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modify/remove 'go back to form' after webform submission

How do i modify/remove 'Go back to the form' on confirmation message after the user submits the form? i don't see many the users go back to the form. i want it to say 'Go back to the Homepage'.


automatically uninstall schema

hi there,

the documentation says schema's are automatically removed on module uninstall but that doesn't seem to be the case.

What do I do to make it happen automatically? It's a bit of a pain to constantly drop a table while developing


Module dependancies

If a module does not correctly list its dependencies in the info file
(both failing to list a dependency and listing something on which it is not actually dependant)

Can Drupal detect this?

Return a 'NEW' tag if node has been entered into the system within 48 hours. If it has been in there for longer 48, remove ''NEW

I have made a CSV module, that exports all data from within Drupal into a friendly CSV file so clients can read it. What I would love to do, is to add a 'Status" column, that will automatically have "NEW" if the event has been entered into Drupal within 48 hours of the launch date. After 48 hours has passed, the "NEW" tag should no longer apply

Here's an example of the csv file that I'm trying to achieve: here

Search api change format of date in exposed filters

I have a Search api index and i use Views to display and filter it, i have a date filter exposed form, and datepicker for enter the date, the format of the date in the textbox is "m/d/Y" and i need change it to "d/m/Y", i use Better exposed filters to set the datepicker in the textbox.

I try to alter the format whit hook_form_alter:


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