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Menu Link - Visibility on specific pages

I have a custom Menu Link that I would only like to appear on specific pages. These pages have a parameter being passed through via entity upcasting. It also has a custom access check.

I have tried having a check in the IsEnabled but if there are two pages consecutively that shouldn't have it enabled, it won't appear on pages that it should. I have also attempted to use the updateLink function, but to no prevail.

I am relatively new to Drupal so my apologies if more information is needed. If requested, I will try to upload more information.

Inserting a block in twig file with page restrictions between node title and body

I have created a custom block though Drupal Admin mentioning page restrictions (to show only on listed pages) and have included this block programmatically in a node twig file but, this block shows up in all the node pages rather than only mentioned pages. How to restrict this block to display only on restricted pages through coding?

I have already restricted the pages in block (created through Admin interface) but the block is being displayed irrespective of it's page restriction on all node pages.

Issues with menu module

Hello I have tried to change the menu twig file to create a custom one for my menu. However, I am having the issue where only 2 items are being displayed in the menu, while the others are being dispayed separately like the image below:

Here is my twig file that I created:

Need an drupal 8 webform.

Need an drupal 8 webform for designing vinyl cut text. Can you please help me to build this webform for me? It is for my own use, great to hear from you!


  1. Input textbox:  You can enter your text here, "Uw tekst hier" must of course be erased. The user put his desired text in this box.

  2. Output textbox: The output of the text that was entered in the input textbox.

Please contact me at:

Using premissions.yml not working in custom entity

After generating the code via Drupalconsole when I click on Extend or People it crashes with this message

How to create custom Selection Type for exposed filters

Hello all,

We are trying to find the best way to make a different selection type for exposed filters. Currently appear to only have Dropdown and Autocomplete, but we need a row of buttons for each option instead of a textbox or dropdown menu.

Can anyone point us in the right direction? I took a look at better exposed filters but it doesn't give us what we need.

I also looked at Webforms but I'm not sure that quite meets the requirements either.

Thanks so much,



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