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Forum topicGet termid for current page for a given vocabulary? Jelmer8523 hours 53 min ago
IssueUsers view relation to payments gives error ecvandenberg23 hours 58 min ago
IssueFeeds importer creates only one position instead of 369 [FIXED] leramulina23 hours 58 min ago
IssueAdditionally save facebook user id bellhof64 hours 4 min ago
IssueLet HTML be in price formatters joelpittet64 hours 4 min ago
Releaseweight 8.x-3.0-beta1 davisben04 hours 10 min ago
Releaseweight 8.x-3.x-dev davisben04 hours 10 min ago
IssueFiles are not saved to the directory specified in the field settings Pere Orga34 hours 14 min ago
IssueAllow user to cancel license aytee84 hours 22 min ago
IssueNew coders for Facet API Pretty Paths. Coder for dates and Coder for taxonomy without ID. uzlov124 hours 24 min ago
IssueAdd [https://www.vardot.com/blog/tags/drupalplanet] to Planet Drupal mohammadlafi54 hours 24 min ago
IssueSupport for temporary tables is broken nicsilva234 hours 29 min ago
IssueEmpty Database txarthur14 hours 31 min ago
Issue[D7] CHEE artematem124 hours 32 min ago
IssueInsert: MustardSeed video and trying to understand "Insert" NewSites34 hours 35 min ago
IssueAdd drush rules-revert msti104 hours 39 min ago
IssueProject Page Instruction / README.txt Instruction NewSites14 hours 39 min ago
IssueTaxonomy terms are not translated when enabling taxonomy translations emorency34 hours 39 min ago
IssueAdd base path provider plugins dasjo114 hours 41 min ago
IssueTest condition for whether to insert a link target NewSites14 hours 42 min ago
Forum topicContrib statistics: Reported installs and downloads NewSites14 hours 46 min ago
IssueWill not complete update to D7 codebase bobburns34 hours 48 min ago
Forum topicOpenideaL tokens bw1drup14 hours 49 min ago
Forum topicopenaid 7.x-2.1 bw1drup14 hours 50 min ago
Forum topicMoving Responsive Code to a Drupal Site/Theme Eash24 hours 51 min ago