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TimeBank is a Drupal module that create a small Time&Credit Exchange Community System (CES).

Scald Colorbox

Scald Colorbox is a simple image player for the Scald module.
It provides a lightbox (using the Colorbox module) for scald atom fields.

Heavily based on:


This module provides a page that allows users to invite themselves to your Slack team.

Configure the module at admin/config/slack_invite/slackinvitesettings.

Commerce PSiGate

Integrates the PSiGate XML payment gateway with Drupal Commerce.

Drupal.org Composer

This project provides an adaptor for modules hosted on drupal.org to the composer command line utility.

It is intended to be run on drupal.org infrastructure to provide a shim that can translate drupal modules, submodules and their drupal specific versioning scheme into something that can be consumed by the composer command line utility.

It aims to have API parity with packagist.org as far as the composer command line tool is concerned.



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