Google Wallet Objects

Provides some integration with the Google Wallet Objects API.

Provides an admin interface to input credentials. Provides hooks and form elements for displaying "Add to Google Wallet" buttons.

Requires Libraries and the google-api-php library from GitHub.

Example usage to generate a button:

Date weekpicker

Weekpicker widget for date fields (select lists for week and year).

Approach inspired by the datepicker module.

I will not release this as a full project, contact me if you want to!


A distribution to enable core profiling.


Request desktop site

Web browsers on mobile devices can request the desktop version of a Web site. This module provides a simple function to respond to that choice within code or a template. You do not need Browscap or anything else.

The code is designed for performance, not all the fancy flexibility of Browscap based approaches.

View Own Unpublished

View Own Unpublished

Note: I created this module for a project in which I needed this, but probably I won't need it again so I hope there is someone who can take over maintenance. The code is pretty trivial though, it should keep working as long as the Drupal permissions API doesn't change.

country state

This module consist to create country state field on contents types.
The display of this fields will be a dropdown select lists country/state.
I have created new views filter handler to combine those two sub-fields (country/state) in filter widget.


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