Text Rotator Filter


Text Rotator Filter is a very simple and lightweight module giving node author a filter to create a 'text rotator' effect.
It does so by integrating Simple Text Rotator jQuery plugin with text format filters.

You can see it in action on this page: http://freelance-drupal.com

Link target

This module allows you to add a target to link fields.

You can configure the link target per link if you select the appropriate field widget in the field settings.

Dropcap ckeditor plugin

dropcap configuration


This module extend ckeditor plugin to insert dropcap and Improve the content authoring experience by using CKEditor's new widget interface.

-- Requirements --
* [CKEditor Drupal module](http://drupal.org/project/ckeditor)

Entity Tools

Have you ever thought about this?

// Returns an array of Nodes for a content type, using the current user language.
// Renders a teaser.
$service->getNodeView('1', 'teaser');

Ok, I want the same for terms, users, blocks, views! And btw, give me something for my links.


This module does nothing on its own, it provides helpers as Services to quickly implement common programming tasks like:


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