Includes general e-commerce modules and modules developed to enhance the e-commerce modules

Facet API Colors

Turns facet links into color boxes.

This is a replacement for old unsupported module, that was removed from

Commerce Atol Integration

This module provides online registering of checkout receipts, created in your internet shop, via Atol service ( according to the last edition of Russian Federation federal law №54-FZ (

Commerce Exit Bee


This is a contribution to Drupal Commerce. This module adds the possibility to send the order data to the Exit Bee service.
This helps you determine the generated revenue from all your website users that have converted on your Exit Bee campaigns.


Rules implementation which let you control when to send the tracking code to Exit Bee. This is useful if you redirect the user to a different page than the default checkout complete page.

Payment field

The field_payment field automatically creates a payment entity when the entityform type to which the field is attached is submitted. These payments are set up using the Payment module (

This project was built because the paymentreference module did not meet the requirements for an implementation of the Payment module in an entityform type.


ECPay is a 3rd party payment from Green World FinTech Service.
This module implement the payment via Payment API, and provide ability to use ECPay in Ubercart

Commerce Braintree Marketplace

Extends commerce_braintree module to leverage the Braintree marketplace transactions API.


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