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Drupal multiple form submit buttons

In a custom post type I have a field add_floor which has submit button. When Add floor button is clicked ajax form is submitted.

Registration form with ajax hook_form_alter ()

Hi, i want to create a registration form with ajax : for example if the user want to register with an existing email (in my database display), an instant message like 'someone already has that email. Try another?'
I need help please.

seating allocated module converstion to Drupal 7

I'm having issue with allocated seating module.
I'm trying to convert the module to Drupal7.

I'm getting a following error
Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in includes/ on line 1074

It occurs when I use theme('textfield', $element['add_floor_row_count']) in function theme_allocated_seating_seat_design

What is the Drupal 7 version of rendering the textfield

override region content

Override region content.

Is it possible to programatically over-ride what gets rendered in a specific region on a specific page
When i say over-ride i mean doing this even if a block has been set to display in that region from the GUI back end.

voluntary userid comparison


I've been debugging this issue for a couple of hours and would really appreciate some help.
I'm running Drupal 7.34 with the latest Views module and Ubercart (I have a lot more modules but won't list them all here).

My issue is when a user access a specific page (created by Views), the page always returned empty while I (admin) never encountered such an issue.
I started drilling into this using the following code


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