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what is the next step for getting ported module accepted?


This is my first contribution to drupal. I have ported the goaway module ( ) to drupal 8.
I have created a sandbox project folowing the steps outlined here: .

Ajax Form submit doesn't work second time

Hi all!

I'm loading the node edit form in a block and I add ajax on submit.

I managed to make it work for forms that I need to be empty after the ajax submit using the below code :

In hook_form_alter:

Run cron code as administrator, not anonymous user

This code runs a feed import and works as it should when run from the Cron interface, as it runs as an administrator. However when triggered remotely it runs as an anoymous user who cannot add content with the result that the import fails to add nodes.

how to update value of textarea when i change value of textfield

I have a textfield and textarea when i entering value in textfield and onclick event to display updated value in textarea .
Please reply

Set minimum value for cardinality on node creation

I have a custom module and I want to set the minimum value for cardinality dynamically.
The value is given by a field of type Math Expression field_staff_required from above.

I know I can set the maximum value like this:


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