Smart Cache

Drupal 8 provides a Smart Cache module that is recommended for websites of all sizes. It caches pages minus the personalized parts, and is therefore useful for all users (both anonymous & authenticated).

We can find this core module at: core/modules/smart_cache.

Using DrupalCI on

For any project on, DrupalCI testing can be enabled from the Automated Testing link on the Project page. Please note: Only project maintainers have the ability to configure project testing.

At the top of the Automated Testing tab you will see the configuration for the existing PIFT/PIFR testing, but below that you will see the test matrix for the new DrupalCI tests:

For each supported testing environment you can enable:

How to provide form elements on your settings page?

Add a conditional

Settings can be added to your settings page the usual way. If you declare the Style (CSS) Settings module only as a soft-dependency (thus not required), it makes sense to show settings only if the Style Settings module is enabled by wrapping all Style Settings specific form elements inside a conditional:

  if (module_exists('style_settings')) { ... }

Code example

Code example for developers to add UI configurable CSS to their project using the Style Settings module.


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