Includes general e-commerce modules and modules developed to enhance the e-commerce modules

E-MAILiT Share Buttons

Updates 9/29/2015. A supercharged update, bringing you the best mobile and desktop social sharing experience.

E-MAILiT provides a free, creative solution which allows publishers to utilize influential features straightforwardly into their sites by means of a completely customizable environment. The E-MAILiT service smartly combines a mixture of share buttons, media solutions, analytics, and much more, empowering publishers to build site hits, helping client engagement, enabling simple sharing and promoting of their content, by focusing on their sharers.

Commerce Payment Methods Field

A simple field that displays available payment options based on the current user's order. For use on checkout with the help of Commerce Checkout Field Group module that would allow the customer to select a payment gateway before the payment pane. An attempt is planned to set the default payment gateway on the user's order on save.

Commerce Billy PDF Extend


This module extends Commerce Billy PDF, providing users the possibility to use tokens in PDF invoice header, text and footer.

Beside tokens related to Current date, Current page, Current user or Site information, tokens related to Commerce Order can also be used.
Furthermore, the module provides 2 custom tokens to get the order subtotal or VAT value.


This is a complete rip-off fork of the work done by mklinx for his Zazzle project ( except that it feeds data off of a RedBubble account RSS feed instead of a Zazzle feed. It imports all products from your RedBubble store into a drupal database table and makes that data available via Views. From there you can display the products any way you wish.

Commerce Cart Context Product Type

commerce cart context product type

Inspired from commerce cart context module. This module provides a context condition that allows you to check whether a user's shopping cart contains a specific product type or not.

You could use this to show a view block of listing product only if the user already have another specific product in his/her cart.


Commerce QBO UI

Commerce QBO UI Preview

An admin-configurable UI that allows site maintainers to set up when, how and what kind of data gets sent to their QuickBooks Online account. This module is being written in an effort to provide a non-coding solution for integration to the popular account software where none currently exist. Commerce QBO UI provides the following features:


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