Includes general e-commerce modules and modules developed to enhance the e-commerce modules

This module adds tracking and communication service to your website.

Uc Cart link Remover

You can remove the links of Ubercart checkout page products.

platon payment

Integration payment method for Payment

Process URL: /platon/process
Success URL: /platon/success
Error URL: /platon/error

Paypal INR

A paypal module to integrate with Drupal core which support for INR ( indian rupees ).

Commerce RBK Money

Provides an interface for making payments via RBK Money payment system
- copy module folder in /sites/all/modules
- turn it on at the page /admin/build/modules in “Commerce (payment)” section
- set permission for module here admin/people/permissions
- go to the admin/commerce/config/rbkmoney
- copy URL from "Payment notification URL" field and paste it in "Payment notification" field at the RBK Money merchant settings page
- enter your site ID (from RBK Money merchant settings page)


Clerk IO

Module for integration with

Still unstable


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