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users status = 'active" after run cron or presave

I am using mapping (drupal/salesforce) and when i create user in salesforce, it created with status blocked, i would like to change that, so i find two possibilities hook_cron() or hook_presave_user(), but i don't know how can i modify that i try
'status' => '1',
->condition('uid', $account->uid)
but nothing change, i need help

Adding background color to table rows


I was wondering if it is possible to change the background color of a table row.

I want to display certificate files, and if that certificate is going to expire in longer than 30 days the color green would be good. If it is less then 30 days color orange and if it's expired color red.

I tried finding it on the internet but I can't find anything like this.

This is how my current column data looks like.

_field_invoke with form operation?

From api document of functiojn _field_invoke, we see there said one option for $op is form,
so is there a function named hook_field_form? or what s the meaning of form operation?

Can some one help us to make it clear.
Thanks a lot.

$entity->$field_name non unique name ?

Comments in this function:

Having separate "live" (prod) and development/staging versions of drupal


I'm trying to rack my brain about how to approach segmenting a drupal site into dev/staging and live/production versions.

Right now I have a script that rsync's files and basically clones the database from dev -> production.

After subsequent / recent changes, I now have to avoid copying specific content types. So a straight database dump -> database import is no longer viable.


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