Book Cache

Book cache is a drop in performance improvement for the book module. Book is very expensive when it comes to calculating the previous, next, and parent links for use in rendering at the bottom of the page. By hijacking core's uncache-able version of this function, book cache is able to serve up the results from cache bins instead of calculated at run time.


UStudio integration

The module provide integration to Ustudio — a SAAS for video management. This module provides:


Field Group Tab Select

Field type "Horizontal tabs group"

This module auto selects the first tab with content when using field type "Horizontal Tabs Group".

Preview Sync

4 steps into preview sync

Aims to solve the holy grail of Drupal problems - site preview. It does this in a different manner to all other preview systems that currently exist in Drupal.


Biblio WorldCat Search integration

Integrates with Biblio module's node add form to look up a citation from the WorldCat Open Search API and prefill the Biblio form with values from the selected entry.


Knowledge Graph

The Knowledge Graph Module allows to build schemas from using the field ui. A schema can be used to
map content type fields and properties as a schema property and output it as JSON-LD in the HTML head.



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