Includes general e-commerce modules and modules developed to enhance the e-commerce modules

Commerce quotation

This module's aim is to provide quotation functionality to Drupal commerce. It allows privileged users to create quotations of available commerce products and send those to other users. The other user then can confirm the quotation, or (if permissions given) shop for other products and request a new quote.

Commerce Card

Commerce Card

Commerce Card works as a drop-in addition to your current Drupal commerce credit card form. It utilizes Jesse Pollak's Javascript library:

This module is in early development stages and should not be used on product sites unless it is thoroughly tested.However, testing and input is welcome.

This module is not a payment gateway. Rather, it is an addition to your existing payment gateway module to add additional features.


Double Entry Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping provides double entry bookkeeping inside Drupal. This can be integrated with any system via the API or Rules to keep track of the movement of money between accounts. Comes with a basic integration with Drupal Commerce.

This data can then be exported for import into out accounting systems.


Commerce Payment GPG

This module provides GPG Checkout (Tunisia) ( integration for payment . GPG Checkout is a payment service provider (a kind of payment gateway with only two methods E-dinar with tunisian post and debit cards with SMT). With this module enabled site owner can enable customers (more general visitors) to perform payments to the site owners GPG Checkout account. Depending on this customers can pay through Tunisian Credit or Debit Cards


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