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Releaseeu_cookie_compliance 8.x-1.x-dev svenryen032 min 57 sec ago
IssueError: Class 'Ivory\HttpAdapter\CurlHttpAdapter' not found skyredwang834 min ago
IssueAllow callbacks with namespaces xcono935 min 23 sec ago
IssueDrupal 8.x version or alternative? josefnpat935 min 49 sec ago
IssueExisting subscriber data overwritten when creating a new entity with a subscription field MegaChriz535 min 56 sec ago
IssueError when Select Media File type Image on Popup kienan91536 min 45 sec ago
IssueFatal error on clicking Autocomplete tab on Search index edit page zuhair_ak337 min 20 sec ago
IssueMention existing EntityReference support on project page fgm337 min 54 sec ago
IssueImpossible to install dev release with composer aspilicious238 min 15 sec ago
IssueComplexity in alpha version is not fully explained Leo Pitt538 min 18 sec ago
IssueRemove @file tag docblock from all the .php files. bhawanac138 min 54 sec ago
IssueCookie Pop up doesn't show up (possible bug?) ahoms539 min 42 sec ago
IssueUpdate the dependancy on groupcontext mike.davis240 min 30 sec ago
IssueForms are in Controller directory joshi.rohit1001041 min 36 sec ago
Releasecurrency 8.x-3.x-dev Xano041 min 59 sec ago
IssueThe crop dialog box not displayed vmevada102243 min 8 sec ago
Issue'Naturaly' typo in UI vishalkhialani345 min 17 sec ago
IssueNodes created for Simple Node Importer has empty title sourdrup445 min 41 sec ago
IssueAdd MapQuest provider (not Nominatim). ShaunDychko746 min 49 sec ago
Releasegeocoder 7.x-1.x-dev michaelfavia046 min 59 sec ago
IssueManually created menu link is unintentionally duplicated after some time alexej_d1050 min 19 sec ago
IssueFiles are not attached benjy650 min 59 sec ago
IssueHow to get descriptions for the images? Vojta351 min 41 sec ago
IssueViews - "No Results Behavior" for individual fields escapes HTML gceja2955 min 12 sec ago
IssueFix Schema Errors naveenvalecha655 min 14 sec ago