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Drupal 8 Ajax Form

I'm using Ajax in a hook_form_alter function with custom user fields. I successfully did this in Drupal 7 but I can't get it to work in Drupal 8. What do I specify for the "wrapper"? What I'm doing is not working. Here's my code: (Everything works except the target HTML is not being replaced with the field_office element)

Custom Import


I would like to know how to automatically import a .po file of a language contains custom translations to the installation of a costum modules and to the update of this module?


What are contributed modules that easy for beginners to understand code?

I am learning Drupal 8 and its really confusing. Can any suggest me  the contributed modules that are easy to understand  Drupal coding standards, API's, theming  etc.

Commerce reporting for multi store

Hi Friends,

I am using Drupal commerce. For reports I found this module

From that module I am only able to view 'Purchased Item report' & 'Sales'

I am looking for reports related to promotions, user and store wise orders. On dashboard charts as well.

Is there any module which gives results store wise. Top 5 purchased customer store wise. How much stock is left product wise.


Drupal.behaviors multiple functions?

I have successfully instantiated a relatively simple Drupal.behaviors function in my custom module which modifies an existing node_form. Now the second part is to use a $form element as a trigger for an action to dynamically populate a form field if desired. This value is generated in my hook_form_alter and set to drupalSettings. 

Views Preview with Fixed Value

This is driving me nuts. Any help greatly appreciated!

I have a view with a contextual filter of type Content datasource: ID

When the value is NOT in the URL, I provide the following fixed value: ?search=

It is a page display with a path of /search

A typical query string is "/search?search=venice"

I am trying to replicate this query string in the View Preview

The instructions in the View Preview are: "Separate contextual filter values with a "/". For example, 40/12/10."

How do I modify "?search=venice" to fit into "40/12/10"?


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