Content Tree

The Content Tree module enables you to organize your site's content in a big, fast, unlimited-depth hierarchy of arbitrary content types.

Authcache Boost Storage Backend

This is a proof-of-concept on how to integrate Authcache with Boost. This module used to be part of Authcache, but was subsequently moved to its own project because it was blocking a stable release (see #2349495: Move Authcache Boost to its own project).


Quiz Drag and Drop

This is the new home for the Quiz Drag and Drop question type.


Force TFA

This module is a helper module for Two Factor Authentication ( and specifically the TFA_basic module (

It creates the ability to require Two Factor Authenticaion on a role while still allowing the user to log in and set up TFA without being locked out. The current TFA_basic plugins module will automatically lock out all users with the permission "Require TFA process" who have not already set up TFA.

Hosting Webhooks

Provides simple webhook endpoints for Aegir.

This module will provide endpoints that allow third party services (like GitHub) to trigger task creation (like git pull) in your Aegir or DevShop server.

The vision of this module is to be as simple as possible with no dependencies, that is meant solely for triggering tasks.

For a more robust API, see


Dcart Search API

Faceted product catalog for Dcart module based on Search API module.
Incompleted, don't use on production!


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