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All versions since alpha10 are compatible with the search api stable release.


The Facet module allows site builders to easily create and manage faceted search interfaces. In addition to the UI components that come out of the box, themers and module developers can build their own widgets that can optionally be contributed back to Facet API works with Drupal Core Search and Search API, meaning that code and configuration can be reused as-is with the most popular search solutions available to Drupal.

Facets is a Drupal 8 and above only solution. Please see Facet API for a Drupal 7 solution.

How to Contribute

Want to create your own extension module? Post a link to your project against the appropriate issue to eliminate duplication of effort, and make sure to search for other modules that are already integrating with facets. We have a section in the README.txt for extension modules.

Not a coder? Excellent!! We need your help to find use cases and interesting search interfaces that this module should strive to achieve. Post a feature request to the issue queue with a screenshot and detailed explanation of the desired functionality.


The architecture of this module is a complete rewrite of the drupal 7 Facet API module with concepts inspired by search api (such as the processors).
The Drupal 8 version was inspired by the functionality of Facet API (Drupal 7) and the facetapi_bonus (Drupal 7) project.

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