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Forum topicxampp install using virtualhost permissions issue pengi19 min 14 sec ago
IssueUse batch for uninstalling the module? DamienMcKenna110 min 4 sec ago
Issuefile_cron does not remove orphaned entries ecrutchfield1011 min 51 sec ago
Module projectLogin with email address ekes012 min 1 sec ago
IssueHTMLPurifier Serializer caches into vendor directory by default jurgenhaas513 min 4 sec ago
Forum topicDrupal 7.44: can't save node with specific words ejb013 min 8 sec ago
Issue[D7] Exam Spider sachintyagi991513 min 22 sec ago
Issuecolon as decimal seperator Breakerandi513 min 24 sec ago
IssueField Label Missing? EWB114 min 3 sec ago
IssueJS Client-side file validation is broken (because ajaxPageState is broken?) Wim Leers7014 min 23 sec ago
IssueSupport Unit Conversion Formatters infines114 min 28 sec ago
IssuePage manager gives access denied when managing newly added variants to tasks other than 'page' matman4761814 min 34 sec ago
IssueDo not change status based false negative for automated test gisle614 min 43 sec ago
IssueConvert Ban's Migrate source tests to new base class quietone416 min 3 sec ago
IssueSupport Better Exposed Filter ThuleNB316 min 23 sec ago
IssueUse rules_invoke_all instead of rules_invoke_event thirdender216 min 36 sec ago
IssueTesting issue: Convert WTB to BTB by just moving classes and changing use statements dawehner8517 min 21 sec ago
IssueHandle long tokens (lenght more than 25 characters) jsibley617 min 29 sec ago
IssueMonitoringCaptchaTest fail Ginovski118 min 18 sec ago
Issue[META] Convert Migrate source plugin tests to new base class phenaproxima418 min 47 sec ago
IssueConfigurable Welcome back message jwhat319 min 13 sec ago
IssueNode/comment views-based theme suggestions have no cacheability metadata Berdir519 min 49 sec ago
IssueTitle hover text not displayed nerdoc219 min 53 sec ago
IssuePipe char in locators break Mink element search claudiu.cristea220 min 6 sec ago
IssueFeature Request: Entity Reference NID Range Wolf_22320 min 8 sec ago