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User Login Logout Messages

This is a sandbox module for displaying user login & logout messages.

Panelizer Usage Report

This module provides an administrative page where you can select a certain Panels pane, and list all of the pages where it is being displayed on the site, through Panelizer.

After enabling the module, the page can be found at /admin/reports/panelizer-usage-report.

TV Schedule

On a TV channel's website, the schedule is one of the most important and dynamic parts. It is not likely that we update it every day according to the different programs. Usually, we have a source data that we can download, and website can use it automatically. This TV Channel schedule module uses JSON data and renders it into two schedule blocks. One is for main schedule page, and one is for front page block.

It proves to be a stable solution. Here is a list of websites that are using this module.



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