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IssueHardcoded $append=FALSE in AuthcacheP13nDefaultCoreService::drupalAddHttpHeader() jedihe33 hours 6 min ago
Module projectSpotify API for drupal Yago Elias03 hours 7 min ago
IssueDoesn't work if the View has a pager joachim113 hours 8 min ago
IssueAdd status page and some statistics Berdir73 hours 9 min ago
IssueBring Media entity module to core as Media module slashrsm2853 hours 10 min ago
IssueConvert web tests to browser tests for filter module nlisgo33 hours 11 min ago
Issue[meta] Tests using raw DOMElement dawehner103 hours 11 min ago
IssueAdd the default value for the serial number field alvar0hurtad023 hours 12 min ago
IssueSuggest project rename for clearer feature domain Chris Charlton23 hours 12 min ago
Module projectJSON-LD REST Services scor03 hours 13 min ago
Releaseslick 8.x-1.0-rc3 gausarts03 hours 13 min ago
Releaseldadmin 8.x-1.x-dev renatog03 hours 13 min ago
Releasesports_league 8.x-1.x-dev hernani03 hours 13 min ago
Releases3fs 8.x-3.x-dev jansete03 hours 13 min ago
Releaseslick 8.x-1.0-rc2 gausarts03 hours 13 min ago
IssuePlease fix coding standards and best practices renatog43 hours 14 min ago
IssueAdd configuration to select number of line to display Grimreaper43 hours 14 min ago
IssueX-Authcache header is missing on request lathan23 hours 15 min ago
IssueAdopt airbnb javascript style guide v13 as baseline ES6 javascript coding standards for Drupal nod_913 hours 17 min ago
IssueImplements image style route pattern and process like core jansete43 hours 17 min ago
IssueSuperfish module overwrites attributes set by Menu attributes module. dhatman243 hours 18 min ago
IssueIgnore JS and CSS linting for embedded ember app Mixologic113 hours 19 min ago
IssueCan't use multilingual menu with items from config heldercor203 hours 20 min ago
IssueUse a twig template for the CompletionMessage pane niko-53 hours 21 min ago
IssueTheme: Convert system functional tests to phpunit Jo Fitzgerald43 hours 21 min ago