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already exist in active configuration

When i uninstall module and than i try install again get error. what can i do?
error is

Modal link via table cell

I am using ctools modal. This is the first time ever using this.

I need a table cell to act as the link instead of a textual link. In addition, this cell is hard coded, not created by the render array. Because of the way this table is being created it cannot use the render array.

The table and cells are created dynamically, and each cell would link to the same location, just passing different variables.

Can anyone tell me how I can set these cells to act as links for my modal? If you have examples to point me to that would help as well.


Custom Module fields not showing up

I followed a video tutorial to get this custom module to show up but it's not working. I don't understand why not or what i'm missing.

$content_type = array(
'type' => 'npb',
'name' => $t('NPB'),
'description' => $t('A NPBM'),
'title_label' => $t('Bird Code Name'),
'base' => 'node_content',
'custom' => TRUE,

// Set remaining definitions with defaults.
$node_type = node_type_set_defaults($content_type);

$form table FILTER doesn't work with pager

I'm trying to add a filter to my table. But it doesn't work. It only "works" for the first page. But the total reselts also don't change. So if it were 4 pages it are still 4 pages after adding the filter.
And when going to another page with the pager it also resets the filter.

This is my code:

CTools causing strange issues

Hi all,

I'm having issues with the php function "include_once" within the page content after I upgraded the Chaos module. I have some php scripts that I use and I include them using the "include_once" into the body of the edit menu, but since the update it's doing absolutely nothing, there are other instances where i'm getting "Cannot Redeclare" fatal errors on methods. How can I debug this issue? If I change the include_once to include the content displays normally but I have so many instances of this that it would take a while to update. Any ideas?


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