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Calling api after clicking submit button on a form


I have coded some rest apis that are included in the folder src/Plugin/rest/resource/ . I have made a custom form where after selecting some options and clicking the submit button, I want to call the respective apis , so that the content get displayed.

I have looked for examples online, but I have not found anything helpful. Could you please let me know how can I go about this?


Pagination on IPE Panel.. does it work?

Has anyone included a table and pagination for that table on the IPE panel? Trying to edit blocks on a page. There's two edit menus one that brings you to an edit page, where pagination works since the page links redirect you to the new url. However, when editing a block in the IPE panel the link should not redirect you to a new page. The table should be updated with the next page's content using AJAX. Clicking the link to a new page just prints ajax to the screen.

Paragraph background options

Hi! I'm making my own Drupal 8 theme and I'm currently struggling with the background option that comes along with a paragraph type. There are 3 options: transparent, primary or secondary; My twig file is OK, since I can apply opacity to the paragraphs with the following CSS.
Somehow the background colors don't change at all. Anyone who has experienced this?

    .background-color-transparent { background-color: transparent; }
    .background-color-primary { background-color: rgb(201, 76, 76); }
    .background-color-secondary { background-color: #000000; }

Create a CVS Branch Release

All my modules are currently listed as CVS, how do I create a 4.3 branch of a module?

I'm using CVL as a GUI to control CVS on Mac OS X, and have tagged all my module files with DRUPAL-4-3-0, but it is not showing a 4.3 relese on the Project module pages.

Is there something more I need to do, or do the Project module take time to refresh with new branch releases?

The modules I need to update are "Legal" and "Navigation Table".


Create a Views filter group programmatically

I have a View and I am trying to add new filters and then add those filters to a new filter group. I can create the filters but I can't work out how to add a filter group

More than one language?

My main language on Drupal will be English. Is it possible to add more as user choices? In my case I would like to add French, German and Swedish. 


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