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Theme Screenshot

DruMob is a drupal based theme. It is highly customizable and allows anyone to insert mobile optimised toolbars into any Drupal instance.

Expose Box

This module is an alternative to the collapsible div/fieldset field groups for hiding
and showing content when a link is clicked.

Expose Box is a light weight module that provides a simple js-driven mechanism
for wrapping field content in a "show/hide" box. It does this by providing a new
field group. Bundling fields under the Expose Box field-group will wrap it in the
Box. The Expose Box functions similar to a collapsible fieldset field-group except
for a couple of differences:


Zeus Drupal Hosting Platform

Zeus Drupal Hosting Platform

Zeus is a simple, easy to install, and easy to use Drupal hosting platform.


Better Login Responsive

Login page responsive browser emulator

Better Login Responsive is a utility that makes the page to login / register / forgot password graphically appealing in style professional sites. The template is responsive Mobile. All browsers are supported and work through jquery 1.8.

Install Better Login Responsive as a regular form of drupal. In version 1 does not require configuration. Once activated go to http: // domain / user or http: // domain /? Q = user and that's all!

Template Overrides

The Template Overrides module allows you to add a machine name to nodes and taxonomy terms. This machine name is then used to provide new theme hook suggestions.


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