Elasticsearch Connector is a set of modules designed to build a full Elasticsearch eco system in Drupal.
It is using the official Elasticsearch PHP library. You can also view the github repo.
One of the biggest companies are using Elasticsearch for big data - check this out.
The ambitions of this module is to help Drupal handle big data at any kind and make it scalable.
You can find more about Elasticsearch here - http://www.elasticsearch.org

Versions info:

Drupal module Elasticsearch client Elasticsearch server
7.x-1.x 1.0+ 1.0+

Current implementations:

  • Elasticsearch Connector
    • The module responsible for handling cluster connection and cluster settings.
    • Supporting features module.
  • Elasticsearch Connector Devel
    • Exporting a Drupal block with query debug information.
  • Elasticsearch Watchdog
    • Logging all watchdog messages into Elasticsearch.
    • Freetext search in messages.
    • Facet filtering + additional filters on username and domain name.
    • Top 100 not found pages
    • Top 100 access denied pages
    • Automatic delete of old logs based on Elasticsearch TTL, no cronjob needed!
    • Delete logs by filter possibility
    • Possibility to collect watchdogs from other sites
  • Search API integration - Search API project page
  • Views integration - Views module
    • Selecting from any index and document type in cluster.
  • Elasticsearch Statistics
    • Logging the statistics asynchronous into Elasticsearch.
    • Recent hits page
    • Top pages
    • Top IP
    • Top visitors
    • Top referrers
    • Automatic delete of old logs based on Elasticsearch TTL, no cronjob needed!
    • Most viewed content block.
  • Sequence module
    • Helper module allowing you to generate auto increment IDs stored in elasticsearch.
    • Use elasticsearch_connector_sequence_get_next('your_sequence_id_key') to generate IDs.

The project depends on following modules:


Libraries installation

You have two ways to install the required libraries:

  • Install the Elasticsearch Connector Easy Install module packed with the project.


Drupal 8
The GSoC project integration with Elasticsearch, has been merged into Elasticsearch Connector module.

If you want to test the project, you can do it by installing it on Simplytest.me.
In "Advance options" you can add other projects like "Search API" and/or other dependencies.

Project Roadmap:

Initial development sponsored by:

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