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SA-CONTRIB-2014-054 - Views - Access Bypass

Changes since 7.x-3.7:

  • #102688 by tim.plunkett, dawehner: Use a proper reference for get_handlers
  • #2096013 by kalman.hosszu | mgifford: Issue Tag labels have problems in issue queue search.
  • #1055616 by johnv, Dmitriy.trt, tomgf, ygerasimov, dawehner, zipymonkey, citlacom, tim.plunkett, vaartio, hefox: Query arguments should be replaced before generating cache ID.
  • Add an area handler to display drupal_set_messages
  • #1905132 by kalman.hosszu: Add another date format: Time ago (with "ago" appended) for today date, but not to other dates.
  • #1428784 by joachim: Document field data hooks: hook_field_views_data[_alter](), hook_field_views_data_views_data_alter().
  • #1414068 by valderama, nickkwest, tim.plunkett, swentel | hawkeye217: Fix PHP warnings when a View path 404/3's.
  • #1807808 by jtwalters: Profile date fields are incorrectly rendered by views field handler.
  • #1885668 by dawehner | jason.fisher: Slow saving of views and site lockups.
  • #1787072 by bigjim: Maintain Views Join condition counter in Views object.
  • #1810148 by erikwebb, tanc | drupalninja: Grouped exposed taxonomy term filters do not work.
  • #2096447 by rollsd, skwashd, Darren Oh, dfranca: Exposed grouped filters cause warnings/notices when imported.
  • #1651726 by Stevel, TuWebO, Volx, dawehner, guillaumev: Use entity_label instead of term name for term reference exposed filters.
  • #2132773 by Don't add term_access() tag if SQL rewriting off.
  • #1845268 by Pol, d.clarke: Fixed Jump menu default value incorrectly set when using absolute link option.
  • #1461536 by David_Rothstein: Fixed Fatal error when using aggregation and a field is not attached to all entities in the view.
  • #1511396 by das-peter, grahl, Tharna, tom friedhof, aidanlis, Volx, pfrenssen | dema502: Fixed php 5.4 and 'Notice: Array to string conversion'.
  • #1944674 by damiankloip, Berdir, dawehner: Improve performance of ViewsDataCache.
  • #2006560 by jhodgdon: Fixed The boolean string filter doesn't result in correct where clause.
  • #699252 by infojunkie, rudiedirkx, dawehner | merlinofchaos: Added Create a method of filtering one field by its relation to another field.
  • #2010498 by kalman.hosszu: Fixed views_element_validate_integer() doesn't check positive value.
  • #903466 by elly, jwilson3, theo_, das-peter: Fixed Undefined index: in views_plugin_pager_full().
  • #1791970 by marvil07, dww, drumm: Fixed Optionally detect tar.* as extension instead of * on views file extension field handler.
  • #1333932 by flightrisk, Pedro Lozano, thedavidmeister: Fixed Sorting in table doesn't work when sort criteria is exposed.
  • #2007474 by merlinofchaos: Added Make it easy to refresh a view.
  • #1974208 by hass, Cyberschorsch: Fixed Rename 'Cancel' to 'Cancel account' to help translators.
  • #1754378 by haydeniv | csero: Fixed Exposed form options - Text on demand does not show.
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