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Remove prefix language if only one language is defined (domaine access)


I use the "domain access" and the "domain locale" module for a multisite installation.
I have several subsites with differents languages, and several subsites with only a defined language.
With these modules I must activate several languages, and define the prefixs (en, fr, it...).

I want to remove/hide the prefix language (in the urls) for the sites that have only one defined language.

drupal_goto() & Pathaliases !


I have a drupal 7 website already built & i need to give aliases to "User/uid"(user) & "Node/nid"(node) pages.

I used pathauto module & generated bulk aliases for user and node pages, Till here everything works fine.

drupal_goto & URL Patterns:
I have written more than 15 custom modules on site, & have used drupal_goto() at many places for redirecting users back to user & node pages using this format...

How to expose fields for filtering

I have created a simple module trying to list out some fields from the database. However, I couldn't figure out how to expose a field for filtering, e.g title, just like how we easily do it via Views module. Any idea? Here is part of the code:

How to add exposed filter in views which have data from external db table

Drupal - 7
Views: 7.x-3.10
Data module: 7.x-1.0-alpha7

How Can I Rewrite a Views Page Title and Have Rendered Output Cached?

I'm trying to modify the page title of a page which is generated by the views module. I can't seem to get views to cache the rendered output with the altered page title.


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