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The prerender module allow to integrate the prerender.io service with drupal.

Entity log

Entity log is used for keeping logs of changes on custom entities
Logging for:
- insertion of entity
- deletion of entity
- updating of fields or properties selected on entity

Configuration Provider

[This page is a placeholder. Code not usable yet.]

Provides a plugin type extension-provided configuration. Includes support for the two core extension types, config/install and config/optional. Contributed modules may provide their own plugins that serve distinct use cases.


Ajax messages

This module stops messages ever being delivered as part of the initial request.

Instead it make an ajax call after the page has loaded to fetch the messages and display them.

This has two benefits:

1) The page is cacheable as no messages are polluting the HTML.
2) Messages never get lost in 404 requests



Drutopia is a distribution of Drupal that is developed and supported by the Drutopia initiative. Development of Drutopia happens on GitLab and is mirrored here.



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