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IssueMove EntityReference::getSelectableViewModes() to FormatterBase benjy025 min 30 sec ago
IssueUpdate URLs and move settings page to match D7 menu structure grndlvl425 min 50 sec ago
IssueAdd support for field collection benjy027 min 9 sec ago
IssueMarkup (and label) of empty fields get rendered derheap331 min 9 sec ago
IssueBroken with Drupal8 beta9 dotmagic532 min 33 sec ago
IssueSerach the stores by PRoviding the location data in the URL srikanthgdk_drupal032 min 34 sec ago
Releaseharmony_core 7.x-1.x-dev heylookalive032 min 43 sec ago
IssueVerify changing user email addresses AjK9033 min 41 sec ago
IssueCreate a default store in commerce_store_install() joshtaylor638 min 36 sec ago
IssueLocation Search Form justinf111839 min 39 sec ago
IssueDERItem expects an array, should allow objects per core dpi839 min 43 sec ago
Releasebetter_form_errors 7.x-1.x-dev roball042 min 43 sec ago
IssueScheduled Backups stopped working after 7.x-3.0? quantos643 min 53 sec ago
IssueFatal error: Out of memory (allocated X) (tried to allocate X bytes) in <root>\includes\database\database.inc on line 2171 techopsph145 min 54 sec ago
IssueHow to display header.png in smartphone layout? Alternatively, how to give it a different background colour? jippie1948146 min 21 sec ago
Forum topicApply css only on specific images goran_84047 min 28 sec ago
IssueMax characters on api key not enough held69951 min 13 sec ago
IssueCustom taxonomy field views handler needs to be replaced with generic Field API handler jhodgdon6251 min 43 sec ago
Issuetwitter login iosx254 min ago
IssueRemove Usage of deprecated function taxonomy_* arpitr2758 min 30 sec ago
IssueRemove more false positives from the insufficient code coverage lists. martin10701 hour 5 sec ago
IssueClean-up Test members in core/tests - ensure property definition and use of camelCase naming convention cilefen301 hour 1 min ago
IssueFix comment formatting in /core/modules/rest/src/Tests/CreateTest.php catch281 hour 1 min ago
IssueImprove visibility of Seven's smallest font elements terrill1131 hour 1 min ago
IssueIntroduce a published date "touch" feature. kmonty51 hour 2 min ago