MongoDB integration for Drupal. This is a collection of several modules which allow sites to store different types of Drupal data in MongoDB.

D7 Views integration provided by EntityFieldQuery Views Backend.

Module D6 D7 D8(1.x) D8(2.x) Description
mongodb_cache Store cache in MongoDB.
mongodb_field_storage Store fields in MongoDB.
mongodb_session Store sessions in MongoDB.
mongodb_watchdog Store watchdog messages in MongoDB.
Includes Top 403/Top 404 reports as in dblog
mongodb_block Store block information in MongoDB. Very close to the core block API.
mongodb_queue DrupalQueueInterface implementation using MongoDB.
mongodb Support library for the other modules. In 8x-1.x, it includes support for Flood, Key/Value, Route.

To use the components marked with a warning sign for D6, refer to the
"Hidden features" in the module README. Note that D6 is no longer supported
since Drupal 6 core is obsolete.

Drupal 8

Branch 8.x-1.x: No SQL 8.x-2.x: Not only SQL
Goals Full No SQL Drupal NoSQL services on standard Drupal
Implemented ?
  • Driver
  • Logger (watchdog)
Drupal core Commit 9b4dd5
between 8.0.0-beta9 and beta10
8.1.x / 8.2.x
PHP 5.4.5 to 5.6.* 7.0.*
MongoDB extension mongo mongodb ≥ 1.1.7
Development (issues)
Development (code) Github
Current status
  • Seeking new maintainer
  • No further development
  • Seeking co-maintainer(s)
  • Under active development

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Supporting organizations: 
Sponsored the D8 (8.x-1.x) port
Maintains the Watchdog (logger) component since D6.

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