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Select option for languages in custom forms


I am trying to add a field where the languages could be selected from list of available languages in Drupal 8. The code to handle the language dropdown looks like:

$form['text_info']['fieldset']['source_formats']['selected_langcode'] = [
'#type' => 'language_select',
'#title' => $this->t('Language'),

'#languages' => \Drupal::service('language_manager')->getLanguages(),

But the form field is showing as (I have a screenshot):

Proper way to override a method in a Drupal/Core class

I am relatively new to developing with Drupal, and I hoped to get some information on the best way to approach a simple problem.

In efforts to add support for entity labels containing parentheses, I would like to alter the method call extractEntityIdFromAutocompleteInput($input) in the \Drupal\Core\Entity\Element\EntityAutocomplete class.  

D8 - Rest API - Taxonomy with hierarchy

In Drupal 8 (8.7.6), I would need to import several terms in a taxonomy dictionary. It is easy to create the terms at the “root” level, but when I try to create a term with a parent, the term is not created under the parent (but in the root).

Do you have any idea on how to solve the issue?


creating a functionnality to refresh page when clicking on a button


everything is in the title, I want to create a button that refreshes the page. I've checked on internet, but it's absolutly unclear to me mostly because I don't know how to integrate Javascript within a drupal 8 module. 

I guess other people's have being througth that. Could anyone of them help me ? 


Database query

Hello, I want to do a very basic query in my my_module.module  but i can't solve it. Someone could help me ?

I want to make an update of my table only for the more recent entry for a specified user. In sql, something like this :

UPDATE table
SET used = 'false'
WHERE bid = (SELECT MAX(bid) FROM table
WHERE uid = 1)

But I don't find any way to do this in drupal 8.

Thanks in advance.

PS: sorry for my bad english


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