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Programmatically setting an entity reference field on node load

I have Content Type A, which represents individual product preview tiles on my site. I also have Content Type B, which represents individual pages on my site for which individual product tiles are displayed on.

For Content Type B (creating/editing a page), I have entity reference fields (field_tile_1, field_tile_2, field_tile_3) in the create/edit form that let me select any combination of 3 tiles (representing node instances of Content Type A) to be displayed in the rendered output (node) of Content Type B.

Custom autocomplete fields like FirstName LastName without the ids like [:nid] or [:eid]

I was having the issues all time to create custom autocomplete fields without the id(s) populated in the autocomplete field after selecting. How to do that in my custom form?

How to create a module who is displaying data from database


All is in the title, I'm starting on drupal 8, and i have to create a module who is displaying data from a database (mysql), I don't know how to make a good structure, what functions i need etc.

I already did a module "Hello World" to undertsand D8.

Need help


View Reference possible in D8?


lets imagine we created a few articles of content type "News". So we created an own view for it with a display type "page" to see ALL news entries. But what if we could like to show a news ticker maybe on the startpage? I would create a new display type "embed" with a few settings (For example limit it to 5 entries).

Now it would be nice if I could use something like "Entity Reference" to reference to this already renderer embed view in other content types editor. Is that possible?

Using Webform submissions in HTML code


I am trying to format the email sent from a webform. I have everything set up for the webform to send HTML mail when completed. My question is how can I add the submission tokens the webfrom uses into the HTML code.

For example:
When I try to bold this statement using the bold tag: Full name: [submission:values:full_name]
will output only "Full name:" in bold. Does anyone know the correct syntax for doing this?

Thanks everyone!


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