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Security Updates to Drupal, Modules, and CiviCRM

A lot of work has gone into making it as easy as possible for anyone with basic site admin level skills to test an update to the Community Media Starter Kits. A clean copy of the ESK and MSK can be spun up on Pantheon for free in minutes. With the addition of, site admin level users can override a module without ever seeing any code or an SFTP client. The links to spin up new Pantheon sites are now on the ESK and MSK project pages, so anyone can now do that too.

Paragraphs in Drupal 7

Paragraphs in Drupal 7


  • Changing bundle type on existing paragraph item
  • Default item on new entity
  • Better UX for new paragraph option list
  • Demo module for
  • Proper revision support
  • Bundle permissions
  • Sortable bundle list
  • Select a view mode per paragraph item
  • Views support
  • Confirm delete without saving the entity/node
  • Being able to select a limit of items, not only Unlimited

Paragraphs in Drupal 8

Drupal 8

A Drupal 8 version has been created, the alpha2 version is working with Drupal 8 beta 4. We try to keep the 8.x-1.x-dev branch compatible with the Drupal 8 HEAD. It currently has the same functionality as the Drupal 7 module.

The Drupal 8 version has been a complete rewrite of the module. It is now based on the Entity Reference Revisions module which is in core. Paragraphs defines:


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