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autoload classes in modules

I'm using a module which reuse classes from easyrdf module, but since easyrdf is not included in core anymore I'm running into problems, because my module can't find used classes.

my solution is to add

"require": {

in the composer.json of my web/modules/contrib/my-module context.

openssl_x509_fingerprint doesn't work


I have created a Drupal 8 custom module, which uses openssl_x509_fingerprint to generate the thumbprint of certificate which is uploaded in the form. But, openssl_x509_fingerprint fails with the following error

How to limit access to a page in the path of the user to the current user ?

I created a page in a custom module. I want only the current user to access this page on their behalf.

For example, I am user ID 51. If I go to :


I can see this page.

If I go to another user :


I must have an error 403 access denied.

Here is my full module :

How to do this ?

Selective config export via Drush?

I'm currently exporting selective portions of the config from my dev system into the config folder of some custom modules I'm developing for my new site, these provide bespoke content types based on bespoke field types.

Add button to a content type

Hi everyone!

I'm trying to add a button on a content type, I would like for all types of that particular type to have a button in that view to modify, edit or delete that node.



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