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PHP view filter not working?

Can someone tell me why the below code wouldn't be working in my Views filter? I'm trying to accomplish the following:

Show all content of this type if field_targetuser matches logged in user id, but ALSO show all content where field_universal = YES, regardless of what appears in the targetuser id (the logged in user).

D8 newbie where to start question for developing basic of specific module


I know there are plenty of "where to start" pages and other info, but I am hoping someone knowledgeable would be so kind to help me out with this. I am good with PHP and OOP but need some help with proper Drupal way of doing things (v8.1.1)

Could someone provide me with a rough list of API calls and concepts I would have to learn in order to make a module which does this:

Import Json data into node with Paragraphs module, migrate API and Drupal 8

My goal is to import my own data set into Drupal 8 using Migrate modules (migrate_plus, migrate_tools).
In drupal, I use Paragraph module, and here my trouble starts. I've build my own plugin to transform my own data into paragraph.I do import with base field like text, tags or file, and with this, the node will be generated, but I can't figure out why 'return $paragraphs' won't anything.

hide authored by in article content type

how to hide (authored by ) in article content type with hook_node_view()

How to have a dropdown select list for entity reference field in Drupal 8?

For Drupal 8, the entity reference field displayed in form is a textfield with auto-complete feature for you to select the entity, is it possible to have it be dropdown select list instead? I have tried using views as the reference method to check the possible solution, but without luck, someone can help me with this?


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