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Additional settings for image field

I need to add additional settings for the image in image field.

I created a checkbox and table in the database to store state:

how to add php member methods to own node type (own class)


i have an own node type holding some data. For reasons of clean code i want to implement a class representing this node type. in this class i want to implement private and public methods.

How can i do this ?

the node_load hook only produces an object with some additional data of my node type. Do i have simply create a class and have to load the set the right member variables in node_load hook ? and then use my class via phpdoc ?

Give me some hints please ;)

Drupal 5 field in module to search database

Hi guys,
i am trying to complete this task (adding a field to a module) for days now but cant find any solution.

I created a module that works and shows results on my website.

My task is to add a field you can enter keywords -> press search button and get all the results listed.
The module creates a block that shows my results at the moment.

Here is what i have right now:

Can't create table while module instalation

Hello everyone..... I'm creaing my first module (miqayel_weather) and I want it to create table . so here is my install file .... when I'm enable module nothing hapens with DB.

printed version of drupal codes or api ?

I hope to have a look at printed version of drupal codes or apis.
But hardly can find.
Can some one help us, either give us a link to download something, or
a buy-link of books.

No idea what happened i got tired of electronic screens like mobile and computer except working hours.
Please help us.

Regards. Thanks.


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