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validate cellphone number in webform

Hi dears
I wanted to create a form for digital signature collection
In this way, the visitor enters his name and surname and mobile number in the different fields of form
And the mobile number is validated by sending a message to the same number and the visitor must enter that number in the specific field

I use Drupal 8 and "webform" and "Smsframework" for SMS

I needed your help to connect the SMSframework to the webform (For SMS validation part)

thank u

store XML in Drupal Form

I am following drupal docs to create a form, that stores XML. I only could find that, by default, it shows text-area field and user allowed text formats will be allowed.

I could not find anything that mentions XML, this is a required format for my project, anyone who understands Drupal is welcome for the suggestion.

How to get group node field values through custom development


I am using drupal 8 group module for differentiate the content at group level.

One of our custom development, we need to get the group node field values.



Expose the unpublished node into jsonapi


Is it possible to expose unpublished node into jsonapi.

if possible means, how to form the api structure.



Drupal 8 Bulk Edit Blocks

Currently on our Drupal 8 site we have a lot of content that makes use of Layout Builder.  We were wondering if there is a way to add an actions bar in the way that Views Bulk Operations actions dropdown works to our show all blocks view. (Content: Node operations bulk form)

Captcha D7

Just recently ran into an issue where the site is including a captcha_sid and captcha_token twice and they are different values. This is causing a reuse error. Google searching I found other reuse error cases but none that seems to apply to my instance.

<input type="hidden" name="captcha_sid" value="2286952" />

<input type="hidden" name="captcha_token" value="5638a7ed31fb98c597661ec8e71e4618" />


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