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IssueProvide a commerce_plugin_radios field widget jsacksick81 hour 14 min ago
IssueConvert shipping methods to content entities bojanz111 hour 14 min ago
IssueProblem with google high-res on mobile Idas21 hour 14 min ago
IssueCan access any users point history page kingdee4021 hour 15 min ago
IssueMap not visible for anonymous users when using AdvAgg js compression kopeboy31 hour 16 min ago
IssueTest DMQL Query appears not to be working properly. cfernand7411 hour 16 min ago
Issuebetter support for float media left and float media right joseph.olstad101 hour 18 min ago
IssueMigrated forum topics generate array_flip warning in EntityStorageBase grafikat121 hour 19 min ago
IssueUpgrade for compatibility with Brightcove 7.x-6.x q0rban191 hour 20 min ago
Releaseleaflet_more_maps 7.x-1.x-dev RdeBoer01 hour 20 min ago
IssueRecoverable Fatal Error on RC1 Update fenns81 hour 20 min ago
IssueAdd Wikimedia Maps vchen41 hour 20 min ago
IssueCkeditor not replacing the media tags with widget when editing the entity LauraRocks151 hour 20 min ago
Module projectGroup Forum arnoldbird01 hour 21 min ago
IssueAdd insert button to media widget grasmash401 hour 24 min ago
IssuePrivate forum containers per group Jimmy_T131 hour 28 min ago
Forum topicIssue with ssortable table gibbo171511 hour 29 min ago
Releasecommerce 8.x-2.x-dev bojanz01 hour 30 min ago
IssueConsider referencing a content moderation state entity from moderated content instead of the workflow state string tstoeckler11 hour 31 min ago
IssueIntroduce a CommerceElementBase bojanz31 hour 32 min ago
IssueCan not aggregate a global field: Mathematical expression zenimagine21 hour 34 min ago
Releaselingotek 8.x-1.x-dev robertdbailey01 hour 35 min ago
IssueAdd a setting to set the status of a translation when downloaded t.murphy651 hour 35 min ago
IssueMake StylePluginBase::renderFields public dgagne81 hour 36 min ago
IssueExclude/Include Pages from Shield Protection (D8 Feature Port) msherron111 hour 36 min ago