Setting up cron

Setting up cron for Drupal


Setting up cron is an important step in the installation of the website and assists in the maintenance of the site's assets for search

Configuring cron jobs using the cron command

Cron is a daemon that executes commands at specified intervals. These commands are called "cron jobs." Cron is available on Unix, Linux and

Running cron manually

To run cron manually in Drupal 7

Multisite cron

Sites that make use of Drupal's multisite feature need to take extra steps to ensure that each site gets its cron run, rather than just the

Troubleshooting cron

Various things can keep cron from doing its job on your Drupal site. If your Status report (admin/reports/status) indicates that cron hasn't

Configuring cron without wget, lynx, or curl commands

Some of you might have trouble getting lynx or wget to work. This may be the case if "localhost" is not permitted.

Configuring cron jobs with DreamHost

On DreamHost you can configure cron jobs using either the web panel or the shell.

Configuring cron jobs with MAMP localhost

These are instructions for setting up a cron job on your localhost using MAMP on a Mac.

Configuring cron jobs with Mac OS X Server 10.5.x and later

Drupal documentation refers to running cron jobs periodically. But OS X Server (at least Leopard Server) has a kernel bug that results in a

Configuring cron jobs with Media Temple Grid (gs) and DV servers

Through my experience and to my knowledge, cron jobs on Media Temple's Grid Servers must be run via an .sh file in the "/scripts"

Configuring cron jobs with Network Solutions

Network Solutions , has a unique and complicated setup that tends to cause problems and confusion for Drupal developers. Setting up a cron

Configuring cron jobs with Rackspace Cloud Sites

Setting up a cron job on Rackspace Cloud Sites is a straight forward process and can be set up any number of ways.

Configuring cron jobs with Virtualmin and Webmin


Configuring cron jobs with Windows

To setup a Windows machine to run cron.php at a specific time follow the specific instructions below. This can be useful if you are not

Configuring cron jobs with cPanel

cPanel controls domains and has an option to configure cron jobs. Here is everything you need to configure cron jobs in cPanel.

Configuring cron jobs with hosteurope

Setting up a cronjob at hosteurope

Configuring cron jobs with ixWebHosting

Login to the control panel at

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