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Releasewebform_remote_post 7.x-2.x-dev enrique.delgado038 min 59 sec ago
Releasedrupal 8.0.x-dev drumm038 min 59 sec ago
IssueParagraphs bundle access breaks on draft revisions jstoller540 min 30 sec ago
IssueInstall composer dependencies before running tests kim.pepper4541 min 5 sec ago
IssueDo not show blocks, Settings values do not change after save mariocantor542 min 59 sec ago
Releasegeolocation 8.x-1.x-dev derjochenmeyer043 min 59 sec ago
IssuePasswords not working AaronMcH145 min 8 sec ago
IssueConfigurable Google Maps formatter jeroen_drenth2745 min 59 sec ago
IssueAdd email notifications webchick1246 min 17 sec ago
IssueGet better error reporting from __toString chx2446 min 21 sec ago
IssueQuery Token Not Saving for Select Options matthewgann1246 min 53 sec ago
IssueAdd media version requirement to info file BarisW1246 min 57 sec ago
IssueImage crop functionality for gif images. undertext247 min 44 sec ago
IssueRemove deprecated function drupal_merge_attached() and its references arpitr4048 min 9 sec ago
IssueExposed filters use the wrong URL when using Views overrides tmsimont2849 min 14 sec ago
IssueWysiwyg is broken for markup component duellj949 min 15 sec ago
Issue"Leave blank" causes a crash djmolny1450 min 59 sec ago
IssueValidate the CSS categories in libraries.yml files. dawehner9051 min 58 sec ago
IssueConvert components to plugins Xano2752 min 15 sec ago
Issue"User subscriptions" module - doesn't work. berekel2052 min 59 sec ago
IssueQuestion Field or ability to select a expected value in checkbox robit8deb254 min 8 sec ago
IssueConvert the path property to a field so it can be translated Dave Reid2055 min 4 sec ago
Book pageUsing Prophecy chx055 min 29 sec ago
IssueRewrite external links in views fields SteffenR1155 min 55 sec ago
Module projectSwiftype search dmitriy.evdokimov@nibiru.pro056 min 50 sec ago