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Drupal and Katalon

Hi Drupal Experts,

I'm creating some Katalon test scripts in Drupal but I'm not able to get the text from the selected value in a drop down object. I have checked in other web apps we have and it works.

I have opened a post in Katalon forum and the experts suggested some options that worked for them, but they didn't work for me.

Any suggestion?

This is my firs post here, sorry if this is not the correct place to ask this.


Ruben B

Drupal 8 - Custom Module Header template


I created a custom module and what that to have a custom header. So instead of taking in the standard custom header I want to display a different one. 

I followed the steps found here:


Need help with password validation code.


I'm working on an access form that eventually needs to redirect to another page on my Drupal site. I created a custom module and a form. I also made a config form for the password, which Drupal sees (as well as the cookie all the way below), but I'm having issues with...

1) Creating an error message for an incorrect password.

2) Redirecting the user to my node page once the password is successfully validated.

Thanks for any help.

.install file not creating a table in db

.install file is not creating a table in my db. The same schema works for one site but does not when i try do it an other file.

block-- twig file in module folder


I create a custom test module and in it I have a block file "/src/Plugin/Block/FirstBlock.php". 

I want to use a twig file to show the header of this block. If I use this block--first-block.html.twig in theme's template folder then it works, but placing the same file in module folder doesn't work and defaults back to classy's block.html.twig. 

Is there something I can do to place it in module folder and have Drupal recognize it? 


Problems after second submit of a form that includes nested forms

I am getting a default blank form when I submit a form for a second time, when the first submitted output includes more forms.

I have a search form to list items that that the user can perform actions on with item-specific forms.

On successful submission, the find form displays the items as nested forms. The item forms all work as expected and the outer find form textfield is populated with the original input, as expected.


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