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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Numiko is a digital media agency working with leading entertainment companies, world famous brands and not for profit organisations. Our work is firmly focused on a user centred approach to digital media strategy and creation, including websites, platforms, tools, applications and ‘content experiences’ that help engage audiences.

Our strong track record of designing entertaining content experiences see us being regularly tasked by companies such as the BBC, Channel 4, WaterAid, BlueCross and the Goldsmith University of London, to create projects that truly engage their online audiences. Our innovative approach has been awarded by New Media Age, Revolution, Content360 in Cannes and the Insider Digital Awards.

We combine our knowledge of creative, interactive technologies and, importantly for us and our clients, our understanding of how and why people use them. Armed with this knowledge we design services that users find rewarding and love using.

We treat our relationships with our clients as partnerships, and work very collaboratively, discussing, challenging findings and often inspiring consensus across stakeholders as necessary.

Our ideas are successful because of our sharp thinking, commercial acumen and our cultural understanding of what works on the web, all underpinned by brilliant creative and rock solid technology. We work with our clients on a wide range of projects, from huge content-managed websites for broadcasters such as the BBC and Channel 4 through to digital marketing initiatives for some of the world’s leading brands.

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Structured Data, Entity Reference Revisions Context, Date Recur Status, Ajax Webform, Image Twig Extension, Menu Block View Modes, Node Boolean, View Display Entity Reference, Date Recur Field (repeating dates), Internal Link Alias, Zuzu, User Import Entity Reference, User Import Date, Slices, Webform Replay

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