Google Analytics Counter: get "Client ID" and "Client Secret"

Here's a 3 minute video tutorial about how to get Goolge "Client ID" and "Client Secret" required by the Google Analytics Counter module.

If you cannot watch a video, use this step-by-step text-image guide:

Style Switcher

The Style Switcher module takes the fuss out of creating themes or building sites with alternate stylesheets. Themer can provide a theme with alternate stylesheets. Site builder can add alternate stylesheets found in the internet right in the admin section. And this module presents all those styles as a block with a list of links. So any site user is able to choose the style of the site he/she prefers.

Blog posts

How to provide form elements on your settings page?

Add a conditional

Settings can be added to your settings page the usual way. If you declare the Style (CSS) Settings module only as a soft-dependency (thus not required), it makes sense to show settings only if the Style Settings module is enabled by wrapping all Style Settings specific form elements inside a conditional:


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