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Removed image from node, but not removed from folder

Hi All,

I am removing image from node its removing,
But its not removing image file from folder and also not removing db entry of that image.

however, If I add or remove images in my separate content type created for this testing, its working means removing form folder and db.
not understand what is the issue.

If any configuration setting I need to do with that image field, so it will remove image file from folder, when we remove it from CMS node.

Please suggest!

Items_Attributes_Array not applying from hook_preprocess_field

hook_preprocess_HOOK let's me use template_preprocess_field in my module code, which is great.

So I'm running my hook to get a 'first' class on the first item of each field's entries.

I've read through this by Aten and it's a comprehensive explanation which ultimately doesn't work.

Drupal 8 Date Element

I am currently using 8.17 and here is my code:

Call Module in every page

Is there any way in Drupal 8 to know whats the current page url in custom module.

I mean if I call dsm, then on every page it should give me that page's url.

I know the function to get current path, but dont know where to call them

How to open a new tab in browser from a ctools modal form ?

I'm creating a module with differents forms. I have some forms which are modal forms using ctools.
On one of these modal forms i made a button to open a pdf on a new tab in my browser but it doesn't work.
I have a AJAX error.
This is my code:


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