The current maintainers are looking for new people to take ownership.

Bonjour Khalid

Ce module est un test

Entity Embed Link

This is a module that is meant to cleanly address the issue with Entity Embed that prevents images from being rendered as links:

This module is completely unmaintained, and will hopefully become unnecessary in the future once the issue is fixed.


This module wraps the Hamcrest and Mockery PHP testing libraries using the Libraries API.

Message Private

The Message Private module provides a message type and associated entity reference fields, enabling sending and receiving private messages using The Message Stack.


The module provides a bridge between Drupal and Vue.js framework.

This module does nothing on its own. There is no need to install this module unless another module requires it.

Use the following Drush commands if you want to install the libraries locally:

drush vuejs-download vue
drush vuejs-download vue-router
drush vuejs-download vue-resource


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