Bean Tamer

BEAN Tamer aims to add some very simple changes to make BEAN a little more user friendly by redirecting any attempt to access the default add block page to the add BEAN page. BEAN Tamer also adds the custom configuration display options when managing the BEAN title in DS.

Dedupe Content

Dedupe Content, find and check the duplicated content allowing you to remove base on different fields.

Emoji Scrub

Emoji Scrub goes through text fields and removes any possible emojis. This is needed to not error out.

To test the project:
1) Enable Emoji Scrub
2) Create a node with emojis in a text field (ie body) or create a term with an emoji in the description
3) Rejoice at no emojis in content.
4) If you want to get fancy, you can replace the emoji with a string.
5) Visit admin/config/content/emoji_scrub
6) Put in a string
7) Edit/create a piece of content with emoji.
8) Emoji should be replaced by string.

Test Module GS

This is a test


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