Contextly Kit downloads

Different versions of the Contextly module require different major version of the Kit. Please download appropriate Kit version for your module using compatibility table below:

Country list in Arabic

This is a list of all countries in Arabic
قائمة الدول باللغة العربية

Services Quick Start Up Guide

How to accept remote user login and CRUD operations

In this guide, we will:
1. Install services, rest services module
2. Obtain CSRF session id
3. Use this CSRF session id to login alongside out normal user login credentials
4. Update a node entity

Step 1) Install Services module, REST server module, then admin > structure > services. Click “add”. Use following values:

Server: REST

Path to endpoint: rest

Authentication: Session authentication

Styled Google Map

Styled Google Map is a module that integrates as a geofield formatter. You have options that include setting a custom map style, custom marker and custom marker icon.


Install and enable the Geofield module and its required module Styled Google Map in the usual way. Learn more about installing Drupal modules.

Displaying Shipping Line Items Using Token

The default output of the token [commerce-order:commerce-line-items] only includes Product line items.

For example, you might get this:
Broken token
and wonder why the Total is $30 more than the line items, when what you want to see is this:
Workin' token


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