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IssueFix default value of author in \Drupal\comment\CommentStatistics::create() andypost1223 min 33 sec ago
IssueUI Improvement smccabe1324 min 10 sec ago
Forum topicHow to update entity field value computerbarry424 min 53 sec ago
IssueMissing "Cancel" icon after voting ExTexan127 min 7 sec ago
IssueMinify AJAX requests Niremizov129 min 50 sec ago
IssueViews field role permission Summit230 min 14 sec ago
IssueError on feature edit page when configuration missing from feature nedjo335 min 41 sec ago
IssueReview Velir for Drupal Services listing VelirMarketing436 min 3 sec ago
IssuePercentage based discounts : validation needs to be elsewhere Alienpruts2736 min 3 sec ago
IssueAdd group page to menu from group edit form ceng336 min 14 sec ago
IssuePHP notice for single value image field configured with a default image (no image present) and a hidden label jonasdk939 min 7 sec ago
IssueChanging layout to "fluid 2 columns stacked" resulted in crash MihaiMiculescu2641 min 18 sec ago
IssueDrupal 7 upgrade error mfby2k443 min 15 sec ago
IssueImage Module Throwing Bogus "Access Denied" Message For Private File Requests BrettSh743 min 38 sec ago
Issueissue in implementing hook_ds_field_settings_alter chandan.chaudhary743 min 49 sec ago
IssueWarning: array_filter() expects parameter 1 to be array iorgos447 min 27 sec ago
IssueSet a URL parameter and have it returned by Facebook leewoodman1648 min 8 sec ago
IssueAjax HTTP 200 Error ExTexan148 min 26 sec ago
IssueUndefined index "type" when seeing a node using the field_slideshow AndrackOSnack650 min 3 sec ago
IssueDisplay order/weight of fields incorrect philipz2652 min 3 sec ago
Releaseds 7.x-2.x-dev swentel052 min 3 sec ago
IssueBean WYSIWYG internal uuid links for images/media/file delalis253 min 12 sec ago
IssueCompatibility settings other than "all" causes Discount+Coupon to be removed mishac1653 min 38 sec ago
IssuePort to Drupal 8 Cottser2455 min 11 sec ago
IssueComment_Status jaf66155 min 53 sec ago