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Match User and Nodes with Views


my aim is to display nodes in a view with relationship to the logged in user in Drupal 8.
The users have a education field and a education year (multiple rows possible at the moment with paragraph field-collection) and there is a assignment content type with one education and education year. I want to display all assignments with educations which match to the user educations.

Important point: If a user is in education year 3, all assignments with the education in year <=3 should be display, thats why a usual context filter on taxonomy doesn't work.

setErrorByName is not Displaying Error messages.

I am using drupal 8 and i have created a form in which there are say 13 fields. Most of them around 8 fields have error messages, in case the user inputs a invalid credentials. But the problem is it is not displaying the messages on submit. The submit function also isn't working and it just stays in the form page since there is error. Without knowing the error the user can't proceed further. Can anyone help me out?

Thanks in advance,


list of core-defined default tokens


how to get the list of core-defined default tokens ?

Have i to install some modules ?


How to use Views & leaflet to create a map of many locations in drupal 8

I need to create a view with leaflet for displaying various places from differents content type.

My first content is "school" with one address/geolocalisation field

My second content type "shops" has the same field with one entity reference for targeting  a "school"

It means that on one map, I need to display a school with all the shops referenced with this school

Can you help ?


When saving VIEWS in Drupal 8, http error 500 comes out.

Hi Drupal Community,

Thanks for helping each other.

I am building a website with Drupal 8. After creating a view on my tables, and then clicking the SAVE button, http error 500 always comes out.

Why is this error happening and what should I do to fix it?

Thanks for your help.




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