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IssueRefactor \Drupal\rest\RequestHandler::handle into smaller methods e0ipso51 hour 49 min ago
IssueAllow more than one parent by node juagarc4231 hour 49 min ago
Releasesms_txtlocal 7.x-1.x-dev makbul_khan801 hour 50 min ago
Releasetitle_textarea 7.x-1.1 Jelle_S01 hour 50 min ago
Releasetitle_textarea 7.x-1.0 Jelle_S01 hour 50 min ago
Releasetitle_textarea 7.x-1.x-dev Jelle_S01 hour 50 min ago
Releasedrupal 8.2.x-dev catch01 hour 50 min ago
Releasetaxonomy_et_helper 7.x-1.x-dev thePanz01 hour 50 min ago
Releasefivestar 7.x-2.x-dev ezra-g01 hour 50 min ago
IssueNotice: Undefined property: stdClass::$title in fivestar_expand() (line 590 of fivestar.module). sammuell81 hour 50 min ago
Issueadd Views reverse relationships from entities to Group Content joachim141 hour 52 min ago
Issue[D7] Meet Our Team madan879371 hour 52 min ago
IssueCKEditor resize not supported in touch devices Jeff Burnz31 hour 53 min ago
IssueUse link field widget in custom form jgalletta21 hour 53 min ago
IssueProvide an entity class for each of the Drupal Commerce entities. mglaman101 hour 54 min ago
IssueUpdate profile for 8.0.6 core release loopduplicate81 hour 54 min ago
IssueAlter payload and target logaritmisk81 hour 54 min ago
Issue[D8] Seo Keyword Links leandro71361 hour 54 min ago
IssueDiscouraged processors should not be removed from the UI if they're enabled drunken monkey21 hour 55 min ago
IssueNot allowing other modules to execute hook_user_logout() hitesh-jain11 hour 56 min ago
IssueAd Expiry not working sk201361 hour 56 min ago
IssueMissing Bootstrap: 4 - 4 - 4 stacked Weka31 hour 58 min ago
IssueResource plugin manager needlessly calls wrong method to instantiate plugins kylebrowning351 hour 58 min ago
IssueAny progress on this module? bmunslow21 hour 58 min ago
Module projectEpub shenzhuxi01 hour 59 min ago