Includes general e-commerce modules and modules developed to enhance the e-commerce modules

Commerce Shipping Cart Estimate

Estimate your shipping form in its block.

Commerce Shipping Cart Estimate defines a form for estimating shipping charges in a block that can be placed on the shopping cart page. It requires customers to supply an administrative area and postal code and then returns the shipping services that may be available to that customer.

Since it is only adding partial data to the cart order's customer profiles, it may not be compatible with all shipping methods. Additionally, it only currently supports U.S. and Canadian state / province selection.



With quickpay-payment, you are able to integrate your QuickPay gateway to your Drupal Commerce install. With a wide list of API features including secure capturing, refunding and cancelling payments directly from your Drupal store's transaction view. This is only a part of the many features found in this plugin.

Exchange Rate API

This module gives some elements to developers to allow them to convert from one currency to another.

Commerce EDOST

Provides integration with

Commerce Brightpearl

 Sum of all parts image to ilustrate Brightpearl functionality


Brightpearl is an ERP system that exists to help SMB multi-channel on and offline retailers accelerate their growth and profits.

It allows retailers to manage orders, inventory, customer data and accounting in a single, reliable retail management system.

Brightpearl provides real-time reports on inventory, cash flow, profitability by SKU and channel, customer purchase behaviour and more.
It allows retailers to focus on what they love - merchandising and growing their business.



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