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Font Awesome CDN

The aim of this project is to provide a simple interface for site administrators to integrate the new Font Awesome CDN embed code, without the need to edit theme files or create custom modules.

Message Notify Slack integration

This module provides a notifier plugin for the Message Notify module, allowing the latter to send messages via Slack.

Style Guide Builder

This module allows an administrator to import and manage a custom style guide. It basically abuses core's menu system to provide its interface -- users manage elements in the menu tree and define style guide properties for each item (e.g. HTML, CSS, JS).

Facebook autopost content v5.5 SDK

Facebook autopost content v5.5 SDK

For this module you'll need a Facebook graph SDK v5.5
This module very easy to use.
1) Download facebook SDK v5.5
2) unzip it to folder "sites/all/libraries/php-graph-sdk-5.5"
3) Install and activate module in admin page
4) Go to module config page and fill fields : Facebook App ID, Facebook App secret, Your Facebook token for this facebook app, choose content type and check publish checkbox
5) Create content and you content body will post to facebook

Webform Accessible Validation

Webform is easy to use and has a bit of flexibility right out of the box. Though it's seriously lacking in the accessibility department especially in Drupal 7.

This is a simple module (so far); it disables the HTML5 validation on forms created with Webform, allowing the Drupal form validation to take over, then converts the validation errors in the error messages into anchors linked to their respective form elements.

Hoping to build on this and add features and support for more types of forms.


ConvertContacts provides a simple Drupal extension, enabling you to capture leads, understand your sources of leads, and respond to and manage those leads. The ConvertContacts Drupal extension adds the tracking software on all the pages of your website.

ConvertContacts is your secret weapon to help you finally know which of your marketing sources get you customers. Plus, it helps you turn more of your leads into customers with automated reminders and emails, giving you the edge on your competition.


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