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Ubercart Order View page


I am new to Drupal. Could you help me to create a new order view page for buyers. The default order view page has status change and admin comments addition button.


altering "from" field contact form

Hi there!

I have an issue with sending emails. From field looks wierd and different on different hosts:

1. Site name email configured in contact module settings in between less than greater than
2. =?UTF-8?B?bunch_of_random_letters_/_numbers=?

How and where could i set/alter from field to be like



Any help would be much appreciated

Admin section : Adding child content from within parent content page


I am new to drupal and have the following situation.

I have two content types
1) Question
2) Answer (which is a child of Question).

I can create an entity reference in the Question content type that links the question to the answer content type.

When I go to create a new Content of type Question, I can add x number of existing answers.

Is it possible that on the Question content page, i can create and associate answers as well rather than only being able to select existing answers.

Any suggestions will be must appreciated.

Panels - Show all panel variants on one page

Is it possible in any way to show all the variants on a certain page?

To give some more information on what I'm trying to achieve, our content authors want to be able to add multiple 'rows' to a page and each row can have it's own layout. Looking a the layout plugin module I could provide the differing 'row'-templates which can be selected as template on a certain variant in panels. But by default only one variant is shown on a certain page, if I could force panels to show all variants this could provide an solution for our workflow.


Which StorageDefinition (FieldType) for multiple entity autocomplete field?


I need to know, which type of storage definition I have to use, when i have an entity reference field.

My code: (Focus on "tags")

FieldType Definition:


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