Node Access Grants


The Drupal node access grants system has been more or less unchanged since the beginning. However, with Drupal 8, we can and should start leveraging the OOP and service oriented architecture for things like this.

This module defines a simple interface which needs to be implemented by a tagged service in order to play with access grant system, namely the hook_node_grants() and hook_node_access_records() implementations.

Language HTML5 validation

Apply HTML5 validation in all forms with drupal language navegation

Default path aliases


This sandbox module allows you to import your (custom) path aliases by extending the default content module.

As of right now, path aliases are not exported automatically because they are not (part of) an entity.
The following issues are aiming to solve the problem:

Drupal Multisite Automated

Drupal Multi Site is an Application to Automate Multi Site Creation like wordpress multi site blog. You could provide users a folder based site and sub domain based site as well.

Social Locker


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