SHS Extra

This module extends Simple Hierarchical Select to add more functionalities through the UI. I've created this module because there is an understanding that SHS should be kept simple. However, features that are added by SHS will be removed from this module.

Currently, this module adds the following features to SHS:


Imagepin with Slick slideshow

A module for pinning widgets on images

Quick start

  • Install this module.
  • Go to the "Manage display" section of your content type and choose the view mode where you'd like the pins to be displayed.
  • This module gives you the option for enabling users to pin widgets for the Image and Responsive image formatter. Enable it as you like.
  • Choose a proper image style for dragging the pins around and optionally set a breakpoint for mobile and desktop resolutions.

Conversational Forms

Integration with Space10's Conversational Forms JS library.

This plug and play module converts a traditional webform into conversational interfaces. Every field can be individually configured for questions, errors and validations.

More reading

This module is functional but not complete.

Content Image Hotspots


This module provides an extensible way to allow images to have buttons that
trigger overlays. It supplies a field type that can be added anywhere you can
add and render fields.

Link Types

To create your own type of link you will need to register it with a hook and
create your form and display functions.

Currently supported are:

SVG image field

SVG Image Field

This module adds a new field, widget and formatter, which allows .svg file extension to be uploaded.

Module based on core Image and File modules and contrib svg_formatter. In formatter settings you can set default image size and enable alt and title attributes.


Image is provided already by core [no dependencies].


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