CWG Subject Matter Experts

While working on various issues, the Community Working Group (CWG) may find itself in need of advice in various subject areas. With this in mind, the CWG may establish relationships with subject matter experts (SMEs) both inside and outside the Drupal community. Examples of SMEs include local contacts for DrupalCon Code of Conduct issues, as well as mental health professionals.

Services Log - Services Module Requests and Responses Logging

An additional contributed module, Services Log, provides extensive logging and an administrative interface to easily analyze logged activity: Find Services events by API endpoint, values sent or receive, or partial string match on the json/xml as raw text.

How is credit granted for Drupal core issues

There are three ways issue contributors get credits on

How to programmatically add a product variation to the cart in Drupal commerce 2.x (Drupal 8)

Playing a bit with Drupal commerce in Drupal 8, we notice that several functions that we used to use in the past with D7 are gone in D8, or they've had several changes, dued to the new API.

Drupal commerce has lots of changes. The new concept give us more flexibility and features (for example, we don't need a content type to display our products, because they have now their own display page, the product variations are now in commerce core, or the Store concept.).

An user pays credits for publishing a post

Paying credits for doing actions on a site makes it necessary to check user credits before performing the action. So I use an "Before saving content" event and a "Entity has credits" action to do so.

To avoid publishing the post we send the user back to the add content form using a custom "Execute custom PHP code" action. In order to allow PHP snippets you have to activate core module "PHP filter".

The first rule looks like that:

An user earns credits for publishing a post

After creating Credit Types at admin/commerce/credits/types (see README.txt for details) you are ready to use credits account. They are linked to users, so adding and removing credits must be related to an user entity.

Here a simple rule which adds 1 credit to users who write a blog post:


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