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Google Analytics and Booking Content type

I have content type booking and created booking page in drupal 7 and same page is displaying error, confirmation and booking page. I am trying to split into three different pages(nodes) using same booking content type. I am using custom module for booking.

After booking, I would like to redirect to if it's successfully booking and if it's error and currently, using for all actions.

Should I use header to redirect it?

show my field column in the field part of views_ui


i have un custom column ('my_special_col') in the schema of my custom field plugin (FieldItemBase),

in views_UI, i can select it in the sort and filter part ,

but it doesnt appear in the fields list selector to show in the view ("my_special_col:delta" appears however).

How to show it in the fields list ?


Send logged in users to another search form from Search Block

I have two search forms.

A public Google CSE and a form only available to users currently logged in.

When a user is logged in and uses the Search Block, I want him to be sent to the internal search instead of the public default search.

Drupal - Encrypt form(input,passwords) values before form submit in custom module

I would like to modify (encrypt) the form input values in custom module in Drupal, before it sends it decrypted to server. I tried encryption in form submit function and it is working fine, but still some tools finding the plain text data(password) while sending to server.

Can we do it custom_my_form function only? Is there a way to solve it?

Drupal Search Services Not Working

I'm using this post to add search functionality to my DrupalGap app: 

However, I cannot find search_node or search_user under admin/structure/services/list/drupalgap/resources to check the retrieve box and whenever I try running a search after inserting the search block in the home page, I get the following error: "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not found : Could not find resource search_node.)"


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