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IssueImprove the Views integration for DateRange fields effulgentsia2658 min 12 sec ago
Releasemedia 8.x-1.x-dev slashrsm058 min 55 sec ago
Releasecommerce_simple_addressbook 7.x-1.x-dev andyg5000058 min 55 sec ago
Releasefeatures 8.x-3.x-dev mpotter058 min 55 sec ago
IssueRSS output fails, when using Twig debug tjwelde1359 min 4 sec ago
IssueD7 Improve theme registry build performance by 85% joelpittet3759 min 16 sec ago
IssueAllow plurals on bundle labels claudiu.cristea5559 min 20 sec ago
IssueLog messages should be XSS filtered on display klausi5359 min 28 sec ago
IssueSave Address option should not visible for Anonymous Order rei259 min 31 sec ago
IssueAddress conflict with other modules over config.installer class nedjo2959 min 39 sec ago
PostA new look for Drupal.org hestenet3759 min 54 sec ago
IssueExtract a common DataContainerInterface for lists and complex data fago2259 min 56 sec ago
IssueVariable scoping issue for googleMap making it inaccessible? jnicola31 hour 42 sec ago
Issue[D7] E-Sign Field greatmatter111 hour 55 sec ago
IssueMissing dependency on module providing configuration entity type nedjo191 hour 1 min ago
Module projectE-Sign greatmatter01 hour 2 min ago
IssueFunction field_collection_update_8001() Doesn't Work for Field Collection under non-versioned entities deminy31 hour 3 min ago
Releaseuser_default_page 8.x-1.x-dev krknth01 hour 3 min ago
IssueRefactor simpletest's *_phpunit_*() functions etc. to a class Mile23411 hour 4 min ago
Issuedeprecated drupal_mkdir scuba_fly111 hour 4 min ago
IssueWhy isn't the Gelf handler provided in monolog.services.yml justageek11 hour 5 min ago
IssueContent overflow issue Nenad251 hour 5 min ago
IssueAdd a base class for entity reference selection handlers claudiu.cristea441 hour 5 min ago
IssueRedirect URL being treated as relative to user page mpotter61 hour 5 min ago
IssueResearch: Complex tests to convert dawehner21 hour 5 min ago