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suddenly, on the live site I noticed that the callBacks are no longer executed.
I tried locally and the callBack code is executed.
I tried to change the name of the callBack and put an alert but it doesn't report any response.
I didn't understand what could have happened
I have controlalto and it no longer executes any callBack in any content Type
What tests can I do?

Count checked checkboxes in form_state

A field with multiple select list of taxonomy terms (field A )
A second field is a boolean (field B)
If in field A, 4 or more checkboxes are checked, then field B is true.

I try to achieve this in an ajax callback.

How to create a payment method for an offline payment?

I'm trying to set up a checkout for an offline payment (COD where money is sent separately from the site logic) in order to set up an offline payment gateway. What I need: When the user selects an offline payment manually, completes it, the order should be updated to the "pending" status, but I get the "completed" status.

Perhaps I need to intercept the payment event for the first order with the "manual" method.

Please give me a link to at least a  manual.

Sorry for the English, technical translation.

Can I show an image in comments using drupal forum module?


I'm using the forum module in drupal 9 and i'm trying to show the perfil image of an user when he is posting something, I mean, the same that happend in this forum.

Do you know if it is possible?


Is possible add a placeholder to Webform module?


I'm trying to add a placeholder to a specific element

Do you know if it is possible?


Creating POST routes in custom modules

Hey everyone I have a very weird problem. I have a custom module in a Drupal 9 project where I define a POST route in my fpn_for_nodes.routing.yml that leads to a function in my controller. I return a JsonResponse object and pass the Request object as a parameter to that function but it comes back empty. Both from React Native and Postman so I don't think it's my frontend implementation that's at fault. This is my fpn_for_nodes.routing.yml code:


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