Webform component replay option

Webform Replay extends the excellent Webform module by adding an option to "replay" selected webform components.

This module is ideal for situations where multiple webform submissions per user are allowed, and some of that information is likely to be repeated on each submission.

For example, a field for the user's name is almost certain to be the same for each entry. The user's address is another field that could reasonably be expected to change only occasionally.

By enabling Webform Replay for these fields, the user need only complete them for the initial webform submission. On subsequent entries, these fields will be pre-populated with the values from the previous submission.

Webform Replay only works for authenticated users. No cookies or other information is stored client-side in order to pre-fill the submission fields.


Install as usual, see http://drupal.org/node/895232 for further information.


On the Webform Replay configuration page (admin/config/content/webform-replay),
select the webform components that you would like to be available for replay.
The edit form for these components will now contain a "Replay component"
checkbox which, when checked, will prefill the component with the value from
the current user's previous submission - if one exists.


Obviously this module depends on the Webform module.

Similar Modules

  • Webform Default Fields - This module provides default values for new webforms. The Webform Replay module repeats selected values for submissions
  • Webform prefill - This module provides very similar functionality, however Webform Replay has several advantages such as:
    • No dependency on Javascript - Webform Prefill depends on jQuery Update and of course JS being enabled and the browser session store not being blocked.
    • Webform Replay allows you to select which component type and individual fields are to be pre-filled with previous submission values.
    • One copy of attached files.
    • Persists across sessions.


This module was developed and tested against Webform 7.x-4-x
Please let me know if you have success, or otherwise with other versions.

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