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IssuePlaceholder valorization missing in the required message for datelist form element itamair34 hours 8 min ago
IssueWhen overriding a library via libraries-override that is already overridden, you need to use the full path from DRUPAL_ROOT hass244 hours 9 min ago
IssueExcluding wysigyg selectors from ajax_html_ids list adds all other ids MariaIoann64 hours 9 min ago
Releasesimple_fb_connect 8.x-3.x-dev masipila04 hours 10 min ago
IssueLogin not allowed if user has any role mian301084 hours 10 min ago
IssueDuo Clone! matts_duosec14 hours 13 min ago
IssueThe Twitch channel ID is invalid or the channel does not longer exist. TD4424 hours 14 min ago
Forum topichtaccess: where is the authoritative resource? ptocco14 hours 18 min ago
Forum topicReg: Too Many DB Connections on API Call balajiii14 hours 18 min ago
IssueAsk again for email permission when denied by user francoisb134 hours 24 min ago
IssueComposer dist problem - with chosen composer.json (false github auth problem) thebruce304 hours 27 min ago
IssueAdd a 'disabled' section to config changes page when removing config Lendude94 hours 29 min ago
IssueDrupal 8 proposed version of the Geofield Gmap module itamair44 hours 33 min ago
IssueRemove batched field purge from core, it's obsolete, buggy and dangerous chx104 hours 36 min ago
IssueImage fields and Yoast SEO Karin Tempelaar54 hours 39 min ago
IssueModule dependence miltondiaz34 hours 44 min ago
IssueRandom fail in testEntityReferenceAutocompleteWidget with Postgres mikeryan154 hours 49 min ago
IssueDownloaded files have their original filename lost LpSolit24 hours 50 min ago
IssueDocumentation: Add reminder to disable Commerce Rule anneeasterling24 hours 50 min ago
Issuefield_group configuration in features gets overridden on panopoly 1.41 update miromarchi14 hours 51 min ago
IssueWriting a feature ignores the language the features config files are in weseze44 hours 54 min ago
IssueForgetting comment base fields 'entity_type', 'entity_id' and 'field_name' leads to impossible to debug error responses due to CommentStatistics::update() and CommentNameConstraintValidator Wim Leers184 hours 56 min ago
IssueImage caption using wysiwig/ckeditor inside a wysiwyg/ckeditor field Seb.R24 hours 58 min ago
Releaseyamlform 8.x-1.x-dev jrockowitz05 hours 8 sec ago
IssueHow to organize a view giuvax15 hours 11 sec ago