XML sitemap Http Cache

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XML sitemap Http Cache (drush en -y xhc) adds the /xhc/cache_sitemap path to your website, it will generate http cache from xml sitemap files, for Nginx Fastcgi cache or any other http caching generation mechanism comaptible with Curl requests.



Extra "Inline" formatting option by HTML Diff module

HTML Diff is an extension of the Diff module. While the Diff module itself only compares the source code of two revisions, HTML Diff lets you compare the rendered HTML code visually - like WYSIWYG. This should enable non-technical editors to review diffs without dealing with HTML tags.

HTML Diff ignores HTML attributes like class, id, style...etc. It only takes care of usual HTML tags like p, div, ul, li, strong, h1, h2.. etc.


Block Attributes

Screenshot of the Block Attributes configuration fields added by the module on the Block Configuration forms.

The Block Attributes module allows users to specify additional HTML attributes for blocks, through the block's configuration interface, such as class, id, style, title and more.

It appeared the ability for users to configure Blocks' HTML ID, classes or custom styles has been a recurring request (for quite some time). Therefore, this module attempts to provide a solution for these cases and support more HTML attributes for blocks.


DS Tabbed Layouts

Similar to DS Extra Layouts, this module provides a number of new layouts for Display Suite, but all of these layouts are CSS3-based tabbed layouts that transform into accordion regions at a certain breakpoint.

index page

provides a blank page as that is not a node. can not be deleted nor unpublished by mis-educated content editor's.

config path*: admin/appearance/index-page

note*: this alternative UI for frontpage variable is to provide a simplified UI for Editors who might be "occasionally required to alter the frontpage...'

Sets /index for front page. uninstall attempts to return to /node or /. [Same basic logic as core initially uses on install]


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