Simplenews filter lists of subscribers by Views

The Simplenews module lacks a way to dynamically filter lists of subscribers for newsletters. Simplenews filter module hopes to remedy that by using Views as filters.

Simplenews filter allows you to select any view of type simplenews_subscriber on which to filter newsletter subscriptions against. The recipients must already be subscribed to the newsletter.

Views Contextual filter and manual Pane argument

I wrote this down because it took me a long time to find a solution to do the following:


I have a views pane that lists titles and an image plus a teaser text. To make it reusable for nodepages/panels and taxonomy pages i exposed the "contenttype" as a pane setting and added three contextual filters

Experimental modules in Drupal 8

Drupal 8 core introduces the concept of experimental modules. These are modules that are provided with Drupal core for testing purposes, but that are not yet fully supported. Experimental modules are included in the Core (Experimental) package on the Extend page of a Drupal site (/admin/modules).

How to Contribute

There are several ways to contribute:

  • Issue Queue
    For starters have a look at the issue queue for this module. Here you will find any active and past issues and features that we are working on.
  • Github
    If you are thinking of getting involved by contributing code, we are currently doing most of our development on Github under: and on several forks that can be found from there.


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