Link to entity

This Drupal module provides two field formatter for displaying entity reference field.

Link entity belongs to formatter

Link entity belongs to formatter link the current entity to the entity it belongs to. for example, terms in the tags if you want to redirect to node instead of term page.


Node System Links

The Node System Links module (nodesyslinks) provides an input filter which converts internal node links from their aliased path to their system path.

In an ideal world the formatter would look to see if there is an internal aliased node link and will convert it to /node/99.

Let's say you have an Article content type with a body field, and the body field contains links which have been added via the WYSIWYG editor. The links will pretty much always have been added to point to an aliased path, e.g. rather than a system path such as


Common Body Class

Common Body Class allows users to add classes to any page through the an interface.
The interface has options to select multiple user roles as well as pages where the class can be rendered.


Enable the module
To add a class to a page(s), simply visit the configuration page at Administration > Structure > Common Body Class

Add an issue for more!

Nodequeue migrate

This is a module for migrating Drupal 7 Nodequeue data into Drupal 8 Entityqueue data.

Timeline Styles

Timeline Styles module will provide a content type with fields and some View Modes. It will also provide a view with different Display Formatters. User can create a timeline of his own choice using provided View Modes and Display Formatters.

Inline Tabs

This light-weight module gives the user the opportunity to create tabs using the wysiwyg.
By using a double asteriks the word after that wil become the title of the tab. Lines underneath are seen as a section.

This module is part of the Dimpact WIM Dutch municipal build for website and intranet.


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