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drag and drop question in h5p - variebles

Hi Everyone

I am  trying to find in a .php file (or somewhere in drupals folder structure) if there is any varieble to save all movements in a drag and drop question from an h5p content that i have created.

More detailed i wonder if drupal saves the moves in drag and drop question (for example,how many times an answer has been moved or if user changes his answer before press the check button.


How to add previous and next buttons in Drupal forms


I have added previous and next buttons in drupal 8 form. Here is a screenshot of my form

After clicking the 'Next Level' button, I want to select the next chapter from the Select Chapters fields.

How can that be done in forms? 

This is part of my code for chapters field:

Restful put update error 506

I have a problem with the restws, I manage to recover data, but when I want to do an update I get an error: 406Not Acceptable : UuidEntityException: Trying to save a Content entity with empty or invalid UUID.
Please, could you tell me what the problem is?

Problem with hook_service_resource return status 500

I have a problem fews a day.

In this case I created service with login function response login is work but status code internal error 500

I call to services/session/token and get token attach in header then call test_api/user/login.json

X-CSRF-Token : token

Content-Type : application/json

after response is failed because status code 500 but response text is right.

I can't attach image capture. Thank you for read. apologize for my english language.

Invoke javascript on form_set_error

I have a Drupal 7 custom form which uses Drupal.behaviors to modify a select menu to dynamically alter a form. It works, except a form element that is exposed when submitted is hidden when form_set_error() is invoked.

This appears to be the only comment that gets close to what I'm looking for.

Link a HTML of text content created/edited in Drupal with my frontend

Hello, I have pages created such as privacy policy, instructions, etc that I have to edit manually in the frontend.

How can I create content in the Backend and read it in the frontend?

Could be possible to use Style and all HTML functions? 


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