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How to render a custom field in a view


I create a module for generating a custom field in a view.

It works but the $phrase generate is not html because the sentence is contained in quotation marks.

Add SPAN to buildForm?

Hi. I want to apply some style to a form generated by Simple GSE module but I don't know how to do it in the template. I need to add a simple SPAN tag after the text field.

This is the code from SearchForm.php:

Automatic node creation every month

Hello everybody,

   I have created a node type that has a select option field, called notice. I want every month, on specific days with cron (if there is another way tell me), to check all nodes that have that field and create new nodes with some different data.

I have made the dynamic query that fetches all nodes:

How to display a field of the parent store in my module ?

I have a Drupal 8.7 site with the Drupal Commerce 2.14 module.

I created a marketplace (several merchants on the same site). In the store type, I created a "Text (formatted, long)" field with the machine name field_terms_and_conditions.

In this field, the merchant writes his general conditions of sale, which the customer will have to accept during the order process.

Commerce 8 adding price products attributes


I am developing a e-commerce web site with drupal commerce, everything is okey but I have a problem,

I want to add price(add to cart) product attributes. 

Exp: Coffee: 2$

      add milk: +1 $

     add honey: +2 $

cart: 5$



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