Contributing to Coder Sniffer

Coder Sniffer is not perfect (yet) and you can contribute towards making it better. There are two parts to the coder_sniffer system - a part that catches violations in coding standards in your code and a part that automatically fixes those violations that are automatically fixable. The rule set that is included in the former is very comprehensive but is not completely exhaustive and there could be gaps in how violations are caught. Not all violations that can be automatically fixed have logic implemented for the automatic fixes.

How are strategic initiatives chosen?

The list of strategic initiatives is maintained by Dries Buytaert, Drupal project lead. Factors leading to initiatives being listed here include:

Drupal Core Strategic Initiaitves

The following are the strategic initiatives outlined by Dries Buytaert's State of Drupal May 2016 presentation, based on community survey data from ~2,900 participants.

For more on how strategic initiatives are chosen, see How are strategic initiatives chosen?

For a full list of all high-priority efforts going on in Drupal core, see


A lightweight and modular front-end framework
for developing fast and powerful web interfaces.

UIKit is a new revolutionary framework that took the light in July of 2013 as a result of solutions of YOOTheme - popular theme provider and was tested on lots of their templates. And now it's coming to Drupal!

Group for Drupal 7 (version 7.x-1.x)

The Group module for Drupal 7 is based around the Entity API. Individual groups have a "Group Type" in the module, which is an Entity. Since it's an Entity, it has fields.

It also has specific permissions and roles, which apply to any Group of this Group type.

Group for Drupal 8 (version 8.x-1.x)

Placeholder page for the Group 8 documentation.

here is a link to a video from drupaleasy
that demonstrates how to use the Group module for Drupal 8 to manage editorial access control to different areas of a web site.


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