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Интеграция AmoCRM с Drupal через Webform

Вообщем поставил модуль Webform_rules. У меня появилась возможность после сабмита формы сделать событие на добавление контакта в амосрм, но теперь другая проблема. Как мне в это поле, которое передает значение "имя контакта в амосрм", вставить value из поля инпут.

AJAX button form_state values empty on submit

i'm refactoring a module from Drupal 6 to 7.

There are several buttons that update some part of the form. I've read that the workflow is as follows:

-user clicks button, form is submitted for rebuilding.
-ajax callback is called, which is suposed to return the updated part of the form.

So, I supose that the ajax callback receives the rebuilt form and selects the updated part for return.

Adding code in the page <footer> section


I am requested by our IT to add analytics code to a site.

The code includes a script declaration which should be placed at the block, and a code snippet which should be added to the section.

I added the script declaration to the using the function:
drupal_add_js('http://...', 'external');
I see it showing up on the page, so no problem here.

[solved] AJAX multistep form breaks, but only for one specific user

I have a multistep form that uses AJAX and for some reason it breaks for one specific user (customer), even when he tries using different browsers it breaks at the same place. There is a lot of form code so here is my AJAX callback.

Targeting block 'section' tags specifically

Good afternoon all,

I'm trying to write a function related to accessibility, specifically adding an aria-label='whatever label is' attribute to 'section' tags on the site.

With the following, it applies to all blocks (div, nav, etc.). What I want (at least for now) is to target 'section' tags ONLY, but I can't for the life of me find how to target them specifically:


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