View Own Unpublished

View Own Unpublished

Note: I created this module for a project in which I needed this, but probably I won't need it again so I hope there is someone who can take over maintenance. The code is pretty trivial though, it should keep working as long as the Drupal permissions API doesn't change.

Pileup Panes

This module is an extension of Owl Carousel.
The main idea is to group desired panes in one container so you will be able to apply Owl Carousel to grouped panes.

Social feed field

This is a placeholder for the Social feed field module.

This module makes it possible for editors to create a list of social media posts in a entity that are combined and ordered by created date from several different social media channels.

Social feed field is sponsored and maintained by Finalist and initially developed for Maastricht University.

Menu introvert

Hide menu blocks on pages that aren't part of the menu itself.

Say you have a short guide with six nodes of type page in a custom menu. You only want this menu to be visible when you are within one of these six pages. That's what introvert refers to. It keeps the menu to itself, its own context. Configure your block as usual and enable the option Hide menu block outside of menu.

Responsive Frames

This is a simple module that provides a text format filter that wraps frames (iframes by default, but can be configured to work with other types of frames like embed) around containing divs and optionally provides CSS to make the frames responsive (with the limitation of a fixed aspect ratio, also configurable per text format). Essentially this module makes frames (most commonly videos) behave like images with the width of 100%.


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