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Issue"Javascript" should be "JavaScript" Vagelis21 hour 41 min ago
IssueIs it to prevent concurrent editing on entity level ....? delacosta45611 hour 41 min ago
IssueUser configuration for Login,Logout and My Account Text Shreya Shetty41 hour 41 min ago
Issuemedia_vimeo and media_wysiwyg tokenhandling broken fuzzy76251 hour 41 min ago
IssueCannot Map some SalesForce Lead Fields suncorjohn11 hour 42 min ago
IssueAdministration toolbar uses the default language, not the administration language gugrim231 hour 42 min ago
IssueInstallation problem PHP Fatal error: Trait 'Drupal\Console\Command\Shared\CommandTrait' j.b261 hour 44 min ago
IssueRecoverable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to Drupal\\Core\\Form\\ FormState::setError() must be of the type array lonalore341 hour 45 min ago
Forum topicHow do I load the image from an external RSS feed into my view? SnowCoder01 hour 46 min ago
IssueAdded new translations bdichgans71 hour 46 min ago
IssueDo not display 'Reply-To' if it is identical to 'From' tduong161 hour 47 min ago
IssueYAML form conditional logic lukas.fischer41 hour 47 min ago
IssueEmail Handler Configuration -> Email Body Field with Editor SoYeah71 hour 47 min ago
Releasevenga_translator 8.x-1.x-dev a.milkovsky01 hour 48 min ago
IssuePages with contexts could not be set as 403/404 pages AndreyMaximov71 hour 49 min ago
Issue"javascript" should be "JavaScript" Vagelis31 hour 49 min ago
IssueBlock field Doesn't respect block visibility settings martins.bertins631 hour 50 min ago
IssueNeed a Datetime Range formatter removing redundant bits ndlarge31 hour 50 min ago
IssueMissing hook_help cebasqueira51 hour 50 min ago
Module projectVenga Gateway Connect for Drupal fago01 hour 50 min ago
IssueFalse results with Context module jamesrice41 hour 50 min ago
IssueWater User Reporting Interface - SW robertwb461 hour 52 min ago
IssueEvents not displayed in week view sukanya.ramakrishnan31 hour 52 min ago
Releasepixels 8.x-2.x-dev malavya01 hour 53 min ago
IssueTerms with string IDs are missing from dropdown pfrenssen111 hour 54 min ago