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Using premissions.yml not working in custom entity

After generating the code via Drupalconsole when I click on Extend or People it crashes with this message

How to create custom Selection Type for exposed filters

Hello all,

We are trying to find the best way to make a different selection type for exposed filters. Currently appear to only have Dropdown and Autocomplete, but we need a row of buttons for each option instead of a textbox or dropdown menu.

Can anyone point us in the right direction? I took a look at better exposed filters but it doesn't give us what we need.

I also looked at Webforms but I'm not sure that quite meets the requirements either.

Thanks so much,


Programmatically upload a file to a Drupal node


I am trying to upload audio files to Drupal nodes. The audio files are in the format 1-1.mp3, 1-2.mp3 and so and these files are saved in an array $uploaded_files.

I have to write a function to upload the files to the respective nodes. For example, if the audio file is 1-1.mp3, I have to upload it to an existing node of title 1.1.

Could you please let me know how can I do this? 


Save full url to file data entity type

Hello ! 

I need to add full url to data entity type "file" on database. At the time i have someting like <img alt=\"uu\" data-entity-type=\"file\" data-entity-uuid=\"9d0db8d2-64ee-48de-b2e2-5c6c92afce66\" src=\"\/sites\/default\/files\/inline-images\/logo_0.png\" \/>

And i need to have : 

How to create a link under configuration > content authoring


I am trying to add a link under configuration > content authoring but it does not display. 


Changing field widget programmatically under Manage Form Display


Please let me know how can I set the field widget property programmatically. Here is the screenshot of the Manage Form Display of my website, I am trying to set the widget of the field Positional Index to Simple Hierarchical Select programmatically..

Please let me know, thanks.


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