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IssueMobile not detected sometimes, cache problem ? But I need cache ? MakeOnlineShop31 hour 33 min ago
IssueForm caches should be deleted after submission Berdir41 hour 33 min ago
Forum topicA new way to welcome newcomers on Drupal.org tvn251 hour 33 min ago
IssueThe module list autocomplete callback is not working properly Kgaut41 hour 34 min ago
IssueEntity/field access and node grants not taken into account with core cache contexts catch1781 hour 35 min ago
IssueImage upload interferes with Rebuild table emilekott71 hour 36 min ago
IssueSet up anon rsync of git repositories sdboyer101 hour 37 min ago
Issueinclude destination for entityform operational fields when used in views nithinkolekar41 hour 38 min ago
IssueSwitch shortcut set form has accessibility issues crasx111 hour 38 min ago
IssueEscaped HTML on node translate tab miro_dietiker01 hour 38 min ago
IssueUpdate JS lib: jquery.form to 3.5.1 droplet181 hour 40 min ago
IssueExtend submission access system Shawn DeArmond91 hour 41 min ago
IssueError with LUA scripting EVAL candelas41 hour 41 min ago
IssueDrupal 8 only allows one user every 6 hours to register when page caching is enabled — caused by entity UUID in form state Wim Leers541 hour 41 min ago
IssuePageCache::get() should return FALSE on a cache miss as promised by the docs klausi71 hour 42 min ago
IssuereCAPTCHA translation review hass01 hour 42 min ago
IssueRemove deprecated hook_library_alter() lauriii281 hour 42 min ago
Issuehook_library_info_alter() is not called for themes Sylvain Lecoy431 hour 42 min ago
IssueDisplay the current versions of recommended / other releases dokumori11 hour 43 min ago
IssueRename the Messages region in Bartik. emma.maria241 hour 44 min ago
IssueRegression: optional default configuration is not translatable anymore in locale Gábor Hojtsy611 hour 45 min ago
IssueCompass 1.0.1 breaks zen-grid-item (minimal change on sass breaks css) pincho201 hour 47 min ago
IssueReview 256ideas glajman61 hour 56 min ago
Issue[meta] Various asset (JavaScript) libraries have to be updated to a (minified) stable release prior to 8.0.0 sun911 hour 56 min ago
IssueUndefined indexes if default setting doesn't exist joelstein41 hour 57 min ago