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IssueMissing GeoPHP librairy spiderneo258 min 47 sec ago
Releaseviewfield 8.x-3.x-dev keithm01 hour 44 sec ago
IssueViewfield: Drupal 8 version ipo4ka704861 hour 2 min ago
Releasesmart_ip 6.x-2.x-dev arpeggio01 hour 3 min ago
Releasesmart_ip 7.x-2.x-dev arpeggio01 hour 3 min ago
IssueThe latitude views field display as degrees, minutes, seconds rendered as longitude unit mertres51 hour 5 min ago
Module projectAdTego SiteIntel - AdBlocker Detect adTumbler01 hour 5 min ago
Issuecontent_lock new version cancel button does not work izmeez231 hour 14 min ago
IssueTag a beta release benjy81 hour 14 min ago
IssueAdd configurable messaging to registration process colan31 hour 22 min ago
IssueAdd a README for site builders and developers colan41 hour 22 min ago
IssueAdd css, js and templates PierreMarcel31 hour 24 min ago
IssueDoesn't work, rotates in add page but when saved goes back to normal state chevali61 hour 24 min ago
IssueLock isn't removed automatically upon navigating away (AJAX callback fails with 403 forbidden) leducvin191 hour 24 min ago
IssueEnsure certificate signing requests (CSRs) are authenticated colan21 hour 24 min ago
IssueForward certificate signing requests (CSRs) to CA colan11 hour 26 min ago
IssueIntegrate with external enrollment library colan91 hour 26 min ago
Forum topicNeed help with the styling comments taecelle21 hour 29 min ago
IssueCSS files with duplicate names don't get loaded speekless41 hour 31 min ago
IssueMigrate D6 i18n taxonomy terms mpp201 hour 32 min ago
IssueAdd AJAX handler for receiving the CSR colan71 hour 33 min ago
IssueTake into account files directories that are symlinked outside the DRUPAL_ROOT Petr Illek81 hour 36 min ago
IssueUsed or invalid one-time link ouissla191 hour 39 min ago
Releaseresponsive_favicons 8.x-1.2 wiifm01 hour 40 min ago
Releaseresponsive_favicons 8.x-1.1 wiifm01 hour 40 min ago