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Correct syntax to render $block['content'] as theme of type table

UPDATE: I think I found the answer, see in the Comments section.

Summary: when rendering a table into a block, nothing is displayed. What am I doing wrong?

I've been researching the answer to my question for the past 48 hours, and have held off writing a comment or new forum question so as to not duplicate a question, or ask about something that is clearly documented elsewhere.

I am writing a module to display the results of a very simple query:


This has been solved. Thanks if you considered the question.

How do I save the result of the last of multiple runs of a rule on a commerce order?

We have a rule that runs “after updating an existing commerce order.” The rule does many things that have a direct effect on the price of the order — and when a coupon is used on the order it actually runs twice. It seems to run well, most of the time.

passing dynamic variables to blocks

Dynamic variables can be created by adding them to the URL
so for example if we wanted to dynamically pass the string 'poo' to we would change the URL to

When creating pages with hook_menu it is possible to pass this variable to a page in the following manner

Display 2 different content types in view

I'm not sure if this is possible, but I'd like to display 2 different content types in a single view. The problem is that one of the content types is "news" with multiple "taxonomies" (press release, in the news, health news, etc), and the other content type is "blog." I need to filter blog and press release into a single view.

If I use Filter Criteria, and use "Content: type" and choose the content types "blog" and "news", then the view shows a blog post and one of the many news types. But I need to filter press release only.

Using search api in own module


I need to utilize search results in my own module. Basically I would come to the page with a keyword, use the search api results and action on each of the search results.

I have created an index for Search API (currently just using the database backend) using Drupal 7.

To my astonishment I have found almost none of the documentation making queries against the search api index even after asking Mr Google.


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