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How to change node translations upon changing of the English version of the node?


There is a problem. There is a multilingual node type with many translations? English is the default language. 

And one needs to change the content of a field on some (not all) non-English translations upon changing this field on the English translation of the node.
I'm trying to do it using the hook_node_update hook (a variant of the hook_entity_update hook).

How to override ContextualLinks pre-render?

When I see the source of the rendered page,  I see that contextual links are rendered in a <div> element.

'div' is a block element.'span' is inline element. I would prefer a span element here, in order to have proper display.

I see the following snippet in /core/modules/contextual/src/Element/ContextualLinksPlaceholder.php

public static function preRenderPlaceholder(array $element) {



Seeking a tutorial

Hi All

is anyone aware of where I can find a tutorial for module development for something like artist, album record hierarchy please ( Drupal 8/9)

I want to learn how to do add album to artist from the artist page and add record to album from the album page, so any assistance on where to go for a tutorial to make this kind of a custom module, or even where to get me started so I could then write my own tutorial would be fantastic

many thanks

Use reply with comments on forum module

Hi everyone!

I'm creating a forum using the core module, but I can't reply comments.

Do you know if it is possible with the core module?


Exporting Data grouped by taxonomy


I am trying to export data as a txt file that is grouped by a taxonomy.  I have tried using the module VIEWS DATA EXPORT but this does not allow you to group that data like the functionality in other views areas. (from what i can see.)

What i am looking to do is to create an export in the following layout, the record can have more than one taxonomy associated with them, so could appear more than once in the export file.

Location_tax: Nottingham

      company name: company_1

      company name: company_2

      company name: company_3

D8/D9 module data no refresh


I have D8 module that works well. But I have a problem. Sensors data are stored there (in database tables).

In the website the cache is disabled, but the selected data are not updated. If I use the "drush cr" then ok, but the next selected data are not updated.

How can I solve this? I tried for example:

# data SQL SELECT form
function buildForm()
$form['date_from'] = ...
$form['date_to'] = ...
$form['#cache'] = ['max-age' => 0];
/// ...




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