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IssueParse error before installation on PHP 5.3.29 instead of message about higher PHP version required gumol51 hour 42 sec ago
Releasesimple_sitemap 8.x-1.x-dev gbyte.co01 hour 1 min ago
Releaseacquia_connector 8.x-1.x-dev irek0201 hour 1 min ago
IssueArbitrarily change the title of this issue and make legolasbo a maintainer JulienD121 hour 3 min ago
Module projectBetter Node Menu openupmedia01 hour 3 min ago
Forum topic("Online")@@ 1..800…860..9230 @@QuickBooks number....Quickbooks customer help support number____Quickbooks phone number@@$@$ cruzeroy0901 hour 5 min ago
IssueConvert the country and locale resolvers to return value objects bojanz51 hour 5 min ago
IssueAllow passing contexts to display variants (to enable Panels Everywhere to use static context and relationships) dsnopek381 hour 5 min ago
IssueRemove usages of conf_path() sidharrell471 hour 5 min ago
IssueAdd a product_type property/checkbox saying digital jbekker51 hour 5 min ago
IssueRequest for 'confirmed' role adarshzolipe41 hour 6 min ago
IssueMenu links: PDOException caused by unresolved parent_identifier FreekVR71 hour 6 min ago
Releaserestful 7.x-2.x-dev e0ipso01 hour 6 min ago
Releasesimplenews 8.x-1.x-dev Berdir01 hour 6 min ago
Releasebasic_webmail 7.x-2.x-dev oadaeh01 hour 6 min ago
IssueStep 2: Create a JavaScriptTestBase using PhantomJs Driver/Binary larowlan291 hour 7 min ago
Forum topicpassing dynamic variables to blocks megaman771 hour 7 min ago
IssueFront Page is not empty - Drupal 8.0.x aneek61 hour 7 min ago
IssueMove the cron form to a status report item, then link to the form if automated cron is enabled YesCT121 hour 9 min ago
IssueDrop SubscriberFormBase email validation, add test Arla201 hour 9 min ago
Releasesession_node_access 7.x-1.x-dev gbyte.co01 hour 11 min ago
Releaseraw_formatter 8.x-1.x-dev heykarthikwithu01 hour 11 min ago
IssueEditing a migrated D6 comment throws a warning if the content type doesn't have a comments field anavarre21 hour 13 min ago
IssueMigrating d6_comment throws a bunch of SQLSTATE errors anavarre41 hour 13 min ago
IssueNotice: Undefined index: date in date_text_element_process() laboratory.mike91 hour 14 min ago