Bug reports are looked at; requested features may be implemented.

Required Error Message


A simple module for developers allowing a user to specify custom message displayed when required form element is empty.

See https://www.drupal.org/node/742344 for D8 discussion.


View Display Entity Reference

The standard Views Entity Reference field allows you to select a view, but does not allow you to separate these by display. Our requirement was to include a view display in a field which would then be rendered on a content page, this meant we needed to be able to select both view and display.

Caps On

This Module is Primarily Based on JavaScript Key PressEvent, will Show a notification message based on ON /OFF CAPS LOCK Button.

Currently i am planning to allow this feature on All the content type that is having Default Title Field. later on we can extend the functionality For Dynamic Fields.

Track User Change

This module is used to store user last update time. By default during module
installation a new user field "field_user_changed" will be created and
this field captures user last update time. Since this field was made hidden, it will not be shown on user view page.

This is a helper module for developers to log user's last update time as a user field.

Node Theme Picker

Simple Drupal 8 module allowing content administrators to select themes on a node-by-node basis.


Collector is an API for creating Collector items. Collector items are entities of a specific type with a selected API source - like a book with Google Books or Goodreads source.

The idea is to collect different kind of media items in entities - like books, DVDs, comic books, journals etc. using external APIs to collect the information about the entity. A journal could have issues attached to it and books different prints and languages etc.


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