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language_selection_page redirects without displaying anything

Language selection module 8.x.2.3. I have 2 languages enabled, each setup with it's own url /en & /fr. The detection and selection has the correct order

 URL > Cookie > Language Selection page > Selected Language

The standalone template has been set and the html--language-selection.html.twig page created from html.html.twig.

When I visit the site it immediately redirects to the front page

Module uninstall- what data is removed

In drupal8 one cant disable modules - you have to remove them and along with it the data.

i want to remove the contact module since it doesn’t appear to work well - but is there anyway to figure out what precisely the data is that it will be removing??

more generally is there a way to figure out what data a given module creates and manages??

How do you query solr server from php in Drupal 8?

I have installed search_api, search_api_solr and search_api_attachments. Also have Solr v.8.4.0 installed.

I installed php SolrClient for Centos 7 following this guidance: , but I still get "Class 'SolrClient' not found" every time I run

Hiding a site page from solr search results

Trying to find a simple way to add via hook possibly within mymodulename_search_api_solr_search_results_alter to hide a specific site page from internal search results. I'm finding suggestions for modules but is there a simpler way to hide a page?

Save a blob file in database.

How to save a text file in database by taking input through form?


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