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[D8] Easier way to query this stuff?

Coming from Laravel's Eloquent, I am finding the Drupal 8 query builder to be quite cumbersome and awkward.

Consider the following query, which simply pulls in the user's UID, login name, email address, and real name:

Integration with SuccessFactors LMS

I have a client requirement where they want our drupal based website to be integrated with SuccessFactors LMS.
Will it be possible in Drupal 7?

Node content programmatically

Hello, I am using Drupal8

1. How can I get page content programmatically?
Lets say in my module to get content in this way
$node_content = \Drupal\method::load($node_id);

2. How can I get a list of published node ids programmatically?

print_r not working, among other things

Hello, I am new to drupal.
Trying to build my website when i stumbled upon a few problems. One of the being that the link field didn't provide me with everything I wanted.
So I looked things up and noticed that hooks could provide me with the problems. It seems easy enough to change (set the same Link text to the same kind of links (different url's)).
So I watched some tutorials, read stuff here and there.
So my first issue was now, What hook do I use to change it? And what fields and values do I need to change.

[SOLVED] [D8] Flakey EventSubscriber!

I'm pretty sure this has to do with caching, either on the client side, or the server side (I am running Redis as a backend cache). But ...

I have a custom module I am writing, and have subscribed as follows:


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