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You are not authorized to access this page. for Administrator?


I have created custom display view & have role based access, I have assigned it to multiple roles. It's working fine on my staging ENV, recently I have moved my site to production ENV, there it's says You are not authorized to access this page. even if I am logged in with admin user.

However, if I assign role named Authenticated User, it starts working

Please see attached screenshots for further understanding:

Error "Form has become outdated..."

Hi to all!

Version: Drupal 7

My problem is that for some users (not for all) when they submit a form the get the error:

'The form has become outdated. Press the back button, copy any unsaved work in the form, and then reload the page'

And the are not allowed to send the form.

The user is logged before he is sent to the form by this way:
    $user = user_load(4478);
    $form_state = array();
    $form_state['uid'] = $user->uid;
    user_login_submit(array(), $form_state);

inline <svg>, <g> removed when using TWIG in view textarea


I'd like to add svg inline images in Views > Header > Global: Text Area (<svg> <g> etc.)

It works fine so far, but I also need to add some TWIG conditions. As soon as I activate "Use replacmeent tokens from the first row" all svg html tags are removed.

How can I use svg inline html tags and TWIG in the view header textarea?

Thank you!

How to translate a content type in drupal 8

Hi friends
I've created a page using drupal 7 and i installed a module to translate my content type,
something like this:

Img 01
Img 02
Img 03

(Sorry I can't attach my screenshots so I had to add a link to my image, if you know how I can attach those images I'll appreciate it)

and for each translation have a url like this:

baffled... every page load triggers an unwanted browser print ...

developed a website for a client in a staging account, all went well

the site is ready for production, so I upload the files, import the database, adjust the settings....  no problem, the homepage displays just fine.  Nice....

then I start testing the site in its new location, and the first page I try to visit invokes the print preview window.

second page too.


all the pages, except the homepage, display this behavior.  Every time I click away the print preview dialog, it reappears immediately.

this makes the whole website unusable.

Problem to access User Object after loading Users by a list of mails

Hi Guys, I'm developing a module for live event (just for the context).For subscribers, I need to assign them in a role. 

I need to develop an administration tools to assign a specific role to a list of users. 

My schedule and problem is : 

I have a list of email to copy/paste
I choose the Role
I submit

In my process code : 
I load a user by mail
If exist -> Assign the specific role to the user
If don't, I send an email to the person to ask him create an account on the website (not implemented yet)


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