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FFW is a digital agency focused on creating digital experience platforms that ensure our clients’ success, always moving forward at the speed of digital innovation.

For over 17 years, the world’s largest brands have relied on us to build accessible, creative, and user-friendly digital solutions that deliver results. We are more than 420 people across 12 countries, with a track record of over 1,000 digital solutions delivered since 2000.

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FFW was formerly Blink Reaction, Propeople, Bysted, Chainbizz & Geekpolis. FFW is a part of ICTA, together with River and ISBIT GAMES. ICTA AB (publ) is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm and employs 460 people in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, UK, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, USA, Brazil, and Vietnam.

Drupal contributions

As a Supporting Partner of the Drupal Association, FFW is a dedicated supporter of the Drupal community worldwide. FFW was a Diamond level sponsor of DrupalCon New Orleans in 2016, DrupalCon LA in 2015 and a past sponsor of cons in Dublin, Amsterdam, Austin, Portland, Prague, Paris, San Francisco, Copenhagen, and Chicago. FFW is also a Diamond Level Sponsor of the North American DrupalCon in Baltimore coming up in 2017, and a Gold Level Sponsor of DrupalCon Vienna in fall of 2017. We sponsor, help organize, and participate in community camps, summits, sprints and meet ups in the USA, Denmark, Great Britain, Ireland, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine Germany and more.

FFW employs a full-time Drupal 8 contributor and a community evangelist to manage free training and speak regularly on the benefits of Drupal and open source technologies. We have participated in every Global Drupal Training Day since 2012, and our training programs have helped introduce thousands to Drupal.

FFW developers receive Drupal community contribution training as part of their on-boarding and regularly contribute code to the community, as well as work on core issues.

We are the lead contributor to the Console project, a module generator and scaffolding system that leverages the Symfony Console Component to provide a CLI tool to help automate and strengthen Drupal 8 coding standards. (

If you are not already a member of the Drupal Association, we hope you will consider joining by visiting

Modules developed and/or maintained:

Annotatable Image, 
Apache Solr Exclude Node, 
Apache Solr Views
, Bean WYSIWY, G
Blog API
, Cloudwords
, Commerce Datacash
, Commerce Coupon Free Shipping, 
CTools Custom Link
, CTools plugins
, DIBS Payment Gateway API
, Domain Access Alt
, Domain Location-Distance-Matrix
, DraggableViews
, Drupal Firewall
, Elasticsearch Connector
Feeds Database, 
Feeds HTTP, Fetcher Append Headers, 
Field Collection Group
, Form Default Button
, Fuse Media Management
, GMap Image Field
, GMap Module
, Hook Priority
, Image Base64 Formatter
, Lime CRM, 
Linkit picker
, Linkit picker solr
, Location
, Media 23Video Auth
, Media 23video
, Media Webform
, Menu Slice
, Node Access Password
, Node Convert, 
Nodequeue Dialog, ‎
Nodequeue Reference, 
OAuth 23Video, 
oEmbed Provider Embed Code
, Open Graph Importer
, OpenERP <-> Drupal Syncronization Feeds
, Panels Style Collapsible, 
, Queue API, 
RabbitMQ Logs, 
Ready To GO, 
Relative Path to Absolute URLs, 
SalesForce Pusher, 
, Selenium, 
, Services Guzzle
, Services Views
, Spam Detect
, Style Stripper
, Symfony
, Ubercart Auction, 
Ukrainian Stemmer
, Ukrainian Translation
, User Email Verification
, Watchdog Console.Log
, Working Hours
, Zenophile
, Zentropy
, Auto archiver

Commits to modules:

Advanced Forum
, ApacheSolr Workbench Moderation, 
CRM Core
, Drupal Module Upgrader
, Feeds
, Frequently Asked Questions, 
GMO Payment Gateway
, Image, Field Assist
Media Library
, pgapi - Payment Gateway API
, Select Translation
, SMTP Authentication Support
, Views Nivo Slider
, Yandex Webmaster

Contributions to core:

  • Core commits for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8
Drupal patches to Drupal core through the project

Projects supported:

CTools API, Panelizer Layout Thumbnails, Bypass comment review, Media Vimeo Uploader, SVG Infographics, Ctools content type contextual links, Panels Cache Expiration, FileInfo MIME, Asymmetric crypt algorithm (gnupg), NetX,SQL Storage cleanup, FPP Bundles (Fieldable Panels Panes UI), DrupalCamp Ukraine CodeSprints, UUID sync fetcher, Queue API, SalesForce pusher, Domain Setup, Social Profile Field, Views Nivo Slider, Advanced Forum, Content To Block, youtube nodes, DB Track, VoiceCommander, Quick edit node title, FormAssembly, Query coder, Tracking Code, Flag, Flag Friend and Console.

Projects supported

Entity Language Fallback, API Key manager, Tango Card, Open Y Digital Signage , Search API Proximity, Maxlength Soft, Webform Help Text, Webform SugarCRM Integration, Domain Extra, Workbench Preview All, CKEditor Bootstrap Glyphicon, CKEditor Color Dialog, Feeds Spreadsheet, Panels Pane region restriction, Upgrade tool, PrevNext block, Migrate social networks, Group content field, Cache Control Override, Watchdog File 8, Address USPS Validation Widget, Ethnio, Newsletter2Go [D8], Packages, Rel content, Search API Synonym, Search API Bundle Boost, drupal_add_js, uuid_fix_duplicates, Codice Fiscale, Commerce SoftBank Payment Service, Fake Path Alias, Bandsintown, Language HTTP header, stats, Search API Best Bets, Config Importer and Tools, Webforms, Search API Exclude Entity, Linkit References, gist-embed, Address Field Lookup, Brekpoints class, Deploy Plus, Panel pages internationalization via clone and redirect handlers ( i18n_pc ), Data integrity checker, Theme-color meta tag, Bypass comment review, Webform conditional values, DrupalAuth for SimpleSAMLphp, Media Vimeo Uploader, DB Track, Panels Cache Expiration, Asymmetric crypt algorithm (gnupg), NetX, SQL Storage cleanup, VoiceCommander, Drupal Ukraine Community Activities, UUID sync fetcher, Polymer API, Web Components API, SalesForce pusher, Domain Setup, Console, Kint, Feeds HTTPFetcher Append Headers, Pathauto i18n, PP Profile, Query coder, Nodequeue reference, Apache Solr Exclude Node, Social Profile Field, Panels Style Collapsible, Commerce Adyen, Views Nivo Slider, Style Stripper, Active menus, Advanced Forum

Credited on 46 issues fixed in the past 3 months


FFW is a premiere provider of enterprise Drupal services to Fortune 1000 companies around the globe. Our learning services program is led by veteran Drupalists with expertise in education and training. We are proud to offer free training through the FFW Center of Excellence, Global Drupal Training Days, and at Drupal Camps.

Private training clients include NBC Sports, Pfizer, TimeWarner, the Golf Channel, Olympus, Deloitte, MIT, the United Nations, ING Investment, Princeton University, Acquia, the US Chamber of Commerce, Scholastic, the University of Texas at Austin, University of Connecticut, Central Vermont Medical Center, Columbia University Medical Center, the 9/11 Memorial, and many others.

FFW is an official Acquia Training Partner and an Acquia Enterprise Select Partner.