Includes general e-commerce modules and modules developed to enhance the e-commerce modules

Lucky Orange

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  • Eliminate the guesswork of optimizing your website for more sales.
  • Watch recordings of real visitors to your website, and see why they did not convert.
  • Gain insight into all areas of your site's usability with Chat, Recordings, Form Analytics, Heat Maps, Polls, and more.

Plugnpay Payment


Integrates the Plugnpay gateway by providing a payment method for the Payment module.


This module provides a framework to detect potentially fraudulous orders and act on this.

This module provides:

Downloads connector

This module enables you to incorporate content from into your site using Blocks.

It requires an active account that has been configured to enable web services.


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This module allows users to store the NovaPoshta cities/warehouses data in the database, using NovaPoshta API v2.0.



Betaout - All-in-one Ecommerce Marketing Software

Betaout helps you understand your customers like never before; personalize every marketing message across different channels and effortlessly create amazing on-site engagement apps with precise targeting and that too without any help from your technical team.

Betaout empowers ecommerce marketers to:


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