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Problems with Custom Fields

I'm trying to create a module to support a custom field type specific to my organization's LDAP directory server. I am including the module code below. The form field shows up in the "Content Types" field configuration screen, and I can add it to a content type, and users can data-enter the names into the node editing form, but when I click "Save", I'm getting:

Error messages do not appear on pane, instead appears on top of the overall form

I just added a new checkout pane to checkout form. I am trying to swap its orginal pane validate callback with my custom validate callback as I want my error messages to appear on top of the pane, which is also the existng way of drupal commerce.

As per the commerce API, the only current way of doing this would be to hack the pane's 'checkout_form_validate' callback in hook_commerce_checkout_pane_info_alter() and then replace the original pane validate callback with my custom validate callback.

Load multiple comment forms in same page always submit in the newest node

I'm loading the forms in my view with the code bellow, it's inside a loop, so I have multiple of them.

Website "Blank Flash" in Firefox

Hello, I have my website at this link: Website

When you click on it you will go to the home page and at the bottom you will see an image that says "Research Casting International" and when you hover over it the image changes. My problem is when you hover over it in Firefox the image goes "blank" for 1 second and after switches over and this is very unprofessional for a front page to be doing this.

Here is the code I use:

Templating date module elements used in a form

I have a form rendered using date module containing elements of date repeat module.
I want to style the elements with their positions.
Finding it very difficult to do so.
Is there anything which I can do to style the elements.?


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