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IssueHide sidebar region (but keep for installer) mglaman11 hour 42 min ago
IssueFancybox disappearing only overlay stays after second click kittymeows01 hour 51 min ago
IssueOption not to show read more link if body text is same as teaser John_B21 hour 51 min ago
IssueIncorrect width and height calculation for manual crop images in hidden vertical tabs David_Rothstein11 hour 58 min ago
Releaseghost 7.x-1.x-dev xtfer01 hour 59 min ago
Releasegovcms 7.x-2.x-dev wiifm02 hours 4 min ago
IssueDatetimelist element only works when all the fields are filled plopesc222 hours 5 min ago
IssueMedia 2.x UI suggestion in the Media file selector widget idebr362 hours 7 min ago
IssueRewrite EntityManagerTest to use phpspec/prophecy tim.plunkett42 hours 12 min ago
IssueBreaks with the same image in 2 fields with different image styles rudiedirkx32 hours 17 min ago
IssueEntity file fields break in Entity Embed due to unreversed UUIDs geoffreyr42 hours 19 min ago
Releasewetkit_admin 7.x-4.0-rc2 sylus02 hours 19 min ago
Releasewetkit_admin 7.x-1.10 sylus02 hours 19 min ago
Releasewetkit_admin 7.x-4.0-rc1 sylus02 hours 19 min ago
Releasewetkit_admin 7.x-1.9 sylus02 hours 19 min ago
IssueSelect an product variation by it's thumbnail andros12 hours 24 min ago
IssueExternal apps do not install - "Cannot extract temporary://..., not a valid archive" Friedebarth02 hours 26 min ago
Issuestaff-directory Jsullivan052412 hours 31 min ago
Issue(BCN, Due: 2015-08-20) Contributor role cards and stickers for booth ZenDoodles1242 hours 32 min ago
IssueAllow query strings in URL aliases geilhufe1112 hours 34 min ago
IssueBean Usage Patch to Show Core & Context partyka02 hours 36 min ago
Releasewetkit_admin 7.x-1.8 sylus02 hours 41 min ago
Releasewetkit_admin 7.x-4.0-beta1 sylus02 hours 41 min ago
Issueexposed form filter array empty for term reference field but works fine with list field nithinkolekar42 hours 42 min ago
IssueRedhen donation form Hakintosh92 hours 42 min ago