Bug reports are looked at; requested features may be implemented.

Taxonomy Weights

Adds a weight column to the taxonomy index table, allowing nodes to be displayed in a specific order on a term-by-term basis.

Simple taxonomy menu

A simple menu module based on taxonomy that uses blocks to show menu's that can have multiple levels.

The main reason for this module is to give people an alternative who are having issues with taxonomy menu.
This module will keep the menu active when users are viewing nodes, that way they can keep track of where they are in the menu, this works for people browsing through the website and for people landing on a node directly.


Gocardless Direct Debits

Integrates Drupal 7 with Gocardless, direct debit payment system

Commerce Urbano

This module wil integrate Urbano Express shipping services into Drupal Commerce.


Commerce Etrans

This project will integrate etrans (area 54) shipping services into Drupal Commerce.



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