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IssueCreate default responsive image styles mdrummond731 hour 4 min ago
IssueViews Attachment Displays as Overlays andrelsm51 hour 8 min ago
IssueUpdate to RC1 clears all the settings CoolMaciek51 hour 8 min ago
Forum topicSure that your eating enough Belbatunnelly01 hour 9 min ago
Issue[D7] Mailman Integration gaja_daran191 hour 10 min ago
Issue[policy, no patch] Re-activate the head2head project and use it for beta2beta upgrades in the short-term webchick331 hour 11 min ago
IssueMenu/routing topic needs an overhaul jhodgdon131 hour 13 min ago
Issue[Policy, no patch] 8.1.x release schedule xjm51 hour 16 min ago
Issue[D7] SMS24x7 fortis31 hour 17 min ago
Issued6 to d7 update fails on file duplicates '#7061 Integrity constraint violation' boran1471 hour 20 min ago
Issue[meta] The Drupal 8.0.0-rc1 Release Checklist webchick481 hour 22 min ago
IssueDeprecate SafeMarkup::checkPlain() for Drupal 8.0.x alexpott161 hour 24 min ago
Issue[meta] The Drupal 8.0.0 Release Checklist webchick51 hour 25 min ago
IssueRemove Picture polyfill attiks241 hour 25 min ago
IssueAllow multiple links from one provider jlyon11 hour 26 min ago
Releasecloud 8.x-1.x-dev yas01 hour 26 min ago
IssueMultiple issues with is_value_empty() GuyPaddock111 hour 27 min ago
IssueGeneral font library support, a way to choose one of many (Fontello, Fontawesome ...) johannez51 hour 27 min ago
Forum topicIntegrating Drupal ecommerce into already built site Dee-j31 hour 30 min ago
IssueRemove SafeMarkup::escape() and rely more on Twig autoescaping alexpott231 hour 31 min ago
IssueInstagram support? jenlampton21 hour 32 min ago
IssueCan't access Status Report - PDOException: www.mydomain.com/admin/reports/status dean.p11 hour 48 min ago
IssueAzure Fail: This version of the MS SQL Server driver needs at least the 3.2 dean.p72 hours 14 sec ago
Releaseregistration 7.x-2.x-dev levelos02 hours 1 min ago
IssueMake it compatible with menu_admin_per_menu ropic12 hours 3 min ago