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IssueMass crediting on an issue alexpott241 hour 18 min ago
IssueWidget pager links change selected widget ckaotik41 hour 18 min ago
IssueRemove multilingual initiative from MAINTAINERS.txt as completed Gábor Hojtsy10571 hour 18 min ago
IssueThe entity must be of type error when trying to use file from library anpolimus141 hour 19 min ago
Issuegulp or bower error petergus11 hour 19 min ago
IssueFixed the issue of Call to a member function getConfigDependencyKey() on null on [Widget view], and [SelectionDisplay view] RajabNatshah261 hour 24 min ago
IssueRedirect loop when put query in url tran_tien31 hour 27 min ago
IssueNode title not displayed for some nodes in the frontpage View when showing Full content dryp81 hour 28 min ago
IssueAdd a thumbnail/icon field to Paragraphs type yongt9412541 hour 30 min ago
Releasetaxonomy_multidelete_terms 8.x-1.0 jeetendrakumar01 hour 34 min ago
IssueTypeError when using Web Profiler Kgaut81 hour 38 min ago
IssueCheck entiy access for "Edit button" in EntityReferenceBrowserWidget ChristianAdamski71 hour 39 min ago
Releasetaxonomy_multidelete_terms 8.x-1.x-dev jeetendrakumar01 hour 39 min ago
Issue[META] Improve test coverage in entity browser slashrsm51 hour 39 min ago
IssueNeed update not using \Drupal::entityManager() Znak51 hour 40 min ago
IssueViews content rewrite text says "You may include HTML" but actually allows only a subset StuartJNCC421 hour 47 min ago
IssueCreate Drupal 8 Release using Sandbox Project purushotam.rai41 hour 48 min ago
Releasetideways 8.x-1.3 david_garcia01 hour 49 min ago
Releasesimple_mobile_login 8.x-1.x-dev jeetendrakumar01 hour 49 min ago
Releasesimple_mobile_login 8.x-1.0 jeetendrakumar01 hour 49 min ago
Releasetideways 8.x-1.2 david_garcia01 hour 49 min ago
Issuefield_image_browser field is not removed when uninstalling Entity Browser example module Nor4a101 hour 50 min ago
Issue[taxonomy_csv] Taxonomy CSV import/export legaudinier101 hour 52 min ago
IssueHow to alter cardinality? sedax21 hour 52 min ago
IssueRe-order + remove broken with the Entity Reference (and File) widget samuel.mortenson21 hour 54 min ago