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Modules Won't Install - Error in PHP

Please help a total Drupal/PHP noob out. I'm a student modifying a site that my organization inherited, and the site keeps encountering an error every time I try to add necessary modules to the site:

Is Session limit module compatible with Drupal 9

In Drupal market place the session limit module is available for Drupal 8.x version only.
Still now it is not release for Drupal 9 as per Drupal official community. In my current project(Drupal 9), there is a requirement,
which might be fulfil by this session limit module. But I have one concerned regarding this module,
does this module is compatible with Drupal 9 or not? Since, still there is no any official communication
from Drupal market place yet. Could you please suggest me, so that I can proceed this module with Drupal 9

Module Page Not Found

Hello Everyone, 

I have tried installing Varbase Hero Media Slider today and later on I found out that it wasnt compatible with the latest drupal version I'm currently using. Therefore, I had decided to remove it through composer since it wasnt installed. After removing the module I'm unable to access the modules page as it says Page Not Found. 

I would highly appreciate it someone could help me out on this. 

How to save multi paragraphs fields programmatically?

Hi team,
I'm having some issues trying to save some field using paragraphs,
Where i run my code happen this:
The first field has value and second is empty
and the next block the first field is empty and second has value
This is my code:

pegar codigo script google analytics

buenos días estimados tengo una consulta necesito pegar el código de google analytics en drupal para medir los datos 

por favor si pueden indicarme como se podría (el modulo ya existe pero esta desactualizado)

desde ya gracias

How to create a page using module and integrating a FORM API AJAX

how to create like this

Already done creating a module with form api AJAX for the dropdown (region and city) but i'm stuck on how to display the list.
Should I create a block for the listing on module? Could someone give a proper way or guidde to be followed to create this page


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