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Links in not appearing when renamed????

Hello friends,

I am trying to add a menu link to the main navigation via I have done this before without issue. The problem now arises when I try add a new link. None of the new links I create via the file for the Main navigation are displaying anymore.

I have done some testing and it appears somehow related to the links name. If I use the name of an existing link (a working link I previously created), the link will appear as expected, but as soon as I try give the link a new name, the link is no longer visible or displayed.

Curl hit twice in drupal 7 custom module

Hi ,

I am facing issue while calling zoom api from drupal 7 custom module .

Actually there is some issue while calling zoom meetings api through DRUPAL 7 meeting gets created two times at one curl hit.

Below is the my curl code for calling zoom meeting API.

$curl = curl_init();

Access a node field from a view


I need the "value" of a "filter" in my view to have the same "value" as a "field" of a "node" of a different type of content. By code I try to access that node through a hook but I find it impossible.


Content type 1

Content type 2

View- fields content type 2- filter with value of field of content type 1.

Thanks :)

Regarding delete fields programmatically


In my module, I have two content types Text and Source. Every time I create a node of the content type Source, it creates a field in the content type Text:

e.g. If I create a node of the content type Source with title "Introduction", it creates a field in the content type Text as field_introduction.

I have used hook_entity_delete() to delete the Source nodes from the database:

function heritage_schema_entity_delete(EntityInterface $entity) {

Update Entity Reference View based on form field selection

I have a Content Type called Licence which has two fields, field_product and field_billing_cycle. Both are Entity Reference fields, using the select Widget. The product content type has a multi value entity reference that links to billing types. So each product has its own billing cycle with different prices and lengths etc.

Paragraphs inside a Webform

I want to embed a Drupal paragraph within a Webform. Does anyone know if this is possible?


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