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IssueRevision user not set when saving media seanB1036 sec ago
Releasesendgrid_newsletter 7.x-1.7 arthur.baghdasar044 sec ago
Releasesendgrid_newsletter 7.x-1.6 arthur.baghdasar044 sec ago
Releasesendgrid_newsletter 7.x-1.x-dev arthur.baghdasar044 sec ago
Module projectEmbedded Node Form API GuyPaddock01 min 17 sec ago
IssueProvide screen-reader feedback when Views UI filterable options are updated andrewmacpherson291 min 30 sec ago
IssuePort to Drupal 8 Aron Novak72 min 36 sec ago
IssueAdd per-bundle creation permissions form media. seanB203 min 40 sec ago
IssueSearch dosen't work when german Umlauts (äüö) are within words aslof29 min 39 sec ago
Issuecomposer.json does not prevent upgrading Symfony components to minor versions that do not work with Drupal nerdstein3310 min 5 sec ago
Releasesendgrid_newsletter 7.x-1.5 arthur.baghdasar010 min 43 sec ago
Releaseuikit_blog 8.x-2.x-dev Richard Buchanan010 min 43 sec ago
Releaseuikit 8.x-2.x-dev Richard Buchanan010 min 43 sec ago
IssueSmart Layout API support tonystar414 min 46 sec ago
Releaseembed_node_form 7.x-1.x-dev GuyPaddock015 min 44 sec ago
IssueReduce animation delays Bojhan4116 min 10 sec ago
Issue[owlcarousel] Owl Carousel legaudinier1217 min 1 sec ago
IssueD7 Plain text fields incorrectly migrated to D8 as Text (formatted) jeffwpetersen10517 min 2 sec ago
IssueQuick Editing a Text Area includes Label in text body after save TrevorBradley218 min 3 sec ago
Forum topicHow can I clone a content type in Drupal 7? MrSasquatch3219 min 10 sec ago
IssueFix description in the module openy_node_session sanyok_medved519 min 47 sec ago
IssueBoolean fields not supported Tonytosta320 min 39 sec ago
IssueSolr Index breaks once server is switched iaminawe223 min 15 sec ago
IssueFix descriptions in the module openy_node_category anprok624 min 46 sec ago
IssueSnippet result has HTML tags included Hishamz227 min 5 sec ago