that demonstrates how the site name can be configured in one environment and then deployed to another environment.

What to look for when reviewing CSS

There are many things to consider when reviewing CSS against our CSS standards. This is a guide of things to consider and how to present the review when looks at core CSS.

Architectures guidelines

Is all the code still in use?

There are times when markup in core is changed but some CSS files that rely on a particular class or ID have not been updated. Check to make sure that the CSS still applies correctly.

Profile a site with Webprofiler

Using the Webprofiler, you can profile any Drupal 8 page analyzing both the performance and the internal structure of a website.


Install as any other Drupal module.
Webprofiler needs two javascript libraries to render the timeline and to syntax highlight collected queries:


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