Paragraphs Browser

Paragraphs Browser provides a form widget for the Paragraphs module. The widget displays a browser within a modal where paragraph types are grouped by user defined categories, and provide optional description and image fields for the browser display. Multiple browser types can be defined and paragraph types may be grouped differently in each. An example implementation of a browser may include the following groups: Banners, Galleries, Slideshows, Text, Media, Lists.


Revisions UI Extras


  • Adds extra information to the node form to warn that the entire node and all revisions will be deleted.
  • Changes the button text on the node edit form to specify that the whole node will be removed.
  • Workbench Moderation support: This is where the main functionality of the module comes from. When on a Workbench Moderation draft an extra button is added to the node edit form which allows the user to delete just that draft and keep the rest of the node.


Demo sandbox1

Demo from screen cast https://vimeo.com/20459209

Widget Page Builder

A module designed to make it simple for content editors to create beautiful, flexible pages. Instead of having to include complex HTML into a body field, the site builder creates widgets that can have variations in layout, design, and functionality. Each widget variation has a template file where the site builder has full control over the HTML in a twig template file in the theme.


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