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IssueImageStyles can be deleted while having dependant configuration. timber2328716 min 47 sec ago
Issueviews_content_cache is prone to deadlocks hefox817 min 35 sec ago
IssueGetting captcha errors when adding additional multi-value fields ExTexan417 min 39 sec ago
IssueRemaining connections after removing OG Subgroups fields StG118 min 2 sec ago
IssueDouble translation in template_preprocess_field_multiple_value_form() ChristianAdamski2318 min 53 sec ago
IssueBulk delete fields bharata320 min 19 sec ago
IssueRedirect to a completion page when a user has finished voting pjcdawkins1021 min 41 sec ago
IssueExpand \Drupal\Core\Path\AliasStorageInterface to allow saving from a \Drupal\Core\Url object tim.plunkett823 min 58 sec ago
IssueError when rendering a node, but the galleria element is not displayed for any reason Aron Novak1324 min 13 sec ago
Issueis FlagDeleteEvent necessary? joachim724 min 19 sec ago
IssueCode comment typo in HttpExceptionSubscriberBase & StackedKernelPassTest aneek324 min 33 sec ago
IssueHow to display comment mikesimmons325 min 3 sec ago
Issue[D7] Field Bulk Delete manikaprasanth1725 min 25 sec ago
IssueFilters and special chars titouille425 min 46 sec ago
OrganizationDrupalJedi WarSib027 min 30 sec ago
IssueAdding field bulk delete manikaprasanth127 min 43 sec ago
IssueSource language of metatag strings changes to the default language of the site drupov628 min 21 sec ago
Releasedevel_php_ace 7.x-1.x-dev zaporylie030 min 13 sec ago
IssueMissing return $this in FieldConfigBase::setSetting and setConstraints Arla330 min 45 sec ago
Issuegetting _gaq is undefined error in IE dianacastillo1031 min 4 sec ago
IssueCannot translate metatags after last update anymore mas0h4733 min 42 sec ago
Issue[D7] Variable Editor fabian.fernandes_302034 min 49 sec ago
IssueProvide an API for sending extra metadata to marketo for each user Sam152235 min 17 sec ago
Module projectDevel PHP Ace Editor zaporylie035 min 30 sec ago
IssueDrop reserved status when not checked out melihyayli136 min 1 sec ago