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Consulting, Data migration, Performance Tuning and Optimization, Quality Assurance, Security reviews, Site Audits
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Cameroon, France
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OSInet is a training and consulting firm, specialized in audit and consulting on performance and security issues for Drupal sites.

We work for site implementors, be they site owners or web agencies working for them, from the requirements stage, through development, to release, and most often after release.

Most of our business is about expertise services for actual site developers, like software and hardware architecture, performance tuning, security review, etc, rather than actual site delivery, but we will often create specific limited functionality, like migration from or access to legacy data sources, web services or non-PHP code, mostly Google Go (Golang), JavasScript (Node.JS), C/C++, Cobol, Python or REXX.

We train developers, advise and lead development teams for technical choices in code and site architecture, perform code reviews, audits, and sometimes act as an arbiter providing unbiased expert review when disagreements arise between site owner and agency.

Drupal contributions

fgm is the core maintainer for XML-RPC in Drupal 7, and a References maintainer.

yched, an impermanent OSInetian, is a core maintainer for Field API, and CCK maintainer.

Current and past members contributed various other modules and many patches to core and modules by others, notably Devel and Views.

OSInet regularly provides free Drupal training sessions and takes part in code sprints, be they standalone (Drupal Commerce for D8, RDF in core for D7), during DrupalDevDays (Milan, Montpellier, Szeged, Dublin, Barcelona, Munich, Brussels), Drupalcamps (Lyon, Nantes, Yaoundé), or Drupalcon (Dublin, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Prague, Munich, Denver, London, Chicago, Copenhagen, Paris), and maintained the official jobs site for the french Drupal Association for several years.

OSInet has been a regular sponsor of Drupal events since 2008: recently the code sprints at DrupalCon Prague and Munich, DrupalDevDays Szeged, Dublin, Barcelona, DrupalCon London, Drupalcamp Nantes, DrupalDevDays Munich, and DrupalCon Paris and Copenhagen.

We bootstrapped the Cameroon community by organizing the first DrupalCamp in Yaoundé in June 2011.

Projects supported

Kafka, xmlrpc, Development, MongoDB, Classified Ads, Zeitgeist, Admin RSS, G2 Glossary, Taxonews

Credited on 5 issues fixed in the past 3 months


OSInet is a registered french training institution (Centre de Formation Professionnelle), specialized in Drupal and tangentially related technologies, including MongoDB, PHP (Doctrine, Monolog, Silex, Symfony2), Go / Golang (Beego), JavaScript (Node.JS, Meteor.JS) and other FLOSS tools.