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views natural sort module issue


I installed views natural sort module and just after that i saw the following notice,

Notice: Undefined property: view::$exposed_data in views_natural_sort_handler_sort->query() (line 31 of /home/content/42/10617942/html/sites/all/modules/views_natural_sort/handlers/

plz help me.


Adding a variable to a node url

I have a Drupal 8 website with a URL like What I have done is add a variable to the URL, making it like

Create PDF file from a from data enter

Hi! I am new in drupal development, and i need some help.

I am traying to develop a module, that creates a PDF file, after y enter data to a form.
I downloaded PRINT MODULE but i dont find documentation about how use this module. Also i saw videos in youtube but it was useless for me, i suppose that is because i am new.

If someone could help me with some documentation or example i'll be grateful


Course tags and stakeholders

I am very new to Drupal and having to pick it up quickly here at work. I have a problem that I've been stuck on for half a day.

My question is: Once a specific stakeholder group in the "at a glance" box section has been tagged, the course should show up on that stakeholders page. I have 2 new courses that are not showing up, and courses that have been there a while are showing up.

How does this work? How can I get the courses to show up when tagged by the stakeholder?

Clearing cache of pages, where specific block is displayed

I need to clear cache of all pages where i inculde my custom block. A bit search gived me idea how to clean specific page cache, but i dont understand how to get list(array) of pages from visibility settings field to cycle it.

Thats how i clean cache for now:

  $url = url('<front>',  array('absolute' => TRUE));
  cache_clear_all($url, 'cache_page');


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