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IssueProject description miro_dietiker441 min 30 sec ago
IssueAdd initial entity tests smccabe341 min 30 sec ago
Releaseomega 8.x-5.0-alpha7 himerus042 min 30 sec ago
Releaseomega 8.x-5.0-alpha6 himerus042 min 30 sec ago
IssueSupport drag-and-drop image uploads in CKEditor Wim Leers2043 min 15 sec ago
Issuedelete messages in drupal 7 ftorres345 min 43 sec ago
Releaseyamlform 8.x-1.x-dev jrockowitz047 min 30 sec ago
IssueImport tables by largest size first Elijah Lynn148 min 52 sec ago
IssueTweets embedded in CKEditor do not load when selected from Entity Browser phenaproxima951 min 30 sec ago
IssueMerging in Open Atrium with an existing install profile Shiraz Dindar352 min 6 sec ago
IssueFatal PHP error on clean install emarchak2052 min 9 sec ago
IssueFirefox handling of Drag & Drop images: inserted as binary blobs in WYSIWYG editors. ascii1223052 min 36 sec ago
IssueCreate UI for bulk-adding CAS users mhagedon753 min 34 sec ago
IssueValidation on mappings form submit: Disable pull for constant & token sync fields gcb553 min 54 sec ago
IssueStale bundle settings in submit hook causes loss of data when saving view modes. litwol154 min 23 sec ago
IssueBackground Image Blank When Using Views Block in Drupal 8 Bwolf155 min 55 sec ago
IssueMark deprecated derek.deraps257 min 21 sec ago
IssueInstallation Problem currando6558 min 39 sec ago
Module projectParagraphs Permissions seanB058 min 48 sec ago
IssueRandom fails in UpdatePathTestBase tests alexpott10558 min 54 sec ago
Book page4. PATCH for updating content entities Wim Leers31 hour 19 sec ago
Issue[bundle_copy] Bundle Copy legaudinier31 hour 49 sec ago
Book page3. POST for creating content entities linclark111 hour 1 min ago
Issueuse the encrypt module when storing the consumer_key / consumer_secret / refresh_token (when enabled) greggles101 hour 2 min ago
IssueAllow cloning of forms larowlan171 hour 2 min ago