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Releasesnippet_manager 8.x-1.x-dev Chi02 hours 42 min ago
Releaseoa_brand 7.x-2.x-dev mpotter02 hours 42 min ago
Releasectools 8.x-3.x-dev japerry02 hours 42 min ago
Releaseoa_events 7.x-2.x-dev mpotter02 hours 42 min ago
IssueAggregator module renders Drupal inoperative as soon as a feed is added gwheelerky12 hours 43 min ago
IssueDisable the variation type field when editing product types. mglaman32 hours 43 min ago
IssueRe-add some documentation about what you can get from the node object in node.html.twig Cottser172 hours 44 min ago
Book pageExample of Java XML-RPC client with Drupal7 and Services 3.x rhizomenetworks142 hours 45 min ago
Releaseoa_site_layout 7.x-2.x-dev mpotter02 hours 47 min ago
IssueSupport the 'core' configuration property snufkin52 hours 47 min ago
IssueUndefined index: path in menu_token_entity_context->object_load() (line 24 ... menu_token_entity_context.inc) mttjn22 hours 47 min ago
Forum topicPHP Java Bridge ajaydrupal62 hours 48 min ago
IssueWrong path for SearchApiException in search_api_solr.views.inc file TuWebO52 hours 48 min ago
Forum topicProblems with PLupload Lepharia62 hours 49 min ago
IssueFatal error: Call to undefined method Drupal\search_api\Entity\Index::getServer() therealwebguy142 hours 49 min ago
IssueThe 'add_destination' #default_value is set wrong in commerce_order_handler_field_order_operations.inc blasthaus22 hours 49 min ago
IssueReplace confirm password field with show/hide functionality LewisNyman1182 hours 50 min ago
IssuePage cache matching is case insensitive Heine132 hours 50 min ago
Forum topicCommerce - store menu doesn't appear afx3312 hours 50 min ago
IssueImplement an integrity check on configuration time klausi72 hours 51 min ago
IssueSearch index fails when there are no synonym fields are checked in 'Include into term synonyms' joelpittet42 hours 53 min ago
IssueRemove used of deprecated ::getLabel in entity list builder classes mglaman12 hours 53 min ago
Issue[D7] block_proxies isantolin182 hours 55 min ago
Issue[meta] Determine whether run-tests.sh can trigger and report phantomjs and phpcs results xjm92 hours 57 min ago
IssueTranslate alt and title with file entity/media hefterbrumi22 hours 58 min ago