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Need some help with a simple dependency injection

I'm sure I must be missing the obvious - been staring at this for way too long, and am about to pull my hair out lol.

I am trying to inject a dependency for the database connection into a block class. Here are the relevants:

Slides are not loading on subsequent pages after core update

So I had this problem earlier and found a solution.
Unfortunately it does not work anymore after the core update to 7.50 (I did not override the site files).
Any ideas?

Ajax form drupal_render_children()

Hello :)

I'm looost with this Drupal stuff ^^

Trying to ajaxify a search field to reload my homepage according to this filter.

But I don't have any value returned, no data on my homepage while playing with this filter.

BUT I can see the value "libelle" as the good result with the function drupal_render_children()

I really DON'T understand!


Issue with context filter for multiple values in Drupal 8


I have added a field in context filter and checked "Allow multiple values". The field is actually a custom field (not a taxonomy term), which was added to a content type. Now the filtering is working fine ONLY when I pass 2 values as "OR" condition (val1 + val2). But the filtering is failing when applying "AND" condition (val1, val2). The "AND" condition also gives the same result as the "OR" condition.

Will it be a context filter configuration issue or a bug in Drupal 8? Please advice, if someone has faced a situation like this and found a solution for it.

Adding an image field using hook_schema()

I have a use case wherein I want to create a custom table using the hook_schema() function which will have a couple of image fields. Now, I want to prefill some data into this custom table. How can I go about creating an image field for my custom table, and then inserting an entry with an image in it so that the image could be displayed using a query on the front end?

PS: I'm using Drupal 7. Also, I do not want to use the node system or CCK fields for this use case.


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