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How to Get Value of Customized Field of a Node Type


  We have a store entity type, and some new fields are added, such as Address, Phone# and etc.

  We want to display those value on the page, instead of the format in {{ content }}, we need to access the value of store.addresss in node--store.html.twig.

  However, we dump the variances available in this twig file, we cannot find any one related to message Address.

  How can I access the value in node--store.html.twig? Will this need to done via some hooks?


Way to show a list of filters

I just made a custom filter module for a site I'm designing. I got to wondering if there is a way to show all the filters, including custom ones, that a user has available?

sql not accepting symbols

Hi, i use Long text and summary field for comments

when users comment with symboles (for ex: 💜█ KiLLeR SpIDeR💜█💜 ) i got this message: 

The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.

Clearing REST API url cache


I have a few API urls created using services module.Is there any way to clear it's cache programmatically?

In which caegory these urls are cached, page or content ?

Custom block don't show title in region?

I designed my first block for reading some variables from an API and print it in sidebar region. The blocks works BUT the title is missing and block dissapears when API variables updates (rebuilding cache put it again in the site).

I searched in the web but I didn't see much info about custom block programing. I really need to solve that issues to publish the block.

Thanks for your time.


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