#D7CX pledge upheld: Zeitgeist received a full Drupal 7 release on the day that Drupal 7 was released.


This is a module implementing history functions for search. It includes configurable "Latest" and "Top" search blocks and page reports over calendar date ranges, and its API provides frequency reporting on searches over various calendar-based time periods e.g., "last quarter" instead of "the last 90 days".

The basic search logging mechanism in present in core in Drupal 7 and 8, hence the lack of a port for these versions.

It was originally developed as an answer to issue #39267: Add a "recent searches" block for which the initially suggested solutions weren't seen as generally good. Although this functionailty exists in Drupal 7, Zeitgeist still does more than core, notably regarding Views integration and calendar-based reporting instead of raw timestamp-based time spans.

Safety warning

It is generally not a good idea to activate the Zeitgest latest searches block for public display, as it can be used to display inappropriate content just by searching for it.

If you turn it on, you should exclude search from spidering in your robots.txt to avoid your site being picked up by them on searches.


  • 2016-08-24: Final 6.x-1.0 stable release.
  • 2013-06: Version 7.x-1.2 available. Upgraders: notice that 7.x-1.2 versions now need XAutoload and Views: add them to your site before updating.
  • 2011-01-05: First stable release for DRUPAL-7--1-0.
  • 2010-12-31: End of life for DRUPAL-5 branch: if you are actually using ZG on D5 and do not want to upgrade, please open a support issue.
  • 2010-11-20: First DRUPAL-7--1 version, for Drupal 7 Beta 3
  • 2010-08-29: big code size reduction for DRUPAL-6-1 branch.
  • 2009-07-05: Views integration for DRUPAL-6--1 branch
  • 2008-08-05: new and FINAL 4.7.x-1.1 version for DRUPAL-4-7.
  • 2007-08-25: First DRUPAL-6--1 version


See the Zeitgeist lifecycle page off-site. In addition to community support here on drupal.org, Professional support is available from OSInet for this module.

Contributing / documentation

The module is available directly on Drupal.org: the Zeitgeist wiki only contains documentation.

Quality-wise, submitted patches must minimize coder_review and phpmd warnings. They should include tests.

Supporting organizations: 
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