Panels Visibility Variable

Allows showing/hiding a panel pane based on a variable value.
Includes an example on how to write a module that creates a UI for custom variables manipulation, but you can always use 'drush vset' to experiment.


Image blocks

This module provides re-usable 'image blocks' blocks that can display images pulled in from specified accounts from social media image providers (currently) Flickr, Instagram.

Each block can (currently) be configured to:

CKE Placeholder

CKE Placeholder screenshot

CKE Placeholder is a plugin module that allows for easy addition of widgets to insert in CKEditor enabled long text fields in a way that is intuitive to the editor and easily themeable for the developer. The elements are inserted as CKEditor widgets that does not interfere with the rest of the content. It is saved as an HTML comment, so in case the module is disabled, the content will just not show up.

Quick presentation:

[D8] Morecomments

More Comments module replaces the default pager of comments with a button that loads the next page of comments using ajax. This module is under development. Will created issue once it is done. This is the port from D7 version to D8.

Background Video

This Background Video module allows to play video in the background of the page. To play video background in the background what you have to do is just specify
the name of the class to which you want to add the background video. There are some other specification like Loop the video, where to place the controls
like play/pause and mute/unmute, Autoplay video when the page loads etc.

Commerce track order

Commerce Track Order
A module providing a graphical representation of order status.
This module is very useful for sites with ecommerce.
It will be helpful for users who need to track multiple orders.


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