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IssueViews admin summary for menu item gets double escaped joachim146 min 40 sec ago
IssueAdd rules event when a product from a product kit is added to the cart AjitS1546 min 42 sec ago
IssueSolrPhpClient cannot be downloaded mpotter347 min 25 sec ago
IssueCreate hook to allow other modules to alter parameters of request bmunslow1448 min 25 sec ago
Releasesemantic_connector 7.x-2.x-dev Martin Schauer050 min 22 sec ago
IssueSearch API Autocomplete support status msherron250 min 46 sec ago
IssueMedia Browser modal work only once, then needs a page refresh before clicking Browse button brings up modal again dawnbuie1151 min 10 sec ago
IssueCan't send Mail Notification when sending PM to roles chrisssi2051 min 13 sec ago
Forum topicDisplay body->summary (teaser) vlad-ghita552 min 22 sec ago
IssueXSS in date format configuration alexpott1953 min 22 sec ago
IssueMultiple charts on the same page chertzog953 min 27 sec ago
IssueMove tests away from Simpletest mglaman153 min 52 sec ago
Issue[D7]File Mime Type Checker Chetan Sharma1554 min 22 sec ago
IssueAvoid slow query for path alias whitelists catch15955 min 17 sec ago
IssueFatal error: Class 'Drupal\ctools\EventSubscriber\WizardControllerSubscriber' not found in /home/xxx/public_html/wp/core/lib/Drupal/Component/DependencyInjection/Container.php on line 264 RKopacz1755 min 39 sec ago
Module projectPattern Builder recrit056 min 28 sec ago
IssueField cardinality ignored during index freblasty656 min 31 sec ago
IssueBlock should not appear in content region by default. dzinkevich457 min 13 sec ago
IssueAdd a base class for entity reference selection handlers claudiu.cristea3757 min 22 sec ago
IssueSkipping Some, But Not All, Questions on a Page Doesn't Save Poieo258 min 23 sec ago
IssueOutside In: Determine how to handle different breakpoints for the Off-canvas tray tedbow61 hour 3 min ago
IssueOutside In: Use Backbone for client-side state management tedbow71 hour 5 min ago
IssueViews field - load via ajax besnikt11 hour 6 min ago
IssueRemove reference to Bartik in outside-in CSS tim.plunkett111 hour 7 min ago
IssueAdd jQuery 1.12 eiriksm41 hour 11 min ago