OpenEDU Workflow


OpenEDU Workflow utilizes the State Machine and OG Role Override contrib module along with some custom configurations (OpenEDU Workflow module) to implement a 3-stage content governance process on each of the primary content types delivered with the installation profile.  These are as follows:

OpenEDU Themes


OpenEDU Themes is a set of contrib modules and configurations that allow a school to assign a distinct theme to a specific OpenEDU Schools context.  For example, a University may include 4 schools (engineering, biology, business and arts).  Each of these may have a unique theme assigned with which to present any and all content associated with the schools (e.g. news, blogs, departments and programs, staff profiles, etc.).

OpenEDU Social


OpenEDU Social is a group of contrib modules and configurations which provide the following 4 services:

OpenEDU Extended Services

This section considers the core components of OpenEDU:

OpenEDU Syndication


OpenEDU Syndication is a suite of modules that allow for RSS syndication of content across multi-site installs or even multiple servers. There is also an API for non-Drupal websites to interact with the REST endpoints of the centralized Syndication server.  Content which has been authorized for syndication is delivered to registered clients upon request.  There are two components to the OpenEDU Syndication system:


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