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IssueReplace "boolean" with "bool" when used as param/return/var type pcambra241 hour 32 min ago
IssueJQuery update break media browser. N0 media elements are displayed in the media library tab jaredcampbell631 hour 32 min ago
IssueEntity reference joins to the wrong base table in views. dawehner241 hour 33 min ago
IssueError when exporting memberships as Features Cromian11 hour 33 min ago
Forum topicInstalling Ctools need install instructions r49floyd11 hour 33 min ago
IssueOnly 24 photos on "Manage items" page szy231 hour 35 min ago
IssueNotice : Trying to get property of non-object in ip_geoloc_views_post_render() (line938 in /var/www/mySite/sites/all/modules/ip_geoloc/ip_geoloc.module). dmegatool01 hour 36 min ago
IssuePlupload Manage Images Limit variable field doesn't maintain state whoisinkus01 hour 37 min ago
IssueSome views schemas are (still) missing, maybe vijaycs85241 hour 37 min ago
Change recordAdded attach_library() function to Twig joelpittet01 hour 37 min ago
IssueExplicitly call Url::fromRoute('foo')->toString() fenstrat21 hour 38 min ago
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IssueDefault empty option label text different in documentation Dom.21 hour 40 min ago