The CodeMirror editor

This module integrates the CodeMirror editor into Drupal's textareas.

Paragraphs Horizontal Rule

A simple paragraph type that allows the user to insert a horizontal rule <hr> into the page.

By default there are two possible horizontal rule 'types' (CSS classes) that can be applied to the paragraph.

  • Thin (hr--thin)
  • Thick (hr--thick)

These values can be altered via the hook_paragraphs_hr_allowed_values_alter function.


Blank Node Title

List Style Type

Admin form for controlling multi-level list style types.


This module provides a field that can be added to entities, which allows editors to control the list-style-types for the ordered lists in the content, on a page-by-page basis. Editors can use this field to affect nested lists to as deep a level as they'd like.

Use case

This module is intended for the (very specific) use-case where site editors need an easy way to control the list-style-types for all of the ordered lists appearing on one page.

For example, if the lists on one page should look like this...

Asynchronous Paragraph Translations

The Drupal 8 asynchronous paragraph translations module provides a Paragraphs widget for creating and editing asynchronous paragraph translations on multi-language Drupal sites. It helps to overcome content moderation and synchronous translation issues for classic paragraphs.


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