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Zoho SalesIQ

Integrates Zoho SalesIQ chat with your drupal site.


  • Register to an account on Zoho SalesIQ
  • Copy the embedname of your chat widget. Can find it here: https://salesiq.zoho.com/XXXXXX/index#setting/embedchats
  • Goto to the configuration page admin/config/development/zoho_salesiq and paste embed name.

Configuration options

With this module the following configuration options are available:


taxonomy geo formatter

Geocoder autocomplete provides an autocomplete widget for taxonomy via the Google Geocoder API. Save hierarchically like

Info plugins

This module provides ctools plugins for commont _info types of functionality. More to follow.

Instance Field

Instance Field allows you to reuse different field definitions in a content type multiple times and in any order. This is helpful for generic pages that have different field definitions and wants to combine and mix different orders and instances.



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