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Changing Url of the website in the subfolder from htaccess


Thank you to an amazing Drupal Community here. It has been a great help to build our website on Drupal. But we have a specific issue:

Our website is on the current url:
(The public-html folder has many other websites, then in dev-dgb folder within the web folder the drupal files are)

Drupal 9.2 and Paragraph module

I am working on drupal 9.2 with the paragraph module. I want to remove the delete button that appears on the right of the form during user input because this delete button does not make sense for the end user who does not need this. Where and how to remove this button that appears on each paragraph content.

It's urgent.

Thank you to all of you


Is there a way to get the taxonomy vocuabulary machine name from its term?

Just as the subject asks -- is this possible?  

Background: We are on Drupal 9. The starting point for a taxonomy term page comes from a view.  The view calls all of the taxonomy terms from a specific vocabulary (ex: Books) and groups them based off of the first letter.  This view has a block for the alphabet (A, B, C...) and then a page that displays all taxonomy terms from the selected letter.  When you click on the term, it takes you to that taxonomy terms' page. 

codeSnippet and CodeTag can't be installed


I am using Drupal 8 (latest as of today)

I am trying to install CodeSnippet (  and CodeTag ( in both cases they refer to /libraries location which does not exist.

Get nodes id from text filter function[fixed/answer]

I can not figure out how i can get the nodes id a filter is called on.

Wokring on a contrib:

I need that "node id" so i can log on what node the filter failed, meaning a token is invalid.

class AmazonFilter extends FilterBase {


public function process($text, $langcode) {

//filter stuff
//i need to find out what node it is running on



Thank you for any help. 

Free Module for SSO SAML to set up drupal as Idendity provider

Iam new to drupal and i need a free Module for SSO SAML to set up drupal 9 as Idendity provider. I checked the miniorange saml idp, but that is much expensive. My requirement is that when drupal user login to drupal website they will be automatically logged in to a third party website developed in java. This third party has already incorporated saml as service provider.

So can any one suggest me how to achieve this in drupal 9?


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