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Deleted default header from multiple pages

I accidentally deleted a header block that was above the "Layout" and other buttons on a page. It consisted just of an image overlain with the text name of the page. Although I thought I only deleted it from that page, it appears that the block is gone from many other pages that I didn't intend to modify. Reverting to an earlier version doesn't help; the block is still gone. Is there any way to get it back? I tried placing a new header and title block, but to no avail; I can't seem to get the header block back on the page. Thanks for any help you can give me!

counter module can auto recounting the number ?

Hello I'm new in Drupal 7,

Currently I'm facing a few problem in my Drupal 7.In my Drupal 7 page, and using this module currently. 

I would like to auto reset or recounting how many people visited my page for new monthly and the total people visited my site. Only on monthly recounting this counter module?

Does anyone know the solution for it or any suitable modules that can be implement on it? Thanks in advance.

Drupal doBuild() forgets theme callback

This is baffling to me and I hope someone can suggest pointers for how to find a solution. I have a complex from using Ajax that returns an error at the end, failing to process the user info.

call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function '_mytheme_process_element' not found or invalid function name in Drupal\Core\Form\FormBuilder->doBuildForm()

Webform custom handler response

Hello, I've wrote a minimal custom handler for drupal webform 8-x, it works as expected;

now I'd like to send back to the webform some custom text to display to the user; the text

depends from the webform submission fields values; I've read I could use the "[webform:handler:?]" token

but I don't understand how to put values in it from the module. I think the token will be something like:


but I'm unable to find a (simple) working example: I'm not a drupal programmer, the example could help me a lot

Output images in views-view-fields template with alt text

I'm using a view template that outputs an image along with a few other fields. views-view-fields--blogs--page.html.twig. Image is output using {{ fields.field_blog_image.content }} but the alt is blank (alt=" "). The nodes themselves output the image with the alt attribute. I don't see any template overrides where I could drill down more. Is there a way to construct these image tags to include other attributes?

Ajax multistep form skips second step

I have a three-step Drupal form that queries a public API and builds nodes based on user selection. I have pored over the Examples for multistepForm (which is not AJAX) and adapted mine to model after the AjaxAddMore example. But my second submit handler nominally gets called but not run.

The logic for form building is in buildForm() while the submit handlers are supposed to run the logic for the parameters of each buildForm(). For now, my validate function is empty.


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