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Disable vertical tab items in Block management (in BO)

Hello everyone,

When I go in back office and want to edit a Block, there is a list of context filters in a vertical tab pane (on the left).
I just want to disable the ones I created and let the Drupal native ones in it.

Is there any hook to implement or something to do ?
Is there any possibility to catch a function to build the array before his render on the page ?

Thanks and have a good day :)

Obtain/Upload images to database and retrieve it with https

Hello. Recently i got on duty to migrate a Drupal site from a host to other. After a lot of reading i managed to do it and make it work as intended. After the installation the customer asked to enable https in all the site (before it was enables just in a paymets form). Most of the content was migrated ok to use https BUT the content in the database from custom Content Types. The thing is, I can view all the images of the content but it is retrieved as http giving me mixed content warnings.

How to migrate custom content-types, roles and modules with Drupal8?

Hi all,
I'm developing a new site with Drupal8 which has custom content types, custom roles and custom modules.
Which are your advices so that it will be simple to migrate these customizations on a production site?

Which is the correct procedure to update a production server?
Should I use the "deploy" module or the "drupal console"?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


d8 node_access hook not firing


Can anyone tell me why my hook isn't firing? I've done drupal cr all and cleared the cache in my browser. I've also checked with my tech lead (who's pretty good with d7, but learning d8 with me) and he can't see anything wrong.

The module is visible, and activated, through the "Extend" page.

Drupal 8.3



Headless Drupal 8 - cookie authentication

Hi to everyone !

Disclaimer: not an experienced Drupal dev here, just a junior dev trying to get things done smoothly. Please excuse naive claims or questions.

I am successfully using a headless Drupal 8 setup that I am querying through Drupal 8 core REST API with basic auth from jQuery AJAX. Now I need to get closer to production conditions, so I started trying to use cookie-based authentication. Problem is that the exact same query that successfully POSTed content using basic auth now returns an HTTP 403.


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