My homepage content type

Sets up a new homepage content type and a template for it.

It uses Bootstrap 3 markup.

D7 to D8 XML Blog import

XML Import from blog posts from an old D7 site to a new D8 site.

URL patterns special chars

It parses the URL and if it finds a potential encoded query string it tries to go there. It means that in URL alias patterns we can now use "url?key=[term]".

All In One Backup

Screen 1

Drupal 8

This module will provide interface to export the database and files of the project.

Currently, it is supporting Database export functionality.

Features :

It will export the database if your server have disabled the exec command. However, if your server do not enable the "mysqldump" command then it will not allow to export the database.

Installation :

Drupal (jembree)

Patches applied are:


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