Includes general e-commerce modules and modules developed to enhance the e-commerce modules

India Commerce Payu

PayU is very well known payment gateway in India.
This module is basically a gateway between a Drupal commerce website and PayU.

Commerce Todo Pago

Todo Pago logo

This project will integrate Todo Pago payment services into the Drupal Commerce payment and checkout systems.

Downloads Drupal Plugin Provides the Users the ablility to create their own online stores without leaving Drupal Powered Site. This feature is useful to give your users a reason to use your site and second it is designed just like in Drupal's Manner. So, it attracts and is useful also.

Internationalization for commerce product

Added filter by language


This module allow you to translate commerce products.
You need it if you have multilingual site with e-commerce via commerce module.


For using it you should already have installed the following modules:


Commerce discount cumulative

Commerce discount module does not give cumulative options, so all active discounts matching with conditions will be applied.

What the module does

  • Create field and instances in commerce_discount to choose if discount is cumulative or not.
  • Add condition rule to disallow discounts following settings.
  • Add action rule to remove previous discounts in case of "exclusive" setting.
  • Discounts are applied in the order of rules's weight.

Features available

A discount can be :


Commerce discount weight

By default, discounts from Commerce Discounts can be ordered thanks to rules UI, editing each rule.
This is not easy, plus editing rule flag discount as overriden.


This module helps you to change order of your discounts.

What the module does

  • This module add a weight field to commerce discount.
  • Saving discount, weight of the discount rule is updated.
  • A view is created to order discounts with drag and drop and is available on admin/commerce/store/discounts/weight as a tab of discounts overview.



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