Reference Swiper


This module integrates the Swiper JS library as a field formatter for entity reference fields. Swiper is basically a powerful and modern slider plugin, which also supports swiping on devices with touch screen.
From the Swiper project's Website:

Twitter Filter


Module provides a text filter to automatically convert Twitter #hashtags and @usernames into links.

D7 version of a very similar module can be found at kika's sandbox.

Customer Details

This Is module for to create a Content type i.e. Customer Details and also returns a Table of its data. So you can easily manage the Customer's Name, Address, About etc.

Term Content

Term content is a simple administration UI to manage (sort/filter) Taxonomy term's content

Why Term Content ?

There is no any way to customize the term content's order in drupal, most of the times we are using nodequeue module to order the nodes. It is very hard to manage the content in both nodequeue and taxonomy, This module might solve the problem. we can easily customize the node's order based on the terms and also we could list the nodes in views based on the custom orders.

For more details Check README.txt file.


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