CKEditor Table Tools Toolbar

This module integrates the CKEditor Table Tools Toolbar plugin.

It provides a plugin for CKEditor 4, that add toolbar's groups with buttons relevant to tabletools plugin's table's context menu items actions.


This module requires to install the CKEditor "Table Tools Toolbar" plugin.

How to install dependencies via composer

  1. Add ckeditor/tabletoolstoolbar repositories to your `composer.json`.


in English :
This is module add the cross content features.
You can link each node with others nodes (from several content types).

as you can see on the screenshot, there is some features :
- Load cross content by taxonomie term.
- Load cross content by selecting items on the edit form of the node.
- Fix number of items to load.
- Which content types to load.

Bonjour Khalid

Ce module est un test

Excel LibXL

This module provides an Excel encoder via LibXL Library (commerce) for the Drupal 8 Serialization API. This enables the XLS and XLSX format to be used for data output.

Translatable menu link uri


This tiny module allows content editor to override link field from custom menu items.
The major reason behind this is a scenario, where user want to have different URL, depending on language.

Real life use case is scenario, where we are linking to external, static content (like PDF file), which cannot be translated locally.
It's really rare, but sometimes it happens :)


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