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Website "Blank Flash" in Firefox

Hello, I have my website at this link: Website

When you click on it you will go to the home page and at the bottom you will see an image that says "Research Casting International" and when you hover over it the image changes. My problem is when you hover over it in Firefox the image goes "blank" for 1 second and after switches over and this is very unprofessional for a front page to be doing this.

Here is the code I use:

Templating date module elements used in a form

I have a form rendered using date module containing elements of date repeat module.
I want to style the elements with their positions.
Finding it very difficult to do so.
Is there anything which I can do to style the elements.?

Adding information to $user

In hook_init() I'm adding information to $user so that it is then available in later hooks. For example:

How to show product thumbnail image as colors attributes on a product detailed page?


I have a product 'Polo T-shirt'. I have its three variants in three colors, orange, white & black. Now, I want the color selection to not be a drop down & instead be a thumbnail of the tshirt itself. i.e. The color section should show thumbnails of orange, white & black t shirt & clicking on any of these thumbnails should show the corresponding product image. How is that possible? Please help.

We are using Drupal Commerce.

Get users fields from non-drupal app in same root folder and rules

I'm sorry if my question in incorrect forum category.
I write web-app and I need to use drupal (version 7.39) users from my site. To they can log in my app if they have account on my site. I want get list of users to register their accounts in my app.
How can I do it?
Now, I try so:


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