Testaments / Testimonials with Ratings

Testaments Submission Form

Testimonials along with Ratings facility is provided by this module.

Module for testimonials also provides a standard block with form for developers. This form can be easily used to integrate in order to collect the Testimonials from the

A standard view with Testimonials listing is provided. One can use this to either modify or create a new one with its referrence.

Default standard permissions are set and handeled.

Ratings facility is provided so that user can vote the stars. Ratings is considered in 5 Star fashion.

Node Flag Counter

This Module Will allow To display custom buttons Flag.

Votingapi Widgets

D8 Logo

Votingapi Widgets

A flexible field based Voting System based on https://www.drupal.org/project/votingapi .

You need Drupal Version >= 8.2.3. (Multiple form instances on a page)



Sponsored by b-connect GmbH

Feedback Company

The FeedbackCompany

This is module is created to implement a simple Feedback Company setup.
There are two usage scenario's.

  • Add a block to a node page and let the block show all feedback or filtered feedback (if available).
  • Call _feedback_company_load_feedback() to load the HTML yourself and use it anywhere you like.

Do you want to use the returned data yourself?
Feel free and look at the available hooks inside feedback_company.api.php.


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