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Inline Entity Form & additional "Details" form


Talking about Drupal 7 and the Modules Inline Entity Form and Commerce.

My stupid question is a little problem. I can not configure the module and my searches do not give me anything.

After my product display creation, got an additional form "Details" including the form fields:
Product title *, Price * Status *, and the "Description" and "Regulations" text filds.
I do not need the form, but need the "Add to Cart" only.

The setting of Product display: the "Product" field - link to product, widget Inline entity form - Single value.

How to catch a colorbox opening event using jQuery?

I've created a Leaflet map which opens in Colorbox (with the help of Colorbox Node module). I'd like to resize it according to the actual size of the colorbox layer.

So I've a hyperlink on a page: <a class="colorbox-node init-colorbox-node-processed-processed" href="/places_fullscreen">Open in fullscreen</a>. Clicking on it a <div> with #colorbox css-selector will be visible in the Colorbox-overlay. First of all I'd like to catch the event when the colorbox is opened and then do something.

Theming custom fieldable panel pane

Hi all,

I have created a Fieldable panel pane called "Landing Image".

This has title,subtitle, button text, image and link.

I need to add a custom tpl.php to this pane so it have the markup I want (I am trying to achieve a background image which has overlay. On the overlay would be title, subtitle, button which text which links to particular page).

How do I go about doing this?

Any help would be appreciated!


i want to run all the values of my table 20 by 20`

I have 3000 rows and i want select them 20 by 20 how I could do thi thing guys help me plz i really need a help

Interaction drupal content on google earth / spreadsheet

Hello Friends,

I have a question about using Drupal with Google Earth.

Currently I use google spreadsheets to automatically feed by google earth google module: "Spreadsheet Mapper v2.0" (version 3.1 features many errors) for not found any simple solution as a module to do this because they are many points.

But I wish it were possible just to record the data on a specific content of drupal, already created and the fields that need to google earth.


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