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Module release scripts (security)


I'm not one of the contributed module owners, hosted by, so forgive me my ignorance.

How can I perform an action dependent upon CAPTCHA results in a custom form?

I currently have a custom form and have successfully added a CAPTCHA to it, but I would like to set a cookie when the user passes the CAPTCHA successfully. I'm looking to add it into my form validate function on my .module file, but I can't figure out how to check if the user passed the CAPTCHA. Any ideas?

How to programmatically trigger Picture/Breakpoints to (re)generate images

On my server (CentOS) I have a folder of images from an outside source. I have a custom entity to display the images. I'd like to use Picture/Breakpoints to generate the image styles for mobile devices as well as display them since it works so well (FlexSlider too!).

Is there a way to trigger the generation of ALL the various image styles without relying on a visit from an actual mobile device or tablet?

I'm guesstimating 30,000 to 60,000 original images. Daily updates may include several hundred.

I want to capture all admin activity


My requirement is to capture all admin activities. Here are the activities which I want to capture -

  • Content Create
  • Content Update,
  • Content Delete,
  • User Login,
  • User Logout,
  • User Create,
  • User Update
  • Change in permissions
  • Change in settings

Shall I proceed with any contributed module such as Activity or create a custom module for this?

Please suggest.


result not showing only after here and there checking ?

Many times codes written by no result got effective,
for example, A preprocess function to assgin user role to body classes
but after finishing the function, role name not showing as class name,
but only after some time of cache clearing, finally it shows up
so Can some one help us to tell us
1, do you encounter this situation?
2, how would you handle it.
3, it s my error in handing or some time we need to clear c ache 2 times ? but even one time it cost minutes, seems too long.



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