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Cannot access boolean checkbox value

I have a boolean field for a content type configured to be an on/off checkbox. When attempting to access the state of this checkbox in a node, I never get a value.

I've tried a few different configurations, but here's the latest one -

Field as it exists in the content type (machine name):

Attempt to access the value:

DB schema for getting fields associated with a node

Looking to write a query against the Drupal MySQL DB to return a record for every node instance of a specific content type 'foo'. My content type 'foo' has 5 fields such as Title, Description, Created By, Created On, Last Modified Date.

I'm assuming there is a table called 'foo' in the local DB that I can query against to get this. An initial look of the data model is showing a table for each field associated with a content type, which is rather confusing to me - there are literally hundreds of tables.

User Id

I am working on a drupal 8 module in which i require the currently logged in user id and roles of that user.
Can anyone please help me.

Export workflow with Node Export in Drupal 7

Hey guys!

1 - I have to export many nodes from one Drupal installation to another Drupal installation. For this, I am using Node Export module (, that do almost all job that I need. But, when I export the nodes, the workflow transitions existing on each one of them does not export together.

PHP for Contextual filter

I am using Quicktabs in combination with a View. I have a number of tabs in a certain content type, that shows different content from the current node. Which works fine.

But I also have a tab that is supposed to show content from another node, by the means of a "node reference field". In my test node I have a node reference field with this content:

"product1 [nid:56]"

In my devel module I can see that the nid is indeed 56 for the referenced node.


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