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IssueAdd Unit tests for comment action plugins naveenvalecha1546 min 5 sec ago
IssueFix coding style to meet Drupal standards naveenvalecha646 min 7 sec ago
IssueAllow instantiating Attribute objects within Twig Cottser1346 min 53 sec ago
Issue[regression] Display Options doesn't allow to have none. littlethoughts1146 min 54 sec ago
Issuedatetime_wrapper improperly applied to DateTimeWidgetBase mpdonadio1048 min 12 sec ago
IssueReview BOLD Internacional for Drupal Services listing saidatom248 min 30 sec ago
Issueclarify the meaning and purpose of the different widget types joachim749 min 38 sec ago
OrganizationBOLD International saidatom049 min 41 sec ago
IssueOffset the html anchor to adjust for Toolbar ckrina750 min 58 sec ago
Module projectCKE Placeholder kristougher051 min 5 sec ago
IssueIFrame using short-hand jcord04851 min 8 sec ago
IssueUsage by other modules Steven Jones451 min 52 sec ago
Issueformat_plural returns a plural value for a negative singular elky1352 min 8 sec ago
IssueSpaces in number input field's thousand separator are not escaped during validation Pawlus352 min 27 sec ago
IssueRedesign the status report page yoroy29252 min 35 sec ago
IssueAdd support for multiple sources Rick J452 min 36 sec ago
IssueFound and fixed bug in code that checks Braintree hashed value visuaLatte2952 min 59 sec ago
IssueNot able to create stable release hardik.p353 min 2 sec ago
IssueConvert '_none' option to a constant dashaforbes5453 min 5 sec ago
IssueAllow single scalar value in EntityReferenceRevisions data type plugin hctom2353 min 8 sec ago
Issue[policy, no patch] Decide on browser support matrix catch2753 min 20 sec ago
IssueRaw value tokens not replaced if used in css class Alex Savin8653 min 49 sec ago
IssueMigrate Drupal 7 core node translations to Drupal 8 quietone3455 min 9 sec ago
IssueRemove static caching of array in mapConditionOperator() c9606571055 min 56 sec ago
IssueConflict with workbench moderation. dman356 min 6 sec ago