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IssuePhp Notice: Attribute class Ivan Zugec51 hour 40 min ago
Issue'drush cr' must clean everything Punk_UnDeaD11 hour 41 min ago
Issue[META] Alternative UI like divibuilder miro_dietiker431 hour 42 min ago
IssueAdd a "skip access checks" option to the Views relationship plugin drunken monkey41 hour 43 min ago
IssueYoast cannot be used by other roles funkycamel31 hour 44 min ago
IssueFatal error Class 'Stripe\Stripe' not found fanrm21 hour 45 min ago
IssueBlock autoprovisioning of users based on roles phubear51 hour 45 min ago
IssueForward port tests for image_style_deliver can create invalid headers joelpittet81 hour 45 min ago
IssueSplit Search page in a configuration and a list page ifrik111 hour 45 min ago
Module projectAccelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) moshe weitzman01 hour 45 min ago
IssueAdd "clone" link for issues to make it easier to flesh out meta issues when there are lots of related sub-tasks thedavidmeister41 hour 45 min ago
IssueHide line numbers when stripping markup? miro_dietiker81 hour 46 min ago
IssueLDAP Authentication Mixed Mode problems with non LDAp user shraker1311 hour 46 min ago
Issue[policy/patch] Standardize on "installation profile" instead of "install profile" jwilson3361 hour 47 min ago
IssueFooter design broken Issues, Footer data missing issues, Footer heading issues. harivenu_zyxware31 hour 47 min ago
Issue Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'ds_switch' in `redirect` sgohil111 hour 47 min ago
IssueTaxonomy Fields are not indexed smitty51 hour 48 min ago
IssueSetup the core module files with basic hook_menu definitions binny_zyxware41 hour 49 min ago
IssueAdd Ukrainian default config mkalkbrenner11 hour 49 min ago
IssueFile deployment vbouchet81 hour 50 min ago
IssueAdd Serbian default config mkalkbrenner11 hour 50 min ago
IssueImprove module description and error message about missing Curl library ifrik811 hour 51 min ago
Issue[TASK] Create documentation pages on drupal.org gabesullice151 hour 51 min ago
IssueEdit hook_help text for Drupal Upgrade UI module ifrik61 hour 51 min ago
Module projectJSON API e0ipso01 hour 52 min ago