This is a site form to generate json from a node


A simple project to create a drupal form with site api key field and a generate a json data for any created node.

Entity Embed Link

This is a module that is meant to cleanly address the issue with Entity Embed that prevents images from being rendered as links:

This module is completely unmaintained, and will hopefully become unnecessary in the future once the issue is fixed.

Evanced Signup

Helps users discover library events from Evanced SignUp hosted system.

Views simple timeline

Views timeline

This module is deprecated in favor of A simple timeline. It has been merged on the 8.x branch of A simple timeline.

Views timeline provide a Views style plugins to display views row as a timeline. You can choose to display rows with fields and customize each field as you want with standard options provided by Views. Or you can choose to display row with a view mode.

Node creator system details

Node Creator System Details By module saves node author system details. This is
very helpful in sites where particular node author details(browser, IP, operating system) report.


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