Content Lock Log

Provide the ability to log locking events on content using the content_lock module.

Search Index

The core search module disregards use cases when Drupal sites need to have only certain content types indexed. It scans all nodes of all existing content types, regardless if some of them are never meant to be searchable, and so adds a lot of unnecessary processing load during indexing and inserts a lot of extra data in the database, which will never be used.


Data record

Place holder.

Your client wants some data in Drupal, not really what you'd call content, and perhaps it doesn't live canonically in Drupal. You're not sure how this will go, but you know that you want entity and field configuration separate from your main content model.

Maybe that's all you want - just a custom entity - maybe that's all this module will do!

But maybe also you want:


iZooto Integration for Web Push Notifications


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