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IssueMove workflow "settings" setters and getters to WorkflowTypeInterface Sam1524618 min 4 sec ago
IssueTransfer Groups Admin for Seattle Group RockSoup1318 min 37 sec ago
Issueredhen_dedupe for organizations merging a.milkovsky1020 min 12 sec ago
Book pageCreate a project (module or theme) on Drupal.org LeeHunter320 min 14 sec ago
IssueFatal error: Access level to Drupal\address\Repository\CountryRepository::getDefaultLocale() must be public twfahey120 min 50 sec ago
IssueOffering to maintain Rules HTTP Client ajayNimbolkar1521 min 10 sec ago
Issuefacets styled with JS no longer have a wrapping DIV joachim221 min 33 sec ago
Forum topicRouting _entity_access not working as expected timKruijsen022 min 3 sec ago
Releasetmgmt_smartling 8.x-2.x-dev Loparev022 min 7 sec ago
Releasewebform_gpslocation 7.x-1.x-dev Heine022 min 7 sec ago
IssueCan not edit post on mobile xinyuma122 min 32 sec ago
IssueFile import appends existing file names Srivaths1022 min 35 sec ago
Issuefacets-item-list.html.twig overrides attributes, and they replaced by JS for certain widgets joachim123 min 5 sec ago
IssueShow GPS value as Google Maps link to that location paulvandenburg623 min 28 sec ago
IssueCustom composite element with states yerlix324 min 10 sec ago
IssueRequest for 'confirmed' role matthew.arnold_mw124 min 31 sec ago
Issue"Rendered entity" views field handler does NOT display revisions axel.rutz824 min 46 sec ago
IssueMove "Field list" and "Views plugin" pages from Reports to Structure ifrik1026 min 10 sec ago
IssueAdd possibility for multiple Jobs to have identical filenames Loparev2726 min 23 sec ago
IssueTranslate url alias VISIOS627 min 6 sec ago
IssueAdd support for updated by variable researchanddesign.michael227 min 12 sec ago
IssueModule doesn't expose token to use in event. jeroen.b327 min 38 sec ago
Issue[JA] ファイル翻訳: guide.txt kabetani428 min 19 sec ago
Forum topicRender function special characters Joouul028 min 22 sec ago
IssueFooter Credit link does not hide Text 'Theme for Drupal 8' credit jomcar630 min ago