Workflow State Configuration

workflow state config page

Workflow State Configuration
- Workflow State Config is a module for the configuration of workflow state as "Publish" and "Default Revision".
- Module is required by "Workflow Moderation" to managing the node revisions.

Configuration Details

  • Published - When content reaches this state it should be published.
  • DefaultRevision - When content reaches this state it should be made the
    default revision; this is implied for published states.

Module Dependency
- Workflow

Bibcite Pubmed

This module provides import plugin for a module Bibcite which allows to fetch and update Bibliography posts from Pubmed.

Font Awesome CDN

The aim of this project is to provide a simple interface for site administrators to integrate the new Font Awesome CDN embed code, without the need to edit theme files or create custom modules.

Bootstrap Carousel Entities

A simple and lightweight Bootstrap Carousel / Slider formatter for Images and Entities fields.
Requirements: Bootstrap Theme

Simple Lazyloader

Simple Lazyloader is a module, which provides integration of jQuery Lazyloader ( with some basic options such as:
- activate/deactivate the lazy load;
- apply lazy load to all images;
- apply lazy load to specific content types, custom block types or taxonomy terms;


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