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IssueOption to avoid generated contents authored by anonymous users (not verified) Himanshu505095 hours 27 min ago
IssueSporadic Working ScottBaetz15 hours 28 min ago
IssueQuiz module for Drupal 8 wadmiraal225 hours 28 min ago
IssueSource domain must be selected on edit Mistrae215 hours 29 min ago
Documentation guideCommerce TaxJar collin.rickford15 hours 31 min ago
Releaseusable_json 8.x-1.x-dev Lennard Westerveld05 hours 32 min ago
IssueOnly title is being imported juansaab35 hours 33 min ago
IssueRedirect module causes redirect back to unaliased path mfernea115 hours 34 min ago
IssueAn error occurred while processing content_type_clone_set_target_field Reis Quarteu125 hours 36 min ago
IssueResearch and define accessibility of drag-and-drop grid interfaces. andrewmacpherson375 hours 38 min ago
IssueMigration failed with source plugin exception: Serialization of SimpleXMLElement is not allowed focus13115 hours 38 min ago
IssueIf you don't want to translate your URL alias, the original URL alias won't work with your translations penyaskito715 hours 39 min ago
IssueAlias not working after upgrading to 8.4.2 Zulljin115 hours 40 min ago
Issueimage_style_deliver function should have && condition in the if statement rather than ||. subson55 hours 41 min ago
Releasevartheme 8.x-4.x-dev RajabNatshah05 hours 42 min ago
Issue"Replace relative paths with absolute URLs" broken jmvidal95 hours 43 min ago
Documentation pageRequirements collin.rickford05 hours 44 min ago
IssueEntity Reference eswiderski215 hours 46 min ago
IssueBean compatibility Samvel75 hours 48 min ago
IssueTypeError: g.context is undefined marchellodepello25 hours 48 min ago
IssueSandbox simulation modes mglaman55 hours 48 min ago
IssueAllow for altering requests in alterRequestParams mglaman25 hours 49 min ago
IssueParagraph with no translation enabled gets broken yongt9412165 hours 51 min ago
IssuePSR-2: Opening braces cosmicdreams215 hours 51 min ago
IssueSupport shipping method selection mglaman25 hours 52 min ago