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Pass arguments to an Entity Reference field in a form

I have built a form as part of a module that contains an entity reference item; this item based on an entity reference view which has a contextual filter default of the current user.

I want to enable an override in my form to display those items associated with a different user.  In essence, I want to set the View Arguments programmatically.  However, I cannot see how to pass the argument to the widget in the form code.

Can this be done?  I've tried to hard code in an argument, and cannot see where this value is stored in the $form array.



Drupal 8 and preprocess node

I am trying create module, which check every nodes (type "article")  and replace some string - for example external url to something what I wish. My problem is, that print_r or var_dump after node_load is too big and I get error Allowed memory size of 805306368 bytes exhausted.

I created something like this:

function mymodules_preprocess_node(&$variables) {

$node = $variables['content'];


Linking a custom page to an image using Views


I have created a page using Drupal views. And I have displayed the logo field in the view settings, like this:

I want to click on the image displayed, so that it takes me to a custom page. The url for the custom page has a dynamic variable : /text/{textid}/content. textid is the node id for the content.

I am trying to add the link to this image using the following settings:

Webform results based actions

I need to code for a questionnaire and based on the answers provided by the user, I need to display the products to the user. I understand Webform will take care of the questionnaire part, but I cannot use those results to perform my further actions I believe. So any suggestions or other modules I should check out or any help is appreciated.

geofield, kml and points

Currently on drupal 8 geofield I can create a map of locations with custom icons: no problem.  I can also create a map from a kml file.  I cannot do both with the same map.  Is there a way to derive more of the information contained in the kml file?  If I have a kml file that has both polygons (in my case routes) and site locations (with balloons and icons) the only label for each balloon is the name of the node not the name assigned to the point in the kml file.  I'm using google maps to display the map.  


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