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how to connect drupal with mssql

Hello all,
I want to connect to a module in mssql and display information from the table.
I know I can do it through pdo, but how do it on drupal classes.

I have drupal installed on mysql.

Hide a form after successful submission in D8?

I built a module that includes a form. After submission, the thank you message is displayed but the form stays on the page. Is there a way for the form to go away since users do not need to see it after submission? And this is Drupal 8. Thanks!

How to call an hook from another module?

Hi all,
on Drupal 7 I have a module with the hook: mymodule1_methodX($id,$country)
I'd like to call this function (mymodule1_methodX) from another module (mymodule2) passing the two parameters.
Is it possible?
Which is the right syntax?
Thank you very much


How to delete boost cache with arguments.

Hello, I have a page with this url: demenagement/guides and also I have a view in a block with pagination, the point is that Boost create this files:


I also have Expire module, and in custom pages I try this:


Any suggestion to update the cache of boost?



Warning: Creating default object from empty value in Drupal\Core\Entity\ContentEntityForm->__construct()

I'm currently working on a site that has a number of custom entities. Two of these entities (Primary and Secondary) are referenced using entity reference where the cardinality of the entity reference for Secondary is set to unlimited. So when creating a Primary entity, the user can create multiple referenced Secondary entities.


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