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Issuecomposer.json does not prevent upgrading Symfony components to minor versions that do not work with Drupal nerdstein272 hours 28 min ago
Issuesearch_api_db tables should be created with a primary key rgpublic42 hours 28 min ago
Module projectTwitter Trends vedprakash02 hours 29 min ago
IssueCardinality is limited only in UI sreynen22 hours 30 min ago
IssueAdd a rules data type so that office_hours fields can be set inside rules mparker1752 hours 32 min ago
Releasetripal 7.x-3.x-dev spficklin02 hours 37 min ago
IssueImplement the Synonym process plugin colorfield22 hours 39 min ago
IssueCreate unit tests colorfield12 hours 39 min ago
IssueExpose Open / Closed Now indicators as Entity properties giorgio79102 hours 39 min ago
Releasedhis2 8.x-1.x-dev mwebaze02 hours 42 min ago
IssueCover multiple instances of a string for WrapperExtract and WrapperRemove process plugins colorfield22 hours 42 min ago
IssueRegain access to RobRoy account whose domain is sold RobRoy_new102 hours 43 min ago
IssueIntegrate with Field TimeTable johnv52 hours 44 min ago
IssueConvert web tests to browser tests for config_translation module michielnugter192 hours 45 min ago
IssuePrefer caret over tilde in composer.json alexpott442 hours 46 min ago
IssueAdd aggregation in views with office hours field kaztur52 hours 46 min ago
IssueIntegrate with Search API / Apache Solr giorgio7962 hours 49 min ago
Forum topicCustom fields in Taxonomy View do not display Politechniczny82 hours 49 min ago
Forum topicHow do I Read/Write to User Profile custom fields in Drupal8? ibexy02 hours 50 min ago
Issue7.x-1.0 release ajayg22 hours 50 min ago
IssueHandle the exceptional values in office_hours_feeds_set_target() ruslan.muradov132 hours 51 min ago
IssueFeeds mapper for Office hours johnv352 hours 52 min ago
IssueAdd per-bundle creation permissions form media. seanB132 hours 55 min ago
IssueSVG sanitizer gnikolovski42 hours 56 min ago
Documentation pageMigrate Process Extra colorfield12 hours 59 min ago