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IssueRefactor facet source interface to use the core PluginFormInterface StryKaizer82 hours 6 min ago
IssueComplexDataDefinition::getPropertyDefinitions() needs to modify $this->propertyDefinitions Arla132 hours 7 min ago
IssueReplace deprecated usage of entity_create('field_storage_config') with a direct call to FieldStorageConfig::create() Mac_Weber162 hours 7 min ago
IssueDrupal 8 version SkidNCrashwell12 hours 8 min ago
IssueDisable caching for development ziodave12 hours 8 min ago
Releasearte_opa 7.x-1.5 pvhee02 hours 12 min ago
Releasearte_opa 7.x-1.4 pvhee02 hours 12 min ago
Issue[commerce_ups] Commerce UPS darol10012 hours 14 min ago
Issuefilter_default_format is broken with negative weight dame12 hours 16 min ago
IssueCopy library from search api into facets. borisson_62 hours 16 min ago
IssueUse views getpath method instead of using getoption. borisson_42 hours 16 min ago
IssuePort facet dependencies borisson_302 hours 16 min ago
IssueUpdating Cores with DRD adam314522 hours 16 min ago
IssueAdd functionality to reference entity from a core/server rhigginsME72 hours 16 min ago
IssueUndefined index: #type in Drupal\clientside_validation\ValidatorManager->getDefinitionsForElement() GaëlG32 hours 16 min ago
Releasearte_opa 7.x-1.x-dev pvhee02 hours 17 min ago
IssueRemove @file from object-oriented code longwave32 hours 19 min ago
IssueReturn value of Database::getLog() is inconsistent mikey_p22 hours 19 min ago
IssueHow to get Search API Solr work with i18n content translation lmeurs102 hours 20 min ago
IssueAllow other modules to interact with commerce_ups andyg5000112 hours 21 min ago
Forum topicWays To Get A 6 Pack Fast...>>>>http://funmac.com/purity-cleanse/ andrewkavira02 hours 21 min ago
IssueDoes not work with Drush version 7 flyke22 hours 22 min ago
IssueRecoverable fatal error: Argument 2 passed to t() must be of the type array, integer given, called in arte_opa/includes/opa.inc on line 171 SylvainM42 hours 22 min ago
IssueReverting feature recreates Workflow states with new IDs ividyon12 hours 22 min ago
IssueDiv structure nirmalauser32 hours 23 min ago