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Vibrate module provide you functionality to vibrate your mobile user's mobile based on your selection.
Selection could be home page or any node id.
Once user access your site a popup box with customized text will appear with respect to selected node and mobile will vibrate.


Sports League

The Sports League distribution is for sports related websites. It is a flexible platform with common features for sports related websites.

Contact Form Roles

Contact module for Drupal 8 is pretty good, but it's missing two important things:

  • Restricting form access to certain roles
  • The ability to disable form access altogether

This module exposes a new tab on the form edit pages, Who can access this form, that lets you set the user roles that have access to a form.

Popup Dialog

A utility module to show a Dialog box popup with custom message based on user browser session.


A module to integrate gnusocial conversations as a content comments.

Social media button rules

rules event

This is a simple module that provide two event facebook like and facebook sare , using rules module.


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