System Entity

System entity seeks to provide configuration and export on individual entities, dubbed "system entities", that should not be created by content managers and have unique functionality/appearance per entity. The module is based on a machine name field that provides a semantic unique identifier per entity. This opens the door for special purpose entities that do not have common configuration or content layout with other entities as provided with Drupal's entity type/bundle scheme.


A lightweight quiz module featuring videos.


Place the quizard module in your modules directory.
Navigate Manage > Extend, and enable Quizard.


Test project for module development

Test project for module development.

CKE Placeholder

CKE Placeholder screenshot

CKE Placeholder is a plugin module that allows for easy addition of widgets to insert in CKEditor enabled long text fields in a way that is intuitive to the editor and easily themeable for the developer. The elements are inserted as CKEditor widgets that does not interfere with the rest of the content. It is saved as an HTML comment, so in case the module is disabled, the content will just not show up.

Quick presentation:


Using Faker module to generate sensible content during development.



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