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IssueGrant Ayesh the "Git administrator" user role klausi11 hour 11 min ago
IssueCanceled registrations count towards event count (so you can hit capacity early!) dsnopek11 hour 11 min ago
Module projectSlick views gausarts01 hour 11 min ago
IssueHTML attributes are stripped from the Unflag not allowed text kopeboy21 hour 13 min ago
Releaseslick_views 7.x-2.0-beta1 gausarts01 hour 14 min ago
Releaseftg 7.x-1.2 slv_01 hour 14 min ago
Releaseslick_views 7.x-2.x-dev gausarts01 hour 14 min ago
Releaseftg 7.x-1.1 slv_01 hour 14 min ago
Releasecacheflush 7.x-3.x-dev balintcsaba01 hour 14 min ago
Releasecollect 8.x-1.x-dev corvus_ch01 hour 14 min ago
Releaselightning_features 7.x-1.x-dev brantwynn01 hour 14 min ago
Releasedrupal 8.0.x-dev drumm01 hour 14 min ago
IssueMake ViewsForm stop marking itself as needing to be cached Wim Leers281 hour 14 min ago
IssueImplement hook_permission kevinquillen11 hour 14 min ago
IssueRemove any un-used external dependencies webchick101 hour 16 min ago
IssueAdd condition to ignore PHP 7 on rest requirements check sasanikolic151 hour 16 min ago
Forum topica weird problem with drupal 7 vladimirkomarek201 hour 16 min ago
IssueRelocate module router item kevinquillen31 hour 17 min ago
Issue[D7] NVD3 Visualisations drupal_bn4f151 hour 17 min ago
IssueEnsure #markup is XSS escaped in Renderer::doRender() joelpittet2251 hour 18 min ago
IssueAdd a [current-page:object:?] dynamic token Dave Reid161 hour 18 min ago
IssueCart Disappears digitalexperts01 hour 19 min ago
IssueCauses a page reload when message is displayed after an ajax callback aaronbauman21 hour 19 min ago
IssueExtra space when using "inline" and separator on fields. Reg41 hour 19 min ago
IssueRegression test coverage: integration test for an uncacheable menu link that depends on session data andypost171 hour 19 min ago