Bug reports are looked at; requested features may be implemented.

MD Fontello

Md fontello

Allow users to easily and conveniently use font imported from Fontello in their theme and module.

Menu Distribute

The Menu Distribute module leverages Menu Import to allow for automated syncing of Drupal menu items.

Commerce PayPal RT

This module allows for PayPal reference transactions to be made using the admin-facing payment terminal. Code is largely untested and currently only represents a minimum viable product.

Personal digest

Prepare some views with a special digest argument.
Users choose from those views, and set their preferred frequency.
Users receive periodic emails containing several views and a one-time login link to change the settings

Masquerade Userchoice

= Masquerade User Choice=

The Masquerade User Choice module expends the Masquerade module and now allows users to choose who can masquerade as them. This is done by editing account profile.

== Installation and Configuration ==

To install the Masquerade User Choice module, extract the module to your modules folder,
such as sites/all/modules. After enabling the module you will have to enable the permissions.

This module relies on the existing permissions for Masquerade and adds two new permisisons.


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