This module wraps the Hamcrest and Mockery PHP testing libraries using the Libraries API.

RedHen Asset

RedHen Asset creates an Entity which allows RedHen CRM users to create bundles for different types of Assets which can be tracked using Connections.

This is a drupal 8 module. There is no planned drupal 7 release scheduled.

We are looking for maintainers, please contact @arosboro to assist in maintaining this project.

Views data export - HTML support

This module provides an HTML output format for the Views data export module, allowing an export into a simple form of HTML.

The main use case is printing a view displaying lots of items, and whose output is quite heavy to render. Using the batched export and the HTML format allows to obtain plain HTML code and style it as needed.

Pink living room

The ultiate living room

Pink living room


Connecting to the external database(both drupal or non drupal database tables )and creating views and displaying as a page or block


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