Drupal Flight Control - Documentation

See Drupal Flight Control

This is the central point to get some information around the Flight Control project.
If you have questions or recommendations, please let me know.

Quick start

Development info / guidelines

Contributing to DrupalCI


The containers can be found in the /containers subdirectory of the DrupalCI: Test Runner project. Contributors should use the production branch, which contains the latest stable code.

Drupal Flight Control: Development Guide

See Drupal Flight Control

Please read and following these guidelines if you would like to participate in the project.
We are looking for extra contributors, so your work will be greatly appreciated!


These are currently working hooks that you can use on your own modules:

Why get involved?

People around the world contribute to Drupal for all sorts of reasons:

TFA plugins and plugin development

TFA plugins provide the form and validation handling for 2nd factor
authentication of a user. The TFA module will interrupt a successful username and password authentication and begin the TFA process (see Configuration for exceptions to this statement), passing off the form control and validation to the active plugin.


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