Continuous upgrades between major versions

Beginning with Drupal 9, major core releases will aim for a continuous upgrade path from the previous major release.

When Drupal 9 is released, we will also release a Drupal 8 LTS release. Modules and themes that are not using any deprecated code in the Drupal 8 LTS should also work with Drupal 9, since the major release will mostly represent removing code deprecated during the Drupal 8 development cycle.

Drupal core community initiatives

In addition to the strategic initiatives for Drupal core, there are numerous community-driven initiatives. This page aims to provide an overview, and inform teams on how to start their own.

Note that no prior approval is needed for bug fixes or small feature requests; those are found in the Drupal 8 issue queue.

Script to add files in S3 bucket folder and add files on new location using S3 api or s3fs module.

Script to add files in S3 bucket folder and add files on new location
try {
$config = _s3fs_get_config();
$s3 = _s3fs_get_amazons3_client($config);
catch (S3fsException $e) {
form_set_error('form', $e->getMessage());
return FALSE;

How is credit granted for Drupal core issues

There are three ways issue contributors get credits on

Entityreference subfields for Migrate

After the #1676646: make migrate field handler behave the same way as term reference: accept entity labels, allow creation of entities patch will be committed, there'll be available three new sub-fields for Entityreference field:

  • source_type: If the option is set to 'name', there would be used text label of an entity, rather than its ID in the source column.
  • create_entity: If the option is set to TRUE (or any other value different from FALSE/0), and the source_type is set to 'name', then if no entity was found for the given label, it will be created automatically.
  • ignore_case: If this option is TRUE, then case differences (uppercase vs. lowercase) between source data and existing entity names will be ignored. The default behavior is to not ignore case.


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