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UIkit Components

The UIkit components module provides additional components and functionality to the UIkit base theme.

Some aspects of the frontend cannot be themed without going through the backend, such as empty navbar links. With this module you can add more functionality to the UIkit frontend through the Drupal backend without the need for contributed modules which may add more functionality than needed.

Tilt JS

This module is to provide easy integration of Tilt JS, a tiny requestAnimationFrame powered 60+fps lightweight parallax hover tilt effect for jQuery.



Module Usage

This module allows you to implement Tilt JS effects in your Drupal modules & themes. Once you have enabled this module and added the library, then you can use any effects included in Tilt JS.


VotingAPI Queue

This module provides a queue implementation for updating voted entites. The votingapi default cron solution might break if it needs to handle too many new results at once. The configuration hooks into the default votingapi settings page. Choose manual on "tally results" settings. Additional settings for batch size and cron execution are available.


Voting API

Available Drush commands

(options available, see drush help for more information)

Perspective API

Perspective API integrates Google perspective.

Development has started recently and an API key is requested for testing so unfortunately there is nothing to show here yet.


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