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Place module description under version control

While working on my first module repository at I realized that the description is a field in the project's page and must be edited in the project form asynchronously from commits. I'd like to suggest to the website maintainers that a method for placing the description into version control be considered. Perhaps a file could be included in the source files and automatically rendered to the project page.

ajax refresh content, formatting and images dissapear

EDIT: Fixed. It was my mistake, I used same div id as drupal does... so there was a bit of mix-up


I'm having troubles with Implementing an already working code of stand-alone webpage (index.php and ajax.php) into content of php node of drupal 7.5.

Describe foreign key in hook_schema so a Views exposed filter shows a select box

I want to describe an external table in hook_schema so that a foreign key field, when used in a View an exposed filter, will provide a drop down selection box rather than a simple text box. For example if the external table has a Country field with valid countries specified in a Country table, I'd like the exposed filter to show a list of countries for the user to select. Is this possible and if so can someone give me a push in the right direction on this please. Thanks.

Caching problems when updating nodes by external program

I have a php written bot who updates several drupal content nodes every 15 minutes. It updates two existing numeric fields with current values. It is running so far, but:

I'm using the redis module and some redis settings to use the caching not within the db but in memory. The updated values don't get visible until I clear the cache using the admin web gui backend functions /under performance).

What I'd like to: Clear the right places in the cache via the external program.

Currently I'm trying this:


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