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logintoboggan role

This module is inspired by this topic https://www.drupal.org/node/628334#21

I needed a option to choose the role the user gets after validation. For example pre registered user. Additonally I cleaned up the logintoboggan form by adding the great vertical tabs.

After installation you can choose the post validation role and everything is fine.

Commerce Reset

While a site is in development or testing phase we create hundreds orders, transactions and customer profiles.
This module allows you to reset commerce to a near blank slate.

At the moment we only support commerce core.


1. Delete orders and reset order number.
2. Delete payment transactions.
3. Delete customer profiles.
4. Delete product variations.

Basic Installation

1. Download and enable the module.
2. Go to Administration > Store > Commerce reset (admin/commerce/reset/batch).


dH Ecology

Add ecology modeling to dH system.

Share Selection


This module allows to share the selected text in social networks like Twitter, Google plus and Linkedin.

It has an API so that developers can to add their custom share selection links.

No facebook support due to Platform Policy 2.3 https://developers.facebook.com/docs/apps/review/prefill



Jira REST Rules

The module provides an integration between Jira (via the jira_rest module) and rules.

In the current limited form the module provides a rules action for creating simple, basic issues in Jira.

You must configure the jira_rest module with username and password at admin/config/services/jira_rest.

In the rules action you can configure:



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