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Issue[meta] Themes improperly check renderable arrays when determining visibility EclipseGc2834 hours 35 min ago
IssueUpgrade Drupal core to 7.43 (7.x-2.x) kim.pepper34 hours 36 min ago
IssueHow to create custom layouts Swebmas14 hours 36 min ago
IssueHow to install via Composer? maxq1044 hours 37 min ago
IssuePort Mail Editor to Drupal 8 salvis104 hours 39 min ago
Releaseuser_mailman_register 7.x-3.x-dev rjlang04 hours 40 min ago
IssueAllow administrators to administer subscribers of hidden newsletters rooby24 hours 40 min ago
IssueUpdate status should indicate security coverage hestenet614 hours 41 min ago
IssueAdd support for entity id tokens during creation bforchhammer394 hours 43 min ago
IssueThe watchdog level of an exception being caught after login_history_get_device_id_from_cookie is too extreme goose200064 hours 44 min ago
IssueRequest for 'confirmed' user role khoomy24 hours 44 min ago
Issue'Please select at least one item' - after upgrading to 7.x-3.4 bruceshort384 hours 45 min ago
IssueCannot read property 'top' of undefined in contextual.js thiagomoraesp14 hours 45 min ago
Releasepki_ra 8.x-1.0-alpha1 colan04 hours 45 min ago
Releaseuikit 7.x-2.0-rc1 Richard Buchanan04 hours 45 min ago
Releaseuikit 7.x-2.0-beta2 Richard Buchanan04 hours 45 min ago
Releaselogin_history 7.x-1.x-dev bocaj04 hours 45 min ago
IssueOffering to maintain printable NigelCunningham74 hours 46 min ago
IssueSupport Profile2 logicalor84 hours 46 min ago
IssueAllow other modules to help decide if this is a new or old login greggles54 hours 47 min ago
IssueNo link template 'canonical' found for the 'entity_subqueue' entity type sassafrass34 hours 47 min ago
IssueAdd select field to choose moderation state on entity forms tkoleary814 hours 49 min ago
Forum topicDrupal Commerce, Dealing with accounting reporting and refunds destinationsound24 hours 51 min ago
IssueRemove units from line-height values. James.Mejia14 hours 53 min ago
IssueImprove look of navigation for User Guide jhodgdon404 hours 53 min ago