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BAN IP visitors to certain URL

Does anyone know of a module to BAN Ip address if they visit a certain URL.

We are moving from WP to Drupal but would like to ban any IP address which visits a certain URL (example WP login page)

I have see all the BAN IP Modules but could not find anything like I am after.

Running Drupal 8.4.5


Custom module block configuration, how to save and render images

I'm trying to create a custom module with configuration for a block that will allow a block to have custom fields. I'm having problems allowing the upload of an image and then rendering this in the block on the site.

Currently this is what my block file looks like;

How to validate custom content type form in drupal 8


I am new to Drupal and I looked for this a lot but couldn't find that's why I am asking this here.

I have a content type "Company Information" that takes input from the user for various fields. A part of this content type has a rather complicated structure, at the outset, it goes as follows 

hook into drupal ajax

Is there a way to hook into drupals ajax system? I am using the managed_file module, and creating a managed_file in a module I am making. When doing so, after you upload a file, the id of the file field changes, but the <label> for the field does not. This creates an accessibility issue, as there is no a label with no field associated with it. 

webform with list parent / children


I need 2 lists in a webform, I built automplete that works for each list

However, I want to filter list 2 against list 1
I can not put in my element a call to the element alter to refresh the list 2

that is to say

I select a value 1 of list 1 and i view in the list 2 : A and B

List 1                 list 2

1                        A



I select a value 2 of list 1 and i view in the list 2 : C and D

List 1                 list 2


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