Bug reports are looked at; requested features may be implemented.

Simple entity merge D8

Simple module that adds a tab for entities that lets you chose a another entity of the same type and merge all the references to this entity to that other entity.

Only takes care of entity_reference fields and it doesn't process entities in batch so is not advised for large number of references.

Simple Styleguide

Simple styleguide.

Handsontable for YAML webform

This module allows both the Drupal Form API and the Drupal 8 Webforms module to use the Excel-like Handsontable library.


Utility module to prevent users from being able to use the browser history to display previously visited pages without refreshing them. Requires JS to work.

Browser compatibility: this has currently been tested on Safari 10, Firefox 50 and Chrome 55, but the main event it relies on should be available on all the most common versions of the major browsers.


Implement Tootle block.

Allows users to sell their cars by posting its data to Tootle.

Default Content Extras

Default Content Extra is a Drupal 8 only module that adds "extra", experimental
functionality to the Default Content for D8 module (but is not affiliated with the module other than it is a required dependency.)

Current features include:


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