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referencing files from CSS

I have a module which has the following file structure
image file
image file

My question is how do I reference one of the image files from the myModule.css file.

From a PHP file I would use base_path() and/or drupal_get_path() to get the absolute path to a point in the file tree where there rest of the tree is fixed and known. but these functions cannot be used in css.

hook_webform_submission_presave store select option not key

I am working with webforms and have a long Select option list which gets regularly refreshed and I need to store the submission option value to preserve the data for reporting.

On Drupal 7 the key value field is stored in the data field next the the cid is there a way to change this to the Option Value.

where is ckeditor.config.js in drupal 8 ckeditor

Hi All

Not sure where this section now that ckeditor is part of drupal 8.

In the previous drupal version, were were able to edit the toolbars of ckeditor under ckeditor.config.js . Where is such setting in drupal 8 ?

render array #markup

What is the point of using the #markup property within a render array when its value is just a strong containing HTML and text anyway?

Need help upgrading a custom module from D6 to D7

I wrote the "Metis" module for a non-profit project I'm collaborating with. Now I'm working on an upgrade of the website to Drupal 7 and I need to have a D7 version of the module. But I'm not a very experienced module developer, which is why I'm seeking for help.

The module isn't really complex. Basically, it provides a field (in D6: CCK field) that contains a checkbox and, if activated, saves a so called "metis code" to include it in the HTML source.


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