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IssueRemove override of media_wysiwyg's formatForm.getOptions brockfanning731 min 34 sec ago
IssueCreate a new user-facing core theme lauriii16131 min 48 sec ago
Issuemultiversion_entity_type_alter() has special case for block_content Grimreaper136 min 45 sec ago
IssueLimiting node title value neerajskydiver1237 min 8 sec ago
IssueImprove #states element UI jrockowitz438 min 8 sec ago
IssueUse the new 'view label' entity access check in the entity reference label formatter amateescu3538 min 27 sec ago
Releasemagic_theme 8.x-2.0-beta1 zhiqiang.qiu039 min 4 sec ago
IssueFeature set does not invoke hook_requirements() netlooker539 min 11 sec ago
Issue1.25 LMS admin role Jamesap139 min 33 sec ago
Change recordAn experimental workflow component has been added to core, a newly introduced workflow_ui and the existing content_moderation experimental modules both depend on it Sam152041 min 15 sec ago
IssueRemove user.icons.theme from core CSS Manjit.Singh6442 min 35 sec ago
IssueAdd Feeds integration to FieldCollection default, please ScorpionGhost145 min 10 sec ago
IssueAdd existing field to a content type : you need to select a field lomasr246 min 28 sec ago
Releaseplaton 7.x-3.x-dev wadmiraal049 min 5 sec ago
IssueUndefined index: settings laszlo.kovacs351 min 52 sec ago
Issue[META] Open Social - Releases and Roadmap GoalGorilla2052 min 33 sec ago
IssueSort term-based facets by term weight danquah352 min 41 sec ago
Releasemagic_theme 8.x-2.x-dev zhiqiang.qiu054 min 4 sec ago
IssueExperimental core libraries alexpott354 min 12 sec ago
IssueSecurity updates for govCMS - documented procedure for? therobyouknow954 min 57 sec ago
IssueClean URLs for hierarchy alama456356 min 32 sec ago
IssueFullscreen preset screen height count anikitin35257 min 7 sec ago
IssueCreate price twig filter cornifex858 min 8 sec ago
Issue Use Crypt::hashBase64(), not hash('crc32b') or sha1 for placeholder tokens pwolanin7258 min 41 sec ago
Forum topicSetting up rel canonical with drupal farouk11111059 min 8 sec ago