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Module projectDraggableViews (Search API) GroovyCarrot032 min 39 sec ago
Releasecolorbox_load 8.x-1.x-dev Sam152033 min 29 sec ago
Releasescheduler 8.x-1.x-dev pfrenssen033 min 29 sec ago
IssueCache contexts should be able to associate a cache tag kristiaanvandeneynde134 min 1 sec ago
IssueAdd custom setting (customPaging - replace dots with text) visios634 min 43 sec ago
IssueIncorrect path for unit tests in core.api.php mikeker435 min 10 sec ago
Forum topicviews and in-between dates filtering MadMich235 min 11 sec ago
IssueMail users when their account is blocked greggles1035 min 22 sec ago
IssueField Storage isn't automatically selected when a Field is selected DuaelFr135 min 57 sec ago
IssueCustom options are not effective romdouze737 min 19 sec ago
IssueSet colorbox as the default renderer for ng_lightbox on installation. Sam152338 min 38 sec ago
OrganizationSimbiose htm039 min 25 sec ago
IssueParameter 1 to mailing_list_admin_settings() expected to be a reference elopio640 min 3 sec ago
IssueDrupal 8 Port Camster540 min 32 sec ago
IssueJavascript error [cannot call methods on isotope prior to initialization; attempted to call 'stamp'] alexit873541 min 30 sec ago
IssueMake rel=manifest meta tag generic juliencarnot441 min 36 sec ago
IssuePrediction Game - Facebook Sharing & Invites papper00142 min 42 sec ago
IssueScope menu (item) CSS to admin_toolbar to avoid conflicts pixelmord744 min 36 sec ago
IssueCatch internal exceptions and throw them as SearchApiException cristiroma546 min 4 sec ago
IssueProvide an in-site preview for translator miro_dietiker1647 min 24 sec ago
Forum topicAjax callback + global language variable is not showing current active language. pt2312647 min 29 sec ago
IssueDruid incorrectly listed with multiple countries in the Marketplace BarisW647 min 29 sec ago
IssueList platforms on server node page helmo1447 min 29 sec ago
IssueUpdated to rc2 Farrisimin547 min 31 sec ago
IssueUpdate for move of page_manager UI's to page_manager_ui dsnopek648 min 8 sec ago