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IssueTypo in BulkForm class JKerschner111 hour 27 min ago
IssueLocation of settings.php is not provided in access denied mesage in update.php rhm5000221 hour 28 min ago
IssueManage fields and manage display links are broken j2r81 hour 29 min ago
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IssueNo need for an error message when "Enable colorbox inline" is not set hnorrman11 hour 32 min ago
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IssueDrush index specific entity function ceng101 hour 34 min ago
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Issuedescription and abstract (possibly others) double encoding bug GiorgosK261 hour 35 min ago
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Issue[D7] Node Title Validation krknth201 hour 39 min ago
Issue[policy, no patch] Update patch backporting workflow to be compatible with semantic versioning pfrenssen201 hour 41 min ago
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IssueAdd generic entity support colan711 hour 42 min ago
IssueRenaming site through Migrate doesn't remove old vhost or site folder gboudrias101 hour 42 min ago
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IssueNot working with current D8 release slowflyer11 hour 43 min ago