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$element ['#ajax']['prevent'] = 'click' question?

in function ajax_pre_render_element, I found this part difficult to understand,

Listing and removing bot users (quick and dirty module)


Just discovered that one of our sites has large number of bot users.
Common nominator for these users is same firstname and lastname.
I thought I could build a simple module to fetch these and remove by UID.

First I build following code for listing but it ended up WSOD, great start.
What is so wrong in this code that it stops the whole site?

cck field is not saved with node_save

Hey, I'm experiencing an interesting issue that cck field can not be saved to one node with node_save, while the other node can be done saved.

ISSUE: Correct execution of Jquery on Ajax Add to Cart form

Hi there!

Apologies if this is in the incorrect place, this is my first posting to try and find a solution to an issue.

The Problem:
I am using the ajax add to cart module on a commerce kickstart installation. Everything works as intended with the module, but, I have a need to adjust the classes on my add to cart buttons after a user clicks on one.

I'm really not sure how to go about this, currently I have the following:

seating allocated module converstion to Drupal 7

I have copied the allocated_seating module
Allocated PasteBin
Bookable PasteBin
1)I am having issue with ajax submit
When Column and Row value is changed it should trigger Ajax. Ajax request is not triggered


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