Google Map Field

Google Map Field,, helps content creators/maintainers add maps to content via the addition of a "Google Map Field" field type that can be added to content types.

Video.js (HTML5 Video Player)

Video.js (HTML5 Video Player) connects the file field to the Video.js library.

This page is based on my experience with videojs-7.x-3.x-dev and video-js-4.10.2.

What you need

To test all the features of Video.js, you need three video related files.

Allowed changes during the Drupal 8 beta phase

Now that Drupal 8-beta 1 has been released. it’s important for all core contributors to understand the criteria for acceptance of core patches during this phase of the development cycle.

For background discussion, see #2350615: [policy, no patch] What changes can be accepted during the Drupal 8 beta phase?.


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