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Create Soccer Game Table


I have some data (in this case the first day of results of Portuguese League Soccer):
Game Results data

The content type has the following fields:
Game Results fields

ALT attribute in images does not appear on screen

Guys, all pictures of my template were placed in ALT attribute information but when I view the site and the mouse 'and placed under the figure nothing appears, someone has idea why not be showing it?

Use an entity class for users


I work with my own entities created in code with hook_entity_info(). I have a base class, that inherits from Entity, common with all my entities. I also want that the user entity inherits from my base class.

Lots of small modules or one big?

Hi guys/garls

I recently started developing in Drupal 7, I'm coming from ZendFramework 2, so in ZF2 i usually use a lot of small modules with a very specific functionality, because unless you put everything in your bootstrap of the modules, my modules usually ticks in, in less than 0.01ms. Then i use one module that is in a simple way just loading the modules needed for that one instance into child modules and then displays them.
So my question is on Drupal, should i build a lot of small modules or one big? please give me a bit of explanation why you think yes or no.

How to clear uploaded file after validation fails in custom form

I have this custom form which allows user to upload files. managed_file field is used for this purpose. Now I want to validate the uploaded file content (eg. check virus) after user submit the form. How do I clear the file field that it only display an empty file upload widget in the form after the validation fails?


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