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Generating a list of all available operations of a given entity

I have a module mostly built that provides custom entity access checking via a class inheriting from EntityAccessCheck. The ::access method is called properly and works well in most cases. This module includes a UI that lets an admin specify, for a given entity, what operations are available to each user. The problem is that, if I use ListBuilder::getOperations($entity) and ListBuilder::getDefaultOperations when generating this interface, the ListBuilder class checks what operations the current user has access to. Instead, I need a list of all operations.

D8: site/all/libraries has moved to?

I'm confused on where to install 'js' files in Drupal 8. There always seems to be an interpretation issue on location over the years.

in the docs for the module I'm installing - they are saying

'site/all/libraries/abc-js-program/abc.min.js' but I'm thinking those are D7 install instructions?

and I'm not sure when I should forget possible outdated install docs and install as




Drupal 8 Ajax Form

I'm using Ajax in a hook_form_alter function with custom user fields. I successfully did this in Drupal 7 but I can't get it to work in Drupal 8. What do I specify for the "wrapper"? What I'm doing is not working. Here's my code: (Everything works except the target HTML is not being replaced with the field_office element)

Custom Import


I would like to know how to automatically import a .po file of a language contains custom translations to the installation of a costum modules and to the update of this module?


What are contributed modules that easy for beginners to understand code?

I am learning Drupal 8 and its really confusing. Can any suggest me  the contributed modules that are easy to understand  Drupal coding standards, API's, theming  etc.

Commerce reporting for multi store

Hi Friends,

I am using Drupal commerce. For reports I found this module

From that module I am only able to view 'Purchased Item report' & 'Sales'

I am looking for reports related to promotions, user and store wise orders. On dashboard charts as well.

Is there any module which gives results store wise. Top 5 purchased customer store wise. How much stock is left product wise.



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