country state

This module consist to create country state field on contents types.
The display of this fields will be a dropdown select lists country/state.
I have created new views filter handler to combine those two sub-fields (country/state) in filter widget.

Frontpage Layout Manager

The Frontpage Layout Manager module helps you to dynamically alter and modify your frontpage layout with smooth drag and drop. The layout can be configured to read in nodes from any views existing in the system and it helps format the fields and images into rows and columns to create layouts as desired. Two different layouts can be created for desktop and mobile. Blocks existing in the system can be dragged and dropped into any position in the layout.

Scald leaflet map player

Scald leaflet map player is a player module to render scald maps with leaflet.

It now got incorporated in scald_map module.

Content Tree

The Content Tree module enables you to organize your site's content in a big, fast, unlimited-depth hierarchy of arbitrary content types.

Authcache Boost Storage Backend

This is a proof-of-concept on how to integrate Authcache with Boost. This module used to be part of Authcache, but was subsequently moved to its own project because it was blocking a stable release (see #2349495: Move Authcache Boost to its own project).


Quiz Drag and Drop

This is the new home for the Quiz Drag and Drop question type.



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